Nasharudin rules out Pas-Umno pact


Just spotted this on the Reuters wire service: Pas Deputy President Nasharudin Mat Isa, who enjoys the backing of conservatives within the party, has ruled out a Pas-Umno/BN pact and instead said that Pas should consolidate within Pakatan and consider itself a “government-in-waiting”.

See full report here.

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Really? Nasharuddin said that? Isn’t it a bit a too late in the day? I hope he will lose and lose badly – end of his political career. We don’t need a flip flop character in Pakatan-PAS and besides, one who had flirted in secret with the devilish BN-UMNO. Its time that the rakyat, muslim and non-muslims alike should make our views known in no uncertain terms that all of us have a stake in our country and we have a right to kick out those who dare to to flirt with UMNO.

Kenny Gan

PAS doesn’t have to form a pact with Umno. Just talking to Umno is damage enough to the relationship between the coalition parties. More importantly, it may scare voters away from Pakatan.

If Nasharudin rules outa PAS-Umno pact, why does he keep saying talks are OK? The damage is from the talks itself even though any pact is unlikely.


I wonder why people fear hudud laws. You only fear the laws because you have not been a victim.

If you have a daughter who have been raped like Canny Ong’s parents or Nurin’s parents, if you have a mother or sister or daughter who has been a snatch theft victim, cut or fell down or been robbed in your house by thieves, ask these people whether they want hudud or not.


Pas knows it has a future to replace Umno and dominate the politics of Malaysia in Putrajaya.Hence, it it wooing the support of the non-muslims as well.

Should Pas replace Umno as the dominant party in Malaysia?
If Pas were to rule, what future do you foresee for the country?


Pah! Isn’t this a bit late in the game? Sounds like Nasharudin is desperate and playing to the gallery for votes. If he really believed in this, he would NEVER have approached UMNO in the first place so soon after the March 08 election results. Nash is nothing more than a closet racist who would be better off in UMNO….