More rowdy behaviour


Another commotion on 1 March, when three Kajang municipal councillors and several others tried to attend the ground-breaking ceremony of SRJK (C) Bandar Sungai Long, Selangor, minutes before PM Najib arrived.

Read Ms Batik’s commentary in Aliran.

It used to be that some people were paranoid of yellow. Now lime green is capable of making some people uneasy.

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Super Senior

At a recent ABU ceramah, 2 young students wearing Umno T-shirt openly challenged others for a fight. “Kami pantang dicabar!”. They screamed. It was at that particular moment that I decided to forgive all my close friends and relatives who had migrated for a more secure future.

anti rowdy

rowdiness is whose culture ? see video you know lah


PO-least Effective Appraisal: Always come after incident. Slow to come. Blurr-blurr of “what happened”. Take no action. Bystander on ‘duty-free’ even when crime is in action. Slow and reluctant to investigate. (Unless police report lodged! Cannot work without a white paper) No arrest, no suspects detained. Even with casualties for all to see. (Thanks to YouTube) .. Have the face of call of duty to instruct victims to “please avoid tension” when the real culprits are still hanging around and more feared than reprimanded by the law of peace, security and order. Make … twisted press statements. Same ‘unbelievably staged’… Read more »


The UMNO sponsored NGOs and their outsourced thugs seem to be bent on creating violence in the hope their victims will retaliate. Sincerely hope they do not bite the bait and retaliate. That is exactly what UMNO and Najib want. T They could then declare emergency, orchestrate another Operasi Lalang, put most of the Opposition leaders in Kamunting, postpone GE indefinitely and rule/ruin the country as long as they want. So far the OPPOSITION has shown maturity and didn’t succumb to provocation. Let the barking … do what they are accustomed to. Let sanity, perseverance and good judgement prevail among… Read more »


More of Najib’s tranform-lagi-mati..

Penang Voter

Black, Yellow then Green…..Alamak. These UMNO morons are getting color-scared now pula !!!!!


Could this be another desperate attempt by BN to bring back the memeory of May 13 to scare the voters into submission?

The recent events seem to direct to this ‘threat’.


Yes, i believe the UMNO is (behind) these samseng to get into action, to scare the non Malays into submission.

Indirectly, UMNO is telling the Non Malays – vote me or you will get violence in return…

You see, MCA and MIC and those BN parties they are as quiet as tikus !!! They dare not make a sound, shameful !!!

Where is that Chua Soi Leg after the debate ??? My friend said Chua Soi Leg spoke with his eyes closed during the debate, that showed his sincerity…


Rowdy crowd – serve them authentic ori-maestro malaysian food like chendol to cool them off :


Yeah, cool them hot heads, no brains. But what if they don’t pay after the binge? Pay for them also???


the thugs at esplanade lynas assembly identified and shown on front page of Kwang Hwa Jit Poh today

anyone in the pic is your neighbour ?

Andrew I

Where’s Gherkin? Wakey, wakey. It’s time for work.


They are paranoid of everythign green, yellow and black and also the FEAR OF LOSING.

Lets us make that change, Yes change is what we need.
Kick out Najib , AMMO and Barang naik