Did Umno fill up Bukit Jalil Stadium?


Najib is now addressing the Umno rally at Bukit Jalil Stadium.

Photograph at 7.26pm via twitter

Najib claims that the crowd is almost 100000. He slams Bersih 3.0 for not using a stadium, unlike Umno, which he says respects the law.

Even the police at the stadium are looking “ceria” without any “tension”, he adds.

He highlights Umno’s achievements and its success in bringing about changes over the years. He also hits out at opposition parties for purportedly not keeping their earlier promises.

He asks those gathered if they are ready for general elections and then teases them by suggesting possible dates/months.

He ends his speech with “Hidup Umno! Hidup BN, Selamat ulang-tahun Umno!” and then takes his seat next to Rosmah.

In many ways, the big question today was always going to be, would Umno be able to fill the stadium and boost the morale of its supporters after the massive Bersih 3.0 turnout of around 200000?

There is a large crowd seated in the lower and middle decks of the stadium as well as on the field. But television cameras seem to be avoiding the upper (third) deck of the stadium. Photographs indicate that the upper deck is not packed, even bare in some places.

The stadium has an advertised capacity of 100000 but seating capacity is believed to be 87000.

One blogger complains that the deafening sound of the vuvuzela trumpets made it difficult for him to hear the DPM’s speech earlier. Someone complained on twitter that the sound could be heard from her apartment.

Other tweets report rows of buses lined up not far from the stadium, indicating that many were bussed in.

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Hang Lee Kiew

Lets give a thought how old is UMNO [Baru ]? I don’t think it has reached 66 years old. So what is the celebration stand for? UMNO [Lama] has long gone RIP in the graveyard by the court order. I guess the 66 th celebration of UMNO at the Bukit Jalil Stadium was more towards giving condolence and prayer to the late UMNO [ Lama] to be remembered by all Malysians particularly the young breeds who are historically ignorence or ignored that important events in Malaysian political history.


Sangeetha , its nicer and more reassuring to see Indian squatters now living comfortably in double-storey houses worth RM700000 on Penang Island Kg Buah Pala !!!!!!!!!!!


As an Indian, i support UMNO too because UMNO together with other BN component parties are the true saviour of Malaysia. I wouldn’t mind to join UMNO if i were allowed to. Nice to see Indians (both urbanites and villagers ) all over Malaysia have realized only BN can help them. HIDUP NAJIB, HIDUP UMNO, HIDUP BN


What’s so nice to be fooled for more than 5 decades?
Unless you are comfortable to live as a 2nd class citizens of no hope!


This is a better ceremah on 10 May 2012.

Ceramah Merdeka Rakyat, Stadium 3K, Subang Jaya, Selangor

Paul Warren

How come this event was held on Friday the 11th and not Saturday the 12th? Saturday could have brought in a bigger crowd i would imagine. Had it anything to do with Russell Peters? Rosmah bought tickets for the 12th apparently. Any truth to that?

Richie Hee

Patrick Teoh said in his Niamah blog:

The party president offered seven reasons why people should support Barisan in the election.

Among the reasons were that Barisan could be trusted and had delivered on its promises, only the coalition could promise that tomorrow would be better than today and it respected the Constitution, rule of law, sanctity of Islam, Malay rulers and the rights of all races.

Most of all, Barisan can guarantee unity and harmony in the country.

Hahahahahah…and how much did you flers pay to watch Russel Peters? I had this comedy free on TV.


You may be keen to refer to page 10 of the Star(saturday) showing the bn leaders sitting in the front row where one of them was looking into the goodie bag, maybe trying to find something he was hoping to get.



This one is very telling that the pep-rally is very very superficial, unsure grounds.

Pala Richie

Since Umno has 1million in Bukit Jalil, resolve the parliment coming monday.

If I were the president, I resolved the parliment yesterday night.

Kalau satu juta orang support, pun tak berani hadapi free & fair election, lebih baik jual burger depan rumah orang saja la…


With Najib claiming “Umno has come so far and prospered every inch of this land” and “Umno’s struggle all this while had benefitted all Malaysians regardless of race, religion or ideology” (and his “‘Everything enjoyed by the country today is a result of Umno’s deeds” some days ago), how credible is Najib? As for the news reports on the UMNO celebration by the likes of NST and The Star, I am reminded of how the NST switched “Islam” for Scientology” and make the “grave error” of “misquoting” Australian senator Xenophon. while The Star thought nothing of printing that the teargas… Read more »


For the sake of the future generations, the sooner the better that these court-jesters are being chased out of Putrajaya!

Gerakan K

Anil: “Did Umno fill up Bukit Jalil Stadium?”

It doesn’t matter because Umno votebank is in kampungs scattered nicely at strategic area that constantly deliver votes that matter. Yes, it is in strategic MPs and ADUNs seats that matter. Also, you failed to realize there are fix deposit in Sabah and Sarawak. Remember the legendary hero Mr Taib ???

Well, as usual, anil always supplies endless fake hopes to pakatan supporters. It’s OK to syiok sendiri but as always the winner goes to BN.


Thanks very much to the internet, blogs, truth purveyors (one who provides nourishing news & not twisted lies of evil) & a big no thanks to the MSM, we folks in cities, towns & suburban are ‘enlightened daily’ to the deeds & misdeeds done in this Boleh Land. Your admission shows the Barang Naiki continuous propensity for misdeed to mislead the simple minded folks in the kampungs to continue leeching the country high & dry. As if not enough of misdeeds, we the enlightened now ‘see’ hantus loitering in the quick legalization of immigrant illegals by the thousands unmatched even… Read more »

Gerakan K

Don’t spin lah. One people one vote. Kampung people also same lah. Who can control the population ??? Just admit it that kampung people love BN very much !!!


Gilakan please tell your N… don’t be a liar and said we will 1 million. And in front of the crowd he still lied and said there are more than 100k. Can we afford to have (such) a … PM? And you also please don’t keep lying here and there

Gerakan K

Please support 2 party-system. Please allow my lonely voice here. And argue with facts and no personal attack please. Differing opinions and angle of thoughts are acceptable. Call me Gerakan K or GK, no Gilakan please. Be nice !!!


The fact is N… did said we will have 1 million’ Its also a fact that he said there are 100k people when the stadium is half full. Isn’t that a lie.!!! You are not arguing with fact, you are distorting the facts. Well if you are not gila why worry unless you perceived yourself as one, otherwise others will treat me as the gila.

Andrew I

You should follow your own advice.


“I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating.” –

Unfortunately, UMNO and its die-hard supporters don’t feel that way. For them, they must WIN by all means !!!! Even Mahathir defends gerrymandering in polls!

From this article: http://www.freemalaysiakini2.com/?p=28609

“While disparity of voters between rural and urban constituencies exists, most countries however impose a limit to this.

In Malaysia, the difference in constituency electorates were limited to 15 percent above or below the average constituency electorate, but this constitutional safeguard has since been removed.”

Padam muka-lah, our govt !!!

Pala Richie

GK, read back what you written, you are saying these;

1) EC win the election for BN on ground of gerrymandering.
2) BN survives on Kampung votes, becuase Kampung voters are badly informed, facts were hidden from them.

I agreed with you!, but these are cheating. What make you so proud for BN to win by cheating?

Gerakan K

Again, don’t spin lah. Kampung people also people. Kampung people is not inferior than city people. Who says kampung people is stupid ???

Also, I never said EC helped BN. It’s your standard excuse whenever losing in a poll.

Andrew I

Spinning is your specialty.

Pala Richie

GK, all are people, Altantunya, Kugen, TBH and all bersih protestor, even Anwar are people.

Spinning happened when you wrote: “Kampung people also people. Kampung people is not inferior than city people. Who says kampung people is stupid ???”

BTW, ‘stupid’ is not by call, you have to earn it thru many rounds of confirmation. Well, do you feel the many rounds of confirmation, here? if you are not stupid.


GK you as always is a spinner and liar.Pala Richie did not say kampong folks are stupid he only said they are badly informed.

This is the actual words said by him

””BN survives on Kampung votes, becuase Kampung voters are badly informed, facts were hidden from them. ”””’

And that is a very true facts as regards to the various newspaper like Utusan which the kampong folks relied on as most of them are not internet savvy.


By your own … admission that kampung folks are ‘stupid’, you have revealed the Barang Naiki penchant for telling lies & wonderful but unaccountable stories to easily fool them simple minded kampung folks.
Go back to your sundry shops in kampungs to sell at fair prices, please!


It has finally dawned on him that Nacheap and AMMO Barang Naik will soon BeEnd so he now shiok sendiri and console himself that the vote bank is in the rural area. Yes previously it is but the rural area are now wise up to N…, AMMo and Barang Naik corruption, croynism, thats why he has to keep our splashing our hard earned money to buy the much needed votes


“He ends his speech with … and then takes his seat next to Rosmah.”

Anil, i like the second part – takes his seat next to Rosmah. You are humourous yeah !!!


this article quite interesting in wishing a happy birthday to umno 1.0 (umno baru) :


semuanya OK kot

I received 1 aerial photo of the Bersih 3 rally. It showed Dataran Merdeka and every visible road packed with demonstrators. No idea whether it is fake or genuine.


If you are referring to that phtoto which showed Dataran Merdeka supposedly flooded by masses of BERSIH 3.0 protestors, it is a fake. Examine it carefully and the signs are there of some pranskter who thought it was fun to come up with that doctored image.

Unfortunately, that irresponsible idiot did not think of the deeper repercussions and likelihood of misleading folks dangerously when he posted that photo without any disclaimer or statement to the effect that it was not a genuine photo.


Yeah, I agree, that image was doctored. It it wasn’t the masses had overrun the police completely, and a state of emergency would have been declared. My wife and I studied that image yesterday again. It could only have been taken from the KWSP building (see the flag on the bottom left and the maps). That’s a government building. Unlikely location to enter at 3pm on a Saturday. Besides the KWSP building is lower 21 stories, quite a bit lower than the Daya Bumi Complex. That’s possible only if it was taken from a helicopter. But then how did the… Read more »


Heard they even brought red umbrellas to fill in the gap with red for that ‘kodak moment’! LOL!!! LOL!!!

How many DUMNO members do they have? Bersih 3.0 filled the streets of Kuala Lumpur with Malaysians of all races, remember?


the traffic report said that there will be 2000 busses in the bukit jalil area. each bus capacity is about 44?, which will bring the total bussed in at 88,000


70K/100K of people incentivised to show up Vs. 150K/200K showed up under threat. No contest. The real thing to note is that Najib is feeling confident because he got the horde going with battle-cries. He is exhilarated to feel like a general when he is not really made of The Right Stuff. Underlying cheering and Najib feel-good is that they know it does not get better for them and they think they have an unfair advantage and its enough. The onus is on PR to step up that a blood-unthirsty but fundamentally unsure army even with cheating will not be… Read more »

Gerakan K

Ok, well done Ambiga for BERSIH 3.0. But does it matter to BN ??? You can win all MP seats in KL but how many MP seats in KL ??? How many MP seats in kampungs ??? Sorry, your sweet dream busted. See open always.

Ahmad Sobri

A fair estimate of the crowd should be around 25,000. Actually, who wants to turn up in an event that does not mirror the wishes of the Rakyat? Besides, Najib is such a pathetic figure today. He is mired in so many controversies, and the latest to rock the country is the relevations from France, regarding the Scorpenes deal, the USD1 billion ( allegedly) requested by Najib. And all the problems surfacing within UMNO, and his inability to control the party though he is the party president. It is difficult for him to be productive, as he has to look… Read more »


I just remember, Nacheap said 1 million


1 million inclusive of paid-to-attend immigrant ‘hantus’?
That “I Want to Believe” (to borrow unashamedly from Fox Mulder of The X-Files).
Anybody selling X-Kopi-O kau kau?
Or “Bonjour” X-mini Canada towel?


Those Perkasa flers should have set up their burger stalls there as 100K crowd would have brought them profits to offset any so-called losses on 428. It is evident that Perkasa flers got no ‘otak bisnes’ and can only croak like their master.


I see GK at the far end trying hard to fill up the empty seats


Not only the far end, almost half of the upper deck is empty

Andrew I

Haha, Gherkin, the stadium usher. Anything for a bit more gravy.


Wow what a cheater… The stadium can hold sitting capacity of 80+k if included standing capacity about 100K. Look at the far end, its still empty but dare not show further up. How many have been paid to come over hahahah.


If 100K above capacity the stadium could collapse like the one in Trengannu?


Anil, I can only see the stadium is ‘no really full or far from full (to be more precise) of ‘red herrings’.
Time for Kopi-O kau kau & not popcorn in the heat of summer night!


saw a bit at TV3 live telecast – Najib mentioned “8 Prinsips” for UMNO victory. One of them is the Buah Pala where bn bela rakyat.

wow, they really know how to twist n turn buah pala events until now mosty indians outside penang still do no know aware the buah pala folks got landed property now valued ~RM700K at least each (better than RM15K for Felda folks).

I think Anil’s buah pala true reporting (good effort though) has not aroused the fancy of most Indians outside Penang. 🙁

Richie Pala can get lagi richier given such deals !!!!!

Gerakan K

Money is not everything. Money is not the replacement for a promise. Pakatan promise is that to ensure Kg Buah Pala remain intact when coming into power. Now Kg Buah Pala is gone. It’s broken promise no matter how much money as compensation have offered. “PAS for all” is a promise. Negara Kebajikan is a promise. If pakatan can easily dishonor its promise then “PAS for all” and “Negara Kebajikan” promises also easily replaced by hudud for your own good (in their opinion). Power sharing promise by BN remain in tact, for example even though Gerakan slightly underperform in GE,… Read more »


Yes money is not everything but to AMMO Barang Naik & N… it is. Cowgate, 1 billion Scorpene, Felda, Mas bailout, slice of traffic summon and so many many more. Gerakan & … KTK (administration) sold off KB Pala and left it to the court to decide its demolition. PR DAP & LGE come to the rescue and make sure they have a new KB Pala with a 750k house, a community hall and land for their religious purpose. Is that a broken promise !!!. KB Pala compensation were paid for by the developer but N… uses our hard earned… Read more »

Pala Richie


I watched TV3 buletin utama last night, among all the red shirts, Koh Tsu Khoon appeared the happiest people among all, happier than Najib, Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali put togather.

I don’t understand why? you know everything, can you share?

Andrew I

Coz he loves Ibrahim Ali. Shame the feeling’s not mutual.


KTK was on Astro AEC interview program last nite (Sat 10pm). In the part 1 show, he said he and Tan KY of Gerakan were willing to give up CM post to umno way back in 1990 when umno got more seats than Gerakan. That’s enough proof that Gerakan was lapping up umno from the beginning.

Part 2 of the show ext Sat on Astro AEC 10pm when KTK will talk about DAP vs Gerakan in Penang.


Dear Gerakan,

In principle, yes. Money is not everything. But go and ask the Buah Pala people whether they would exchange their RM700K houses for UMMO’s RM15K?. Better still whether they would exchange for a chance to hold their annual cultural festival at the same place.

Andrew I

GK: money’s not everything.

Keep them coming, Gherks. Your quotes will be flying back at you quite soon.


Jibby’ DUMNO long ago tell us to tighten our belts when DUMNO raise the petrol price. Yet he spend like a sailor when over the sea in UK. Who broke the promise. What 1 Malaysia. The first finger big thumb is for DUMNO and last finger for rakyat.