Najib denies saying BN can recapture Penang


Prime Minister Najib has denied press reports that suggested he was confident the BN could recapture Penang.

“All I said was that sentiments now much better for BN in Penang but must be converted into votes. I did not say BN was going to takeover,” he said in a tweet.

In the 2008 general election, opposition parties swept 29 out of 40 Penang State Assembly seats, winning 59 per cent of the popular vote.

“BN Penang must work hard n serve the rakyat well if it wants to win. Rakyat mesti didahulukan,” Najib said, adding he was exhausted after participating in 10 events during a one-day visit to Penang on Saturday. “Very happy with the reception from the people but has to be converted to real support.”

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LGE is much much better than Ah khoon. though he is a little irritating at times being talking too much but no body is perfect. Thru (power grab) may be Jibe’s dream may comes true.. Thru proper channel of voting than he can continue to sing All I Have To Do Is Dream.. No sincererity at all in whatever they are doing. Look at the Bible issue in Sarawak , wud they soften on their stand if there is no election going on there ? Lu tau Wa tau.. If DSAI is the porn actor (dead sure) wud they need… Read more »


I followed Najib at Kampung Melayu, Air Itam, I followed his entourage to Permatang Pasir, and I found the faces are all so familiar. Those at Kampung Melayu and Permatang Pasir. Of course there, were some locals in Permatang Pasir, but, then really, the same people had been following Najib during his visits all over Penang. Honestly, the chances of UMNOsaja capturing Penang come PRU 13 is next to none. They can dream on, this is a democratic country, and UMNOsaja can say what they want. I saw the political eunuch KTK eating nasi lemak bungkus, can this man lead… Read more »


That must be Koh Tsu Koon’s first nasi-lemak bungkus in decades!
He has been eating well and sleeping well in PM Department. It’s election time, like his political master he now needs to show he’s with the people, he’s with them.

Damn, too late, he messed up 18 years of Penang!! … hypocrites.


Wonder (if they) are paid to attend all the functions. I remembered the Semarak (bersama dengan rakyat) gatherings where it was compulsory for civil servants to attend.


“Rent-a-Crowd” is common with UMNO/BN especially in Perak! …

Andrew I

No money, no attend.

charlie chan



Najib can say what ever he wants at a gathering. As they say “Politicians only address their supporters”. Those who listen to him are his supporters anyway. In reality it could be an entirely different story.


The irony is that ‘Rakyat mest didahulukan’ is the only thing the state opposition is NOT doing. They NEVER have been doing that. So I guess Najib is right in this case. BN can’t win Penang.

Gerakan K

Another report supporting my prediction:

Penduduk Pulau Pinang mahu BN kembali tadbir (

Hidup BN !!! Hidup BN !!! Hidup BN !!!


Gerakan K,
You have nothing to rebut except to put in article from pro UMNO publication of PM lies and half truth. Retort with facts not lies & comment from the PM


Yang, this fella got so many hidden comments, it would’t benefit my precious time to ever consider reading any one of them – the usual trite, sarcastic, low emotional intelligence and old rusty gutter spewing out of nonsense, rubbish and BeeEnd self-lampoons.

Andrew I

Yeah, put the junk in the drawer. Eyesore, if don’t.

Raj Kumar

BN should not waste its resources and time on Penang. Better focus on its on states like Perak and Perlis which will fall soon.

Najib looks good on TV when he went to Penang becos those … traders (black cakes and coffins) are coming up in numbers.

Gerakan K

Another survey to back my prediction:

Sex video may damage Anwar, Pakatan support, poll finds (

Yeah, there is hope to vote out DAP government in next GE !!!


Sex video make me even more keen to vote PR because it is all a lie. Lies perpetuated by the trio led by the former Malacca CM …

an underage Malay girl defended by LGE which resulted in him going to jail. Can any from UMNO BN or Gerakan, MIC or MCA do that.???


I saw those two reports yesterday “LGE says will do it Najib’s way” and “Najib says will win Penang” and interpreted it as meaning that both DAP and BN were going to win in Penang at the next GE because DAP would replace MCA as BN’s Chauvinist Chinese representative party. Is it so far-fetched? UMNO wants to win the next GE, DAP wants to win the next GE. UMNO’s current Chauvinist Chinese representative party has too much dirty laundry and too little support. DAP’s current political partners are not going to help them enjoy luxury rice: one keeps falling on… Read more »

Gerakan K

I said this before. But someone laughed. Anyway that was before the latest sex video. Now, my 1Malaysia PM Najib hinted the same. But someone laughed too. What if there are another one or two surprises ??? Hmmm, that is interesting. How about people feelings about the plastics ban ??? Then how about some arrogant ADUNs & MPs ??? And how about those shaking heads in disbelief when being told about mini aliran based local council elections ??? And how about uneven free wifi hot spots ??? About lottery banning and their association with PAS ??? Kg Buah Pala demolition… Read more »

Andrew I

You seem more confident than the man himself. If BN does recapture Penang, maybe you could be our next CM…and show the backdoor Minister the front door.


Pakatan and LGE have fulfilled many of the promises to the people. An example is Kg Buah Pala. The 15 who have signed on would get their double storey house worth 750,000 soon. It come with a community hall and a piece of land set aside for the temple. As for Sugu and the other nine, they can wait for MIC RM3 million to buy off the land for them. How naive they can be in the first instance. Could RM3 millions buy off that land. Oh yes they can continue to go to MIC, UMNO and Gerakan. I bet… Read more »


I thought PR’s promise to KBP residents was that they wouldn’t have to leave their homes if PR won? I could be forgetting facts here. Can anybody remember what the actual promise was? Yang’s version doesn’t ring a bell for me.


Yes they didn,t leave their home. Their home is still in KBP albeit a better one.


I might have a romantic view of what constitutes ‘my home’, but “not leaving my home” would mean that nothing about my home would change. Not everyone would have the same definition, of course:


Apparently the young 1st term YB didn’t understand the problem sufficiently before he let loose his gap.

Even though it is inside his responsibility to raise the issue, it is outside his jurisdiction to promise, must less to commit his colleagues to bear the burden of his gap.

Gerakan K

Apparently you are now trying to white wash the fact that he can’t keep the election promise.

Those people kena tipu bulat bulat


what a load of bull from a pro dap! .it seem to me (they) are getting to cocky…

people like tunglang (i am sure is a chinese) think very highly of his race ,to point of being condescending towards the others. you want honest opinion ,anil. i like to remind that arrogant lim guan eng said that 300 indian people don’t vote from him ,he does not care. Now ,am i telling lies here,anil?


Swallow your misplaced pride. Sometimes the plain old truth hurts. It is up to you to better yourself and get on with life. There is no free tickets on the road to freedom, progress and prosperity.

Or would you rather be just the lame sitting ducks of indifference wadding in the political lake of serenity of self-imposed falsehood.

tunglang or kelena or huanna, it makes no difference!

Only self-engrossed sensitive skin of colors can see no cruel truth from others.
Preferring the sweetness of lies of political con men.


Actually BN will definitely win Penang but only if he dishes out RM1million to each voter ‘you help me, I give you RM1m’ promise. Since EC says such ‘gifts’ are not bribes, BN can and should go ahead with this offer. And I am sure LGE will gladly step down if such an offer is made to every Penangite voter. C’mon Najib, what are you waiting for??


… if he dishes out RM1million to each voter ‘you help me, I give you RM1m’ promise.
Anil should have a vote on this. This is one way to gauge our sentiments or true colors!
Enjoy this:


Me too, I’ll gladly rock with Fat Mama … for RM1million!


It is very disgusting to read the report in theStar about “It shouldn’t be the case of lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama (getting credit for work done by others),” he said, implying that the Pakatan Rakyat-ruled state government was claiming credit for the work done by the Federal Government..
Very bad mannerism to a humble host.


For once Najib is being honest!
No way Penang will go back to BN. Too much damage has been done in Penang by Koh Tsu Koon and his bunch of BN stooges!

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s Pakatan Rakyat Govt since taking over March 2008, has done a fantastic job, Penangites are extremely happy and I am sure Najib knows. 😀


Indians support especially among the lower income group is Pakatan’s shaky area in Penang. Indians watch too many movies and think its real. Like Kollywood/Bollywood movies they expect LGE and team to sing songs, run around tress, bash up the villians and solve the problems in 3 hours. They can’t differentiate between Federal, State & Municipal Council resposibilities Among the Malays, (a certain person) of KOMTAR has been poisoning the Indian Muslim Communities with Blatant lies. The group he commands swallows any (rubbish) he spews out lock, stock & barrel. Any if anyone screams menghina …, mob mentality supercedes everything… Read more »


This person I know him very well. He owed the PDC money. Just like many of the previous … Councillor (from a certain party) who rent shop lots from PDC, they never pay off the rent at all. I know all these very well, because I was once part of KOMTAR.


These particular groups … are not like the typical entrepreneurs who work their way to success. They need to bodek and shoe shine in order to get preferential treatments and quite often without regards to civility and safety of environment. Just take a look at the extension of tables and chairs onto road sides and you will get what I mean. Drive along Lorong Susu in a 6 wheeler lorry and see if you can safely exit out at Macalister Road. And in the fashion of same name-sake, who is not less brotherly in any protest @ Komtar? You already… Read more »

Abel Sam

The very fact that Muhyidin could dance around the Interlok issue is a clear evidence that the Indian community can really sell out their Hindraf leaders unashamely.

Golongan yang sama!


We are coming back to full circle. LKS was termed as Robocop to get rid of KTK during 1995 GE ended with KTK ruling this god forsaken Penang for 18 years….This time Najib’s words guaranteed to have PR sapu bersih semua kerusi UMNO


Andrew I

Naughty press. Shouldn’t put words in people’s mouths.

10 events in a day? That’s like seeing all of Europe in two weeks. And we’re just a short hop across the sea.

Please feel free to visit us more in the land of the angel government.

najib manaukau

This Najib must be another Anwar when he said he was taking the government in 2008 ? And the two of them are ….So much for the politicians in Malaysia !Is this why Malaysia is still in the third world ?


Wonder why Najib did not try out that famous Kek Hitam in Penang.
Perhapshe willget one if he goes to Komtar?

Anyway, many turn up to greet him hoping to get the goodie bags. Only one rifle range auntie got lucky (pre-planned) to receive RM1000 angpow for serving nasi lemak to Najib in and Apco-seigned publicity stunt?


Coming from a mouth of a political …do you believe his words?
A man is only worth for what he is….the words from this rotten … jerk is not worth 2cts!!….just watch what is up his sleeves come next GE.
GerakanK must be pretty busy polishing his boots … to recharge his battery of greed….


As always when the PM is around many would come to bodek. By the way how many there are being paid to do so. I wonder whether Gerakan K was around. Najib should have ask Gerakan K first. GK you have really let down your idol. hahaha. Mr. PM I wonder why you didnt spend more money like in the buy election. You will surely disappoint your greatest fan Gerakan K.

Gerakan K

While you are happily poke fun at my 1Malaysia PM Najib, have you notice the unhappiness at the ground, ie the grass root level that directed to your idol government ???

Time will prove my assessment is correct.

Andrew I

You’ll be old by then.


Loooove this feature. Dont have to read the … of this fella.