Najib’s 1Malaysia crowd in Ipoh


Check out this interesting piece by Fathol Zaman Bukhari in the Ipoh Echo about the 40,000 OneMalaysia crowd that packed the Perak Stadium when Najib was in town.

Go here and look under page 3 for the article ‘How one can we be?’

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PR Man

Hi! King Cobra, I do not wish to be mean or rude in my reply to you. I agree absolutely with Vinnan, squatters has got no rights! This applies not only to Malays, Chinese or Indians but to all Malaysians regardless of race. Please be logical and think hard, no one would believe their ears when they heard that squatters are compensated with a house worth RM450,000. Be honest and be impartial, do you think, if you are sobre, that the BN Government will have a second look at you, in the event they are still in power in Penang?… Read more »


Hei Stupid King Cobra, SQUATTERS have no rights under Malaysian law. The KPB (residents) are going to be given houses worth hundreds of thousands. Come to Johor and see what the wonderful UMNO … would give you, In southern Johor Malay squatters weer kicked out of their home and compensated with RM30,000.00 low cost homes. Imagine what they would do to your skin without LGE around or are you … too stupid to understand that the KPB developer is an UMNO linked company. You clowns voted for BN in Bagan Pinang and the same BN (negligence) drowned three Indian kids… Read more »


DANIAL………. If BN had destroyed Malaysia in this 50 yrs, but u still alive,thank god..but if other person even not become a leader more than 5 yrs already destroyed KAMPUNG BUAH PALA,it worse than BN…Do u think we can depend on people like this.B4 election they promise everything, after election they gave nothing.These 3pty cannot be trusted at all. PR MAN U said to “proceed with agenda towards working for non racial politics and to really be proud to be associated with Malaysia, our proud nation”.U think it can be done?????????? after make a lots of problem,make malaysian fight each… Read more »


haha..damn u all so funny laa..u complaint about almost everything..but u know what..who do you think u are..i think u are just a tiny little person who can change anything..just see yourself in the think u can handle a big problem like najib did..haha..i don’t think so..i think u will cry under your bed..because..u don’t know how to handle it by your own..i maybe not good in english..but u all..just waste a time learning english..if u just..come to this website and complaint that..complaint this..try to give some of your brilliant to solve this problem..people like u just..know how… Read more »


GONE MAN,YANG,ipohHUNK,CANNOT IMAGINE,PR MAN,AMOKER & Logical………………………………… Normally people just know how to complaint about others, unfortunately they didn’t realised they also make a mistakes.If u all so……… brilliant,100% perfect,etc3x,for the next election pls………… BECOME POLITICIAN. That time we can see how smart u are, how perfect u are, how dare u are & how pressure u will be.If whatever things done by gov.always wrong,why not migrate to other country that can give better life.Feel so ashamed having Malaysian IC but acted like PATI even worst then them. JUST KNOW HOW TO COMPLAINT BUT DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER.Nobody… Read more »

Surendran a/l VKR Nair

What does one Malaysia mean ? If we are really one, then how come the PM who claims that we are one has (deprived) the people of Perak… just in the favour of BN ???? dO YOU THINK YOU CAN BELIEVE THIS GUY….


BN had destruy malaysia in this 50 years…do we think we need bn now…please wake up our beloved brothers n sisters….

Tok Cik

What does 1Malaysia mean? It means one Najib for all.


Gerakan K
Are u sure that 1Malaysia is pro vernaculat school? Najib said it is not the right time. The right time would be the next day he won the 2nd election with landslide, then he would do things his way?

BTW, what the hell is 1 Malaysia anyway?

PR Man

Gerakan K, Just wake up. Are you still in your slumbers after receiving so many wake up calls in this blog itself? The 1Malaysia rhetoric, is slowly but surely losing its appeal with Malaysians at large. It had been two hundred days, and two hundred days is a long time, what with TBH, PKFZ, Double Rail Link to Ipoh, aided by two disasters associated with 1Malaysia in a week in Ipoh, etc. etc. Act of God in reminding the Rakyat to wake up and not to be again cheated by people who spew lies and speak half truths? All these… Read more »

Concerned Rakyat

G K . What is uppermost in most of our minds is not to be deceived with false/misleading 1 malaysia concept, knowing PM, and also based on his predesessors of such statements when they became PMs.
ENOUGH of all these.


G K. Are u in this contry? U don’t seem to know exactly what is going on around you. From your comments i guess you are a typical BN Clown.Really blind u r.

Gerakan K

We make critics for the betterment of Penang and Malaysia a whole.


When LKS first suggested similar theme of 1-Rakyat , the idea was term stupid by BN/UMNOs.
Suddenly out of nowhere, 1-M’sia got strong blind support from BN supporters & rakyat very well known it is mere SHOW.
Damn!! I didnt get a special bumi discount on purchase of my new house ..why?


Because its 2Malaysia………


hahaha… thats a good one….


What is so surprising about the Rakyat getting screwed ultimately under Najib? It is already the consensus but not explicitly spoken that 1Malaysia is … You Malaysia with Najib’s middle finger. Even Zaid Ibrahim implied it publicly in Penang Sembang-Sembang event this week.


Hey, noticed how Gerakan K shifted goalpost? When he couldn’t defend Najib & and his empty 1Malaysia, Gerakan K conveniently brought up vernacular schools. Tsk! Tsk! I noticed one distinctive trend in our buddy Gerakan K. He’s only good in attacking LGE and the Penang Govt. But he can’t defend anything or anyone in BN for what it is worth. Go on, folks, try him out with Koh Tsu Koon and see him fluster. Gerakan K couldn’t explain why KTK did a poor job with Penang while he was CM. He couldn’t defend why Najib isn’t practising what the 1Malaysia… Read more »

PR Man

We will not argue with thick mind sets… While we welcome you to join the (movement) for a better Malaysia, we will not waste our time trying to change your mind set.

Have a nice time, Gerakan, K = chicken!

Gerakan K

1Malaysia PM Najib is the guardian of vernacular schools in Malaysia. My vote goes to BN.


By abolishing the teaching of English, Zero KPI PM Najib has taken Malaysia education a step backward. Vernacular language is still being taught even though English is being used for Math & Science. He is trying to appease the fanatics of UMNO at all cost


Wow.. this guy must live in La La land …. go and check how much allocation for vernacular school.. all the vernacular school depends of parents and other party donation not from ur 1malaysia. every year those vernacular school struggling for $$$ to survive while the sek keb got all the tax payer money

PR Man

Gerakan K, guess you are a Penangnite? Why choose Gerakan K? Literally translated in Hokkien, it means Gerakan Chicken. Arggh your name suggests it, Chicken Gerakan?

PR Man

Why waste your time with Gerakan K, let us proceed with our agenda towards working for non racial politics and to really be proud to be associated with Malaysia, our proud nation.

Let us together celebrate with a dawn of a new era, PR had agreed and had taken steps to register as a formal coalition. That is good news to the ears. Yes, and Gerakan K can continue with his idiotic and stupid mind set.


Gerakan K
Good idea!Lets have “1Gerakan Ko” (Ko as in knocked out). Sure get alot of support 😉

Gerakan K

I just puzzled why many people oppose 1Malaysia concept. Perhaps they want 1Taliban that possibly introduced by PAS, so that these PR supporters will like it (because it is introduced by PR component party)


Gerakan K, How many country named Malaysia in this planet earth??? only 1 Malaysia. so what so special about the slogan???? Most important is the actions and sincerity of the BN govt in association with this slogan??? We see none. Go ask the Perakians and they will tell you go fly a big 1Malaysia Kite.


Nobody oppose 1Malaysia but we do want to be deceived by Najib on this idiotic slogan. Its just that some idiot like Gerakan K are so ignorant that they do not realise that UMNO & Najib (may) go to the extend of having Hudud law and 1 Taliban by trying to entice PAS into their fold for unity talk. Repeat again for this dumb fellow GK… “`Najib said we are in Unity talk with PAS for religious and not political purpose.““ GK, KTK, LKY and Gerakan (appear) willing to sell their soul for an Islamic State. Lim Keng Yaik said… Read more »


No one opposes unity of all Malaysians.However when it comes to 1Malaysia,please get it in your head that it is only an empty slogan trumpeted by someone who for some reason will not visit Mongolia.


(Someone) didn’t get the name ‘Snake Oil Gambir Salesman’ for nothing. That’s what he’s best at – (allegedly) renting a crowd at tax-payers’ expense!


For me, sure attend, (if) got free gifts….take lar free gift, drink free water. Government already tax you already…this is time for you to take something back. (If) makan free…who don’t want?


The last days of all rulers are fill with all this event to boast themself. The people around will give false hope to the ruler as events are made to make money to the cronies who are in deniale mood and who are dangerest …