Najib trying to do a makeover


Just before the Cameron Highlands by-election, it became apparent that former Prime Minister Najib “apa malu, Bossku” Razak was trying to re-invent himself, presumably to try and save himself and Umno from oblivion.

His supporters would like us to forget the hundreds of millions of ringgit in cash and valuables seized from homes linked to him.

I thought Mustafa K Anuar’s reminder – “A Najib for all seaons” – was timely. Check it out and see what you think.

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Mah HS

High cost of living still the bane of Malaysians

PH promised so much and U-turned as much and could not deliver after 9 months. Very likely Najib could inspire another by-election victory in Semenyih. Many Chinese are not happy with LGE obsessed with chasing after income tax even on your overseas earnings.


Semenyih folks should vote for Mr Kentang the 10 sen man to deny BN and PH.


Yes. Must give PH a reality check for not keeping up to reform promises. Cost of living is still going up but Ringgit remains poor.


Mahathir is back to old ways, taking in Umno MPs to strengthen his Bersatu, approve Kulim airport, possibly reinstate F1 at Sepang, … Not good signs and voters may not vote PH in protest.


Our leaders must have tertiary education.
They must be educated to have vision, good planning and executive abilities and problem solving skills. Otherwise they could only pantau food price in wet markets or supermarkets and solving longkang problems only. Also without tertiary education, how could they negotiate with their Singapore counterparts who are mostly graduates from elite universities, not open learning part time mode degree.


Our MPs lack strategic thinking due to their education background, even those graduated locally.

They can only handle operational issues like cut ribbon for opening ceremony, participate in gotong royong (for show), occasionally go to market to shake hands. No specific action to drive the nation forward to compete with neighbouring countries. No wonder our Ringgit is so weak.


Najib and the cronies including those from PAS have bravely declared that they are innocent angels and did not plead guilty for the charges made. Then why can’t they face the court bravely to prove their innocence than seeking postponement of trials?

But MO1 is likely be sent to Sungai Buluh for rehabilitation pending pardon… Court drama begins tomorrow.


KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 — PAS has yet to show evidence to support its insistent allegation that Israeli sources injected RM1.2 billion into DAP even after three years, Lim Lip Eng said today.

The Kepong MP pointed out that investigations into the alleged Israeli funding during Barisan Nasional (BN) rule three years ago had turned up blank, even after then home minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi referred the matter to the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

GG Bond

Hadi PAS said can tell lies in the name of religion.

Are we not confused?


A desperate man will do anything to save his life from lifelong residency in Sg. Buloh.
Even becoming a clown as depicted by a local artist!
But the real clowns are those who wanted to believe in him, support him & ride with him with tak malu.


Talk about religion and race again?


Tak malu? Thick skin like hippo’s skin?
Drama sangat, boleh masuk Raja Lawak kat Astro!


Najib must sit in the dock and appear before the judges in orange outfit when charged in court on Feb 12 since no one is above the law. Justice should be served as soon as possible for express check-in to the Sungai Buloh resort.


8055KU has been charged with three more counts of money laundering amounting to RM47mil.

Mah HS

Today, you are disappointed with the pace of reform. You want Najib behind bars but you ignore the fact that he has plenty of money for the best lawyers. If the government were to rush things and Najib’s legal team were to pick at the loose ends, Najib’s charges might be thrown out on a simple technicality.

Would you be happy then? Who would you blame? Yourself for your impatience? Or the government for acting without due diligence?


Bossku & gang

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Corrected site of the picture:

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GG Bond

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 — The Defence Ministry has incurred a startling loss of RM500 million from several land swap deals valued at RM4.75 billion, revealed its minister Mohamad Sabu.

In a statement, he said his ministry has received the report from the Governance, Procurement and Finance Investigating Committee headed by former Auditor-General Tan Sri Ambrin Buang on the land swap deals, which was discussed in last Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting.


The Billion Dollar Whale, which chronicles the 1MDB scandal, is billionaire Bill Gates’ book of choice.

The world’s second richest person revealed this during a CNN broadcast of current affairs talk show “Fareed Zakaria GPS.”

“My book would be Billion Dollar Whale. It is a sad story of corruption in international finance, but fascinating.

“As Bad Blood is to biotech, Billion Dollar Whale is to international finance,” he said.

Mah HS

MCA members wear ‘Bossku’ T-shirts, say Najib better than Dr M.


PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has dismissed former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak’s adopted online moniker of ‘Bossku’.

Instead, the economic affairs minister accused Najib, who is facing a slew of charges, of being ‘Pencuriku’ (my thief).


Trial postponed! Why?


So it is very true that the talks in the street is that Najib will never be prosecuted for his crime and there is every possibility that he will be a free man. Something is stinking in Malaysia all in the guise of legal loop holes and dirty politics. Looks like rakyat is being taken for a ride.


Najib’s daughter Nooryana recalled how she had once asked her father if he wanted to “keep on fighting,” given the potential consequences that could befall him, his family and his supporters.

“His response was, ‘Remember Prophet Muhammad still carried on with his struggle even with only a handful of followers. I know it will be painful. But I want to be there for the people when the dust settles, and the stark reality of Malaysia Baru sets in.


So fake these days. Even credentials of ministers are now dubious and suspicious as education qualification and certifications can be fake.


Everyone too concern with quali, degrees, race and religion. Anything wrong with vocational cert holder?


Should promote TVET, such qualification can get you good jobs, better than degree holders.


If you do not have the brain IQ for intellectual professional degree, better stick to vocational training to master motor skills, be a cook or foreman to earn a living.


Najib effect is doubtful because PH gained vote. The real ridiculousness is no one want to talk about the elephant in the room. PAS managed to transfer all its vote to UMNO. It did not happen before.

Why no one want to discuss it? Everyone afraid of political religo fight but its already unavoidable.


Najib would have continued to cover-up the 1MDB scandal if not for BN’s defeat in the 14th general election last year. From cover-up to makeover, do you want to be fooled again?