Mob disrupts DAP kopitiam dialogue in Johor (Videos)


While the fallout from the allegations in WSJ and Sarawak Report simmers, a mob disrupted a DAP briefing in Johor yesterday.

As we have witnessed many times before, police personnel at the scene appeared powerless to stop these hoodlums from disrupting the event. Full report in the Insider here.

Why are we allowing mob rule to limit or restrict our political freedom?

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Latest, Thai baht has fallen to a 6 years low and so is most of SE Asian currencies. Go buy US dollar to strengthen your value.

gk ong

Traders in Hatyai no longer accept Ringgit.


Police is really ineffective here?

Harimau Selatan

Police ‘powerless’ because of ‘abang adik’ affinity to the mobsters?
If such behavior has never been censured in Penang, likely these hooligans will be bolder in Johor, right?


The Low Yat Plaza brawl is another example of ‘abang-adik’ bond:

Cops stood by as racist insults hurled outside Low Yat


The culprit at Low Yat incident (allegedly) claimed himself to be a son of policeman before creating havoc at the OPPO shop.


These hooligans and ruffians of UMNO are strong when it comes to violence but very cowardly
when it comes to logics and arguments. We simply can’t discuss or argue with these people of
dead brain. The more they talk the more idiot they sound. Unreal, absolutely no rational discussion
is possible wirh these people. They think nothing wrong in abusing the rights of others while
they demand that their needs should be met preferentially.


This is happening on Bulan Ramadan. How shameful!


That’s what they are good for, what more else ?
But everything has got a limit but just don’t blame it later when something serious, real serious happen !


Padang Kota mobsters culture now export to other states?

Phua Kai Lit

A sign of weakness, not of strength.

Propaganda no longer working well.
Especially when GST and constant price increases in the cost of petrol are making life difficult for low income Malays and other low income Malaysians. Then there are the
revelation after revelation of high level corruption and abuse of
public funds.

Therefore resorting to physical force to prevent people from listening to alternative political voices.

gk ong

The place Pasir Gudang is a malay hinterland and Umno is concerned that DAP is making inroads with its malay new members.

Wonder what the Johor Prince has to say about this uncivilized behavior in Johor.


Johor crown prince should summon Johor MB who is the Umno head at Pasir Gudang for explanation. This is a very bad reflection on the morality of Malays in Johor! Such mob will scare away tourists from Singapore.