How the newspapers covered Karpal Singh’s death


Sharaad Kuttan of BFM looks at how the local dailies covered Karpal Singh’s passing.

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19 Apr 2014 1.00pm

I doubt any sincerity in the tribute to Karpal from those BN folks.
They should have asked for the dropping of the sedition charges before the funeral of Karpal.

19 Apr 2014 9.25am

What on earth is this about? a contrived accent which further distorts the substance of his commentary. Could have been done better if the reader could have set aside his vanity and resorted to his natural accent minding his “P’s” and “Q’s” in the process.

And by the way its Karpal (the emphasis added on the R and not Kapal which is vessel in Malay. It is especially relevant when one makes reference to a typical “Malaysian” this that and the other.

Pak Tim
Pak Tim
19 Apr 2014 12.09am

The man may be dead but his name lives on forever.