Najib forced to defend claim of moderation in CNN interview


Prime Minister Najib Razak has had to defend his human rights record and his credibility as a moderate in a CNN interview with Christiane Amanpour.

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The Observer

He did it on BBC and now on CNN with Amanpour! Wow!! What next? Charlie Rose? 60 Minutes?


On Guan Eng and Kg. Buah Pala, you are entitled to your opinion. But I think the total picture encompasses a whole lot more than what you have detailed.

Yes a lot lot more that dirty and untransparent things that are going on and Jagdeep & DAP adun are denying and trying to cover up

Ed G

Lets get it straight. The Allah issue was a non-issue until the government initiated it. The case was then brought to the court by the Catholic church in response to what they opine as an unjust attempt by the government to infringe into their constitutional rights to practise their religion freely. As for the alleged riggings in the last general election in which Najib in the interview claimed as baseless and without any substantiation, let us be reminded that it was the election courts that had refused to hear the merit of the cases by nit-picking on frivolous technicalities at… Read more »

Don Anamalai

Christian Amanpour should have done her homework before the interview by reading this recent article:

Extremism in the name of Islam and Malaysian Muslims


Sorry Anil,
Forget again , Notify me of follow-up comments via email


You guys are all talk, if you have anything good to contribute just let it out, criticizing what the Penang government is trying to do within their contraints is just not on unless you can come out with better ideas of your own.


What’s the constraints DAP still have ?
Penang DAP is cash rich and the cash can help a lot of poor people.

rajraman. Another Moron Selangor 2 billion under the pillow.Dirty politics make Selangor the Public Road potholes,grass not cut and 2 billions can help to educate poor students and provide affordable homes under PKNS.
Khalid or Pakatan don’t even put a banner wishing Happy Deepavali.” I want 2 Party System”. UMNO must go but at same time Pakatan must spend money for the welfare of the people.


Anil is in a better position to answer you for all the past talks, some of which are viable ones. That’s what his blog is all about. If you have all the free time, read all the past articles. But many contributions have fallen on deaf arrogant ears thriving in the walls of Komtar Tower looking out at cosmopolitan view of botak-ed hills & muddied Gurney Drive coastline. Constraints are old-grandmother’s bulls. Plus the blame-games of umpteen times in the case of property speculations, until the country government decides to impose heavier RPGT which was followed by Pg state gomen… Read more »

Ah Pek

The power of BR1M that effectively neutralized the likes of Yang and Tunglang.


I don’t receive any cent from BR1M.
Unlike you, Ah Pek with crutch mentality & election free dining + any pows.
Why be blinded by frenzied worshipping blurred by crowd-emotion no different from a cult.
Time will tell who is right.
Cheers Kopi-O kau kau without gula-coating on Komtar Tower of Indignity.

don anamalai

Theme park developer Only World Group (OWG) intends to spend RM50 million on a project to revive the iconic Komtar tower.

You can soon sip your kopi-o kau kau at the open-air restaurant on the 65th floor Komtar restaurant that has floor made out of glass!!!

Maybe Komtar could be renamed Tokong Tower?

Siew Kut

Yang apparently got burnt in condo speculation hence anti-LGE now for high tax imposed in the state.

tunglang anti-LGE now for he appears not able to savour his Hor Fun with escalating higher cost of living on the island.

sometimes simple matter like these can trigger unrest in the minds to become frustrated with what appear in front of their eyes.


Yes, same with Tunglang, I have never apply and have not got any cent from Brim.


did you see najib give a slap on his cousin wrist for standing behind the cow head incident? real moderation, aint it BN?
and yang, for goodness sake be a tad fair and stop making wild accusations. who gave the kampung land away? and the courts decided against the residents, no?


@Yang, what are you drinking ? Stay on the topic !


You expect Yang to continue worshipping a ‘deity’ like a drunkard?
Tis a country with a freedom of choice to worship or not to worship with a conscience.
At least he is sober enough to back off unlike some who are blind yet see ‘absolutely’ no wrong in Venerable Tokong.


Isn’t it embarassing that the whole world , even CNN is informed about the Malaysian Allah issue and banning of Kesha concert amongst other things that projects/reinforces an extremist impression and Najib sits there with a straight face and denies it all, when Amanpour throws the questions at him.. ,but our PM goes on championing Islamic “moderation”..?


When you do apple to apple comparison, our PM vision of Islamic moderation really moderate. At least no segregation, no hudud and rather pro-business policies for everyone. Non-muslims too have freedom to do anything. Of course there is no absolute freedom but you don’t feel under the cage constraint as some extremists trying to force it to you.

I can see progress under PM Najib leadership. He is not the best leader, but he is the better leader currently available for us.

don anamalai

Yes, Najib has projected himself to be a moderate Islamic leader.
However, all the ‘unfavourable’ works are ‘delegated’ to his subordinates or ‘outsourced’ to 3rd party in order to maintain his ‘clean’ image. This is evident as he never censure Utusan and Perkasa and those who made ‘Balik China’ noises.


It shines clearly that pretension is a big part of what Najib is. It has always been and his entire administration even his entire career is just a lot of pretention. His track record and his achievement would be very ordinary if not for his last name and if not for fortunate allegiance to Mahathir. His answer are “getting-by” answer – his goal was to make good enough television rather than to achieve anything real – his goal in his entire administraion is just that – what he can get away from. Its not leadership, its no change and it… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Dear KTWong87

He is just following the advice of the highly paid US-based political campaign consultants
in the battle for favourable public opinion (both in Malaysia and overseas, but primarily for the former).
This is a form of Americanization of politics in the world.

Wasting hard-earned Malaysian tax payer ringgit, in other words.


There is much wisdom in the saying that it is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it, and remove all doubt. Najib wants the international spotlight and the perception of being a statesman. But to go on CNN with Amanpour, claiming “We are not racist at all” and trying to defend his government’s the Allah stance as towards “ensuring peace and harmony in Malaysia”” Worse sidestepping Amanpour’s question on the exodus of Chinese and Indians? The facts speak for themselves, and they tell vastly different stories. Even in Malaysia, Najib’s government is… Read more »


If Najib and BN, MCA or Gerakan etc etc who so ever is fooling the people so is PR and DAP including LGE, Anwar and a host of others. Just remember that whatever they do highlighting themselves making sure that their photos and name are in the media, the very act is not really to help the people but to help themselves just like the Kg Buah Pala case. For the 24 residents that benefits, its the developers benefit the most including many who got to buy direct without having to apply from the state housing department for a LMC… Read more »


I have not doubt that there are Pakatan leaders and personalities are not angels too. And that some are somewhat too eager to look good and hunger for the limelight. Elsewhere I have opined before about the serious failings of certain Pakatan leaders. Indeed, during personal discussions with friends, I have criticised severely the arrogance, lies and moral failings of some of the leaders. I am not blind to that. But they are not in Putrajaya, and they do not spend tens, if not hundred, of millions of the rakyat’s money for publicity and image rebranding purposes. Like costly tin-kosong… Read more »


We need sincere political leaders who can work creatively & strategically for all strata of social benefits, economic progress & racial cohesion. The emotional frenzy of 308 is long, long gone & should not be repeating race-laced political parting shots comes every election. How long can one continue shooting an ostrich? Political Pedestal: There is no place for self aggrandisement & mass social hero-worshipping of overt-emotional tugging. Are we looking for another Mad-Hatterism in Pakatan? Are our intelligence so low & self-defeating to the extent of not able to discern what’s gone wrong in the current state of administration? Or… Read more »

don anamalai

There seems to be lots of sour grape writings from people who could not cope (financially & emotionally) with Penang’s development.

There is a price for development, as much as people in Kedah are craving for one, as Muhkriz said this to them: “We here to choose our children’s future so Kedah can flourish. We also want to be developed like Penang.”


Is this Yang speaking. Yes it is. I would say we did have some form of moderation although there may be some human rights violation. Compared to BN, Pakatan is still the same just like the LGE DAP govt in Penang. Although they (LGE & DAP) keep talking of CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) they are still in almost the same league as BN when it come to CAT. Yes just like LGE the state govt dept have copied from him the blame game. LMC houses of 72k have been allotted to people who never applied from the govt but… Read more »


Yang brother, you just woke up (yesterday?) from rocketing in space. Sweet dream 308 turns to nightmare 24/7/365. Sweet vision turns to dreaded future of emigration. A future of Cosmopolitan Penang > CoastMudPolitan > you name it. But more for the richie & famous, not for average Penangites. Oh yes, for developers, KL or China or Singland. Global city just a deceitful name play, more an excuse to glorify one’s political ambition ala 24hr-worshipped tokong. (I am not comparing to nature’s tokongs, which have dignity & integrity & power without the blaming propensities). More to see, more to dread. Less… Read more »


Tunglang, Yes after 40 years to Saturn 900 millions and back, its not what I expect to see.


I can’t believe this is our Najib speaking in London. This must be a twin brother because he speaks with an English twang….


Let be fair to Najib & to the public school that educates him…..Else Malvern college would be doomed. One thing for sure….Razak must be a very rich man

Ganesh Nooshi Kapoor

You mean talking with three plums in the mouth?

Don Anamalai

Najib should explain to CNN why ISMA objected to the Sri Sundaraja Perumal Hindu temple renovation in Klang, on the ground that such temple upgrading would affect Malaysia’s image as a “model Islamic country”.