Mob disrupts Pas ceramah in Felda scheme


A mob disrupted a Pas ceramah-dinner at the Sungai Tengi Felda scheme in Selangor, where settlers’ rights group Anak president Mazlan Aliman was supposed to speak on 4 February 2013.

The mob appeared intent on preventing Mazlan from speaking at the ceramah at the Felda scheme.

Mazlan reportedly pointed to an alleged meeting that took place before the ceramah which he suggested indicated a conspiracy to create chaos at the ceramah. See this video clip here.

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Salak (@Salak97628845)

That’s a positive way on the Allah chants for crowd control and personal control.!

Hopefully more ceramah goers will come and others follow listen to reason.

Great job, PAS!


he preaches moderation.
but his party is fond of violence.
and he turns a blind eye.
Najib, action speaks louder than words.

Kok Keong

And yet Mahathir and other BN leaders have repeatedly said Pakatan would take to the streets to riot should they fail at the polls to take over Putrajaya. When you have samsengs like these repeatedly and openly resorting to hooliganism while the BN and police have kept quiet and done nothing at all, one truly shudders at the thought of the malicious mischief they may embark on when BN fails to retain Putrajaya at the polls.


Samseng Umno dibiayai dengan elaun buat kacau?


Another 1 Malaysia boleh and the PM is still dumb

Gerakan K

Peaceful Malaysians don’t like any talibanistic talks. Padan muka !!! Respect everyone rights. Say NO to Pas Islamic rulings for all !!!


Trouble was those FELDA settlers didn’t have chance to say “NO” to as you put it ‘talibanistic talks’ but it was UMNO’s fear of the better party thus the need to block and shut them out, no?


Let the FELDA settlers judge for themselves. UMNO should not be a spoil sport when they frequently boast of their ‘track record’. Ade track record for well over half a century
pun takut, how come?


On spot, peaceful people do not like Taliban. And who are acting like the Taliban. Well the Cheap and his Ammo gang mugging and thuggerying people.


Umno survive on the people’s stupidity and ignorance especially the less educated. Unfortunately for Umno and thanks to Pakatan Rakyat’s effort, the rakyat have more access to information from alternative sources. They are more aware of what is happenning around them. The only option left for Umno now is to create chaos and thuggery, methods often used by weak and desparate people.


Typical bunch of servile followers being used by umno, out to create trouble, what a despicable lot! Why buat kacau, why can’t they respect rights of various political parties to have their say and ceramahs anywhere in the country on Malaysian soil, and constitutional rights of FELDA settlers, their freedom to electoral choice?

Looks like Malaysian education has failed miserably, has done them no help. Umno propagandas have turn out thugs/samsengs who never really know how to use their heads! Sigh, FELDA does not belong to Umno but the people – Rakyat Malaysia, damnit!

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Desperate people resorting to desperate measures during desperate times! The writing is on the wall, that UMNO Baru is about to be thrown out by all Malaysians, that it is now so desperate to resort to thuggery, just to prevent ANAK from exposing their corruption and cronyism practices to the rural voters!! See the video and let the DPM reaffirm that Malaysia has the best democracy in the world!! The resounding “No, No, No” to the PM at the Penang BN CNY function declared by Penangites and Malaysians from other states would not just inflict red-faces on the… Read more »