Najib: Cops not involved in video recording


Najib has just tweeted that the police were not involved in the recording of the sex video that supposedly involved a top opposition politician.

‘I would like to confirm what Dtk Hishamuddin said that the police is not involved in the recording of the alleged sex video,” said a tweet from Najib’s twitter account.

So who was responsible for the filming? And would the government like to clarify for us lay people the law pertaining to the screening of explicit videos in hotels?

Meanwhile, Tian Chua tweeted that a police report regarding the video would be made at the Dang Wangi police station tomorrow.

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Phua Kai Lit

Yes, Sewel.

And the news from the Middle East and North Africa
continues to inspire us all. Even in police states such as
Libya and Syria!


very true. have you noticed bn refuses to debate about economic and social issues. for instance barisan keeps avoiding the 52 billion ringgit malay equity issue which is ‘missing’ . for Malaysian economists this is like an elephant in the room but the BN politicians cant seem to see the elephant!


Anil, to be honest Pakatan Rakyat is already grooming the younger generation to take over. We at Pakatan cannot see Anwar leading us in the next election as we are all aware of the likely outcome of the sodomy 2 court case. This is an honest assessment. I am disappointed that Anwar has been denied natural Justice but now for anwar’s sake and others like him who have been denied natural justice we at Pakatan Rakyat must press on. I can assure you DAP is rock solid and ready for elections. All the kataks have been kicked out. PAS is… Read more »

Gerakan K

True, I hugely surprised by the wow sex tape. Still going strong even at the male actor age.

Must be swallowed a lot of tongkat ali or similar nutritious foods !!!


I’m surprised you’re into adult movies!

Phua Kai Lit


They forgot to consult the pros (i.e. APCO) first
before releasing the product onto the market.

Bad mistake ……

Wan Saleha

UMNO is poisoning the minds of the young.
It has made them experts on the rudiments of sodomy.

Now it is telling them that it is an honorable act to secretly tape someone having sex and screening it to the public?

It is teaching the young that they can resort any dishonorable means to destroy their opponents and attain success?
It is telling them to flush down morality…?


When we watch ‘hot stimulating cd’ in the private of our home – they said cannot. Polis tangkap. Now T-akong (want to show) it in the parliament, and inviting people to watch. Mana itu Polis Tangkap.

What …


I thougtt I heard someone said he dont know sailful and later….
Believe it or not….You ask for it.

I am a man of many faces , can you see thru my disguise ?



Keep wondering. Why PM immediately response that this was not police games. Another words is that the rest of the accusation toward DSAI was… Keep wondering why, why………..


Nazri said it is legitimate to screen the sex video.

Like that I can organize a public screening of CSL sex video and no need polis permit?

Cannot show an advertisement for Hari Raya because they see Santa’s sleight in it but can show porno publicly because it can harm their opponent and help them to get votes ….

najib manaukau

This Datuk T is just a front man, the people behind this ‘joke’ is (perhaps) one organisation with plenty of money to throw around. Not only plenty of money involved but a lot is stake too !


Then we have another clown who says “It depends on what the purpose is. They wanted to show proof that Anwar had sex with this woman, not to make a pornographic video,”

If a group of people were watching a porno movie and when asked by the police were to say that the purpose that they watch the movie is that they want to know what is a porno movie as they do not know what is it, then it is legal ?


Mr PM, why are you all so scared of Mr Anwar??? You and your country are having a cold, a sick PM, Mrs PM, therefore a sick country. Time to vote out BN in the next GE… !!!

Gerakan K

Your idol maybe just is a nobody after this wow case !!!

Gerakan K

Wow !!! This time is more surprising than the case of sodomy 2 !!!

According to my sources, there is hope for Gerakan in Penang. This is just the beginning of the down fall of the pr. I expect one or two more surprises coming soon.

Why not the pr MPs push to legalize prostitution ??? So that anyone can benefit from the services and make this incident a non-issue ???


We don’t need a brand new Penang State Gomen watching other people’s private sex videos while at Penang State Assembly. … never, never ever dream of (fulfilling) doing it in the respectable Penang State Assembly building!
Our PR politicians need no Wow!!! Kama Sutra video lesson while on duty for the Rakyat!

Bruce Li

in Malaysia now we BOLEH have live (screening of) orgy session with private viewing as long as nobody complaint to the police. Cheers !!!


… Try figure out what happens if the opposition had dished out invitation to the media to view an illicit video depicting any umno apco leaders. My good guess is the police would have condoned off the place and confiscate the video before you could change your first gear. The issue is how low we have end up ourselves as a community to be fed with such a scurrilous political piece…. The notion seeking anwar and his wife to withdraw politics depicts the true motive of this pathetic act. We are seeing people … demanding anwar dna, perhaps yet again… Read more »


Nothing about this has the hallmark of ‘expert’ – let alone ‘competent’, ‘adequate’, ‘reasonable’ or any other adjective we might wish we could bestow on public figures.


This datuk t is no ordinary guy. I doubt if he acted alone. There must be a team of technical experts, strategist and possibly psychologist who have a good understanding of human behavior. The idea of showing it to handful of media people who were prevented from secretly filming it by concealed pin hole cameras is meticulously thought out. His or their plan is to use the media to start a wild fire after which let the public, bloggers and commentators to add fuel to it. Don’t expect the police to get anywhere if a report is made, esp. if… Read more »


Looks like him, sounds like him,

Remember those famous words ?


It may be true the police is not involved. But it does not mean there are no other agency that can do this. This is just a spin.

fed up country

a danger country .


Let me ask the gomen servants and elected politicians this ONE question:
Why some of you are so FREE having nothing better to do than viewing PRIVATE sex videos in Parliament or in public?

FYI, private properties are not gomen properties, mind you.
And showing porno materials is an offense, what are you doing, Polis?
Wait for police report to act when knowing that an offense have been committed in Parliament? Or is it no offense to watch Deep Throat in Parliament? Or the discriminating law applies only to the minion public?

What a big shame!


Too many blated civil servants, too little urusan.
Spend time playing facebook!!!
Poke here poke there got fun.


You mean got too much time to poke here, poke there which are allowed one-eye shut in gomen departments?

Labu Labi

tunglang and nkkhoo

Do not be sidetrack by the sex video issue.

Move over Umi, a new malay femme fatale ‘Nora’ in tight leather outfit…

If you miss the picture on The Sun today, here is the link:

Wonder why JAIS and Perkasa do not make noise as the outfit accentuate the shape leaving nothing left for imagination.

Wan Saleha

Aurat ada tutup, tapi terlampau ketat sampai menonjol. Jakim ada approve?

Charlie Oscar

Can you verify whether Najib Just tweeted on his own or was he answering to people who asked him?
Is the video screening for Public viewing or for INVITED medias Only?
Have any of Pakatan supporters seen the video before “gobbing off”?
It seems that your blog have a lot *** Worshippers..ha..ha..ha..!!!

Kolek, kolek, kolek

Anil Netto and his machais, birds of a feather, worshiping the same … fella

Steve MacGareth

This scandal is hatched to divert the Malaysian public’s attention from something more major involving Rakyat’s money. Anwar was mentioned just to keep the people busy with this scandal. It has nothing to do with Sarawak politics too. It’s all about UMNO’s … ways!

Are the people of Sarawak really rained with money, come this election?

What the heck

Najib said the Police not involved, who could it be?
Dang! there is only one “untouchable” in Bolehland, who is not only capable in planning this cowardly low act…


Screening and broadcasting pornography is a crime in this country
Possessing porn material is also a crime in this country
Using such material to blackmail is also a crime.


And even some MPs viewed the porn publicly in parliament lounge.

These BN law-makers know that they are exempted from adhering to the country’s laws.


I really do not understand the logic of the PM’s statement. The police is not inolved in the video recording – so what? That does not answer why the police stood by with arms folded and not stop the illegal screening of porn, yet they were all ready to stop people gathering to light candles!


How convenient when the Sarawak assembly had just been dissolved for election that this explosive sex video, purporting to be the opposition leader as culprit comes out in public. This certainly would be a ‘no holds barred’ campaign in the coming weeks. The whole episode stinks to high heaven. Datuk T dared not reveal himself. He didn’t report the sex video to the police which is the rightful thing to do. He, with impunity, can organised a video viewing sessions with the press without the interference of the police. If the allegation, which is as recent as Feb 21, is… Read more »