New Malaysia not dead – but it needs a jumpstart


It was less than a year ago that many Malaysians felt so upbeat when the general election heralded in a new Malaysia. Remember the jubilation we felt at the prospect of a new dawn?

But recent political developments tell us that the politics of race and religion is still deep-rooted.

Back then social media like Facebook and messaging apps like Whatsapp were used to create awareness of the kleptocracy in our midst. These tools were used to rally Malaysians together to make a change.

But the same tools are now being used to stir up divisive sentiments on the basis of race and religion. Such damaging rhetoric has to be properly managed. The government, religious institutions, educational establishments and think thanks have to counter such divisive rhetoric by putting forward a more inclusive approach that truly celebrates the nation’s diversity. Full article on Aliran website

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Black Mage

The Rome Statute governs the International Criminal Court (ICC), which tries four core international crimes – genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression.

PH government should request ICC to include kleptocracy as a crime too.


– “Chain of Fools” Parody


hehe..some countries are destined for greatness, like China and India, the same can not be said about the rest…so don’t force it..let it be..

Milk Tea

China is slowing down and yes it would reach greatness when the government start teaching the people some ethics, people like you. For India, sadly no. From caste, religion and corruption. You name it all.


When the Political Traders teach ethics? The Political Traders brain wash everyone if possible.Some buy their lies and whack us back on behalf of their Political Master. Our Parent teach ethics to us also subjected their brain not brain wash by Politician. Our teacher – most of them brainwash by BTN and Maha firaun still keeping BTN. rajraman.Ethics nowdays depend how we brought up,Enviroment we grow and finally its our own brain had to think what’s good or bad.If we can’t think rasionally then try to jump start our own brain. India and China i not bothered but i bothered… Read more »


the direction of this country is cast in stone…still hoping and hoping to agonize yourself…hehehe ..


hehe….you need to see beyond your belly to understand what I am talking about…people like me is much better than a lying person…hehe


Umno will sell its stake in Media Prima, the country’s biggest media conglomerate, according to the party’s acting president Mohamad Hasan.

Last month, the Malay-based party sold its 31.6% stake in Kumpulan Utusan, whose flagship publication Utusan Malaysia had previously been kept alive with Umno’s money.

PS: PH should privatise RTM .


Jump Start?
Go and jump from Penang Bridge.
Maha – collecting frog
Mujahid – Zakar naik.( your favourite Minister Anil).
Maslee – need to go back to kindergarden.
DAP – once in goverment Zakar turun.
Azmin Ali – Malay Agenda after 2 straight lost.
Anwar Ibrahim – The father of Islamic Country.
Azizah – i don’t know what she doing as DPM.
Muhyiddin – Better stay at home.

rajraman.This Political Traders all the same.Selling Saliva.The funny thing a thief can rebrand as BOSS and without realising everyone call him BOSS.

Malaysia Baru not dead but Malaysian are dying.


Welcome back Mr Raj. Long time no hear.
Need your critical comment in the heat of discussion.

Penangites can escape the heat of hot weather here:


Thank you Mr.Song.

rajraman.How many people’s can pay to cool down with the ThemePark? Maybe the laughing guy and the capitalist cronies like Horse Rider with mask can pay.
Anil might get it free from Mujahid since Mujahid not a dracula scared of Cross of Church or Mujahid is a change man since he carry Zakar…. He need Zakar Naik to show he is more Islam than PAS AND UMNO.

Jump start – with whose brain? Zakar,94 years oldman mudah lupa his promises,Kindergarden Education Minister or no longer having Zakar DAP brain?
I just assume only.


Raj, you are very biblical + apocalyptic – Horse Rider with mask = Zorro?
Prophetic: Zorro > Shriek > He-He or The 3 Horsemen of Misinformation, Spin & Mockery (respectively).


Hi Budddy,How are you?

rajraman.You know and i know loh.Some peoples think we need to think beyond my belly to know the truth.We lies and he telling the truth loh.
Talk like Politician,behave like Political Traders selling his Saliva.


Talk like Politician, behave like Political Traders selling his Saliva & mock like BossKu he-he-he!


Hey Buddy
You also call the theif of theif as …. i won’t call that title.

rajraman.The mocking bird using his belly loh.Feed well everyday by his Master to whack us.His belly full of left over to laugh.Full of gas he consume … but he laugh.Something seriously wrong with laughing guy although his comment not funny.
Self proclaim standup commedian in


Will Mujahid’s meeting with Zakir cost Pakatan the Indian votes in the Rantau state by-election next month?


I don’t know since indians very easy to be cheated.

rajraman.if i,i wont vote harapan but do we need to votes a thief?
Dr.JeyaKumar from PSM also lost.Good honourable guy but wipe out by Harapan.
There is no third force.Blind spot everywhere.People dont use their brain but use their belly to think for next meal and lies.


MIC veto MCA’s plan to dissolve BN.
Now MCA has decided to stay put with BN.
MIC has helped Simon to achieve multi racial image?


Someone said destiny cast in stone.
So both stone worshipper join forces to stay in Power,$$$,etc.

rajraman.Organised Religion married unofficially its a Sin as far i know.MIC VETO? MIC GOT VETO POWER?


Just forget to add,the belly guy use is words to post don’t know i own a swimming pool with water Feature.

rajraman.i am a ThemePark Builder.Only the high class well known Public Listed ThemePark Company know me by name.Raj Raman.They don’t even know my company name.
Its a toy for me.
The belly guy posted under me.


PSM should have joined Harapan. Going solo will not work in politics here.

“use their belly to think for next meal”?
Many B40 udergraduates could only afford one meal a day in campus. Read the report? Now food bank to the rescue.


PSM – Why they need to kow tow to Harapan.From beggining they are a full fledge Party. They are Pakatan Friendly but Pakatan don’t want to friend them. Enemy of the Enemy Anwar and MAHA FIRAUN CAN JOIN FORCES but PSM a poor man Party they ignore. They exist before Mujahid Zakar TURUN Amanah.Even… the… minister screwed up Taman Tun Dr.Ismail Forest Reserve.Developer Friendly… Minister.BIT COIN AMANAH MINISTER. rajraman.Thats the problem now.Lock stock and barrel given to Harapan.Now PSM dead.Who you going to vote the … Harapan or the thief? You are given 2 choices only.Good man with intergrity we… Read more »


I heve replied to your question Mr.Song and its disappear .I saw its under moderation.

rajraman.You had to ask Anil where its goes.

Wei can pay you go, can’t pay don’t go…go cool down in your bathroom ..simple as that..don’t whine like a small kids…


The Raj has returned.
Tis no shrieking in ecstasy!
May the force be with you against the Evil & The He-He-He!


The force never with me buddy.
I don’t believe in force or god.
I also don’t use my brain to think to know the truth from lies since i use my belly.

rajraman.I am the force,the evil and angel.I use my brain not belly.I had to think beyond my belly to know the lies and the truth.Kah,Kah,Kah.


you sure have a whining team now…hehehe


Retreat like a CAT? Go lick your wounds!


In professional wrestling, a heel is a wrestler who portrays a villain or a “bad guy” and acts as an antagonist to the faces, who are the heroic protagonist or “good guy” s.

So tunglang now has a tag team partner in Raj?

Still awaiting the return of infamous heel Yang.