New pro-Pakatan tabloid hits the streets


A new pro-Pakatan Malay-language newspaper hit the streets last night.

Konsep Era Pakatan, to be published fortnightly, features news from the perspective of all three PR parties: PKR, Pas and DAP. The paper, however, is not an official Pakatan publication.

Priced at RM2, the 34-page tabloid is believed to have an initial print run of 30,000, according to a source, who added that it could be turned into a weekly later.

The first issue, which focuses on the BN candidate, has been widely distributed in Permatang Pauh, including Permatang Pasir, and to news vendors elsewhere.

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Reality Check

I hope this new print media will not just be a PKR propaganda publication. Balanced reporting should be the rule. If this tabloid is been sold in the streets , does this publication have an approved print license ? If we talk about respecting the rule of law, then PKR should make sure that there is no reason for the BN to clamp down this media . It may not be taht easy to get the BN government to give approval . If there is approval, then well and good . If not, the days of the tabloid may be… Read more »



Where can I get a subscription?

First we get a free press.

Next we get an unfettered judiciary.

Then it’s payback time!


I read The Star. I have been reading The Star since I was a teenager 30 years ago. Now I only read the Sports pages and Business pages. I don’t read the politics in The Star anymore … or for that matter in any of the mainstream media. I will continue to do this until the day comes when freedom of media finally arrives in Msia. That means no more license restrictions, no more calls from the minister, no more threats on journalists, etc. Then I will read all newspapers from BOTH sides. For now, I will read politics from… Read more »


More news channels Best for the people We must need all the information To make our decisions Currently it is one street way The newspapers dishing out on its menu The balancing act the thin line can’t be seen Only in blogs and cybernews People get to feel the news worth In our society Some agree disagree They want harmony They want economic stability Some want it for themselves Sharing it isnt in their vocabulary Harvesting it all into their storage “You go find your own don’t knocking at my doors” The feeding cycles The many the better to differentiate… Read more »


Will try getting the paper today/ Suppose its available Nationwide.

Charlie Oscar

Dear Anil,
Thanks for the info.
Please don’t count on me to support the PR (Pembangkang Rakyat) tabloid. It will be ALL POLITICS
I will still subscribe to MSM.
But, will digest with a pinch of salt.

johanssm / khun Pana

Tv broadcast will be expensive but further discussion will be require. As PR is just slightly over 1 year old. May or may not be feasible. Anyway , umno is controlling such licenses. Radio broadcast might be a better choice. Lower initial set up cost and reaches hundreds of miles radius. Even a low budget setup will be able to broadcast 24 hours Traditional print is getting expensive day by day and distribution limitation Still is a must. Printed news works well on the ground zero. For those who misses out ceramahs , printed news helps. I guess for those… Read more »


What about equal air-time on all channels for all political parties over a certain size? This is the norm in the UK. Here, you would think that BN and its component parties are the only ones in existence when it comes to the MSM TV channels.


Good move by Pakatan.Hope the KDN wont banned it for it might treatened the Mainstream Media.


What about independent TV channel? When are we going to have it?

Be Wary

Thank you for your information, I will go and get one and see what it has to offer. The fact is PR, beware, there had been too much politickings of late! People are getting tired of all the internal bickerings among the three parties. There should be some form of formal coalition, not the loose one that we are seeing now, though we had read that this will be attended to shortly by the PR leaders. Please concentrate on governing the states that the people had given you the mandate to rule professionally and efficiently. Make the states under your… Read more »

Charles Hector

This is good news. But let us hope that it emerges as an independent media publication – i.e. that it will also be critical of Pakatan Rakyat. Hope that it will allow also for the expression of the views of different Pakatan Rakyat MPs and ADUNs. Their silence is disturbing…and the only time they hit the news is when they have left Pakatan Rakyat, etc. It will be good to know that they also have a mind of their own – and that they too are out there championing human rights and justice.

Wong Ka Wai

I think this is good news for media balance in Malaysia.

Currently I feel that mainstream media inprint are much bias toward the ruling government.

With this new press, people without internet access or techno-phobia will have another view on current issues.