“Mickey Maos” T-shirts confiscated in Central Market


Officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Publications and Quranic Texts Control Division confiscated over 80 T-shirts – including Pop images of Bruce Lee and Mao Zedong portrayed as ‘Mickey Maos’ – because the material apparently glorified communism.

The raid was carried out while PM Najib was on an official trip to China, according to the T-shirt stall owner, Patrick Saw.

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2 Jul 2010 5.21pm

i’ve seen guys and gals wearing Mao’s t-shirts!!!

Cool, but the gals better not come face-to-face with those “enforcers” coz the latter may just confiscate the t-shirts on the spot…

18 Jun 2009 9.22pm

To have an idea of some of the T-shirts confiscated, you can watch the designs here.


18 Jun 2009 7.32pm

Someone should tell Patrick to just setup an online channel to sell these T-shirts. Unbelieveable ‘moral’ policing nonsense that we have to put up with. Makes me so mad to think that you don’t get a chance fight the authorities based on reasoning and logic!

18 Jun 2009 4.03pm

curry flavour china and think that the chinese government don’t know? Najib was not given the full welcome in china and did not get any significant concession to boost trade. He is a joke ….

The Penquin
The Penquin
18 Jun 2009 3.41pm

Didn’t know Bruce Lee was associated with communism ! But I do find the T shirts a bit pricey though…ha ha..

18 Jun 2009 2.31pm

Malaysia is working with Cuba and Mainland China, what is wrong with art. Simply sick of the gomen.

18 Jun 2009 2.07pm

OK next ban Gorilla T-Shirt, Rambutan T-shirt and go to Tanjong Rambutan….UMNO guys..

18 Jun 2009 2.04pm

Hypocrites… Perhaps if we have T-shirts with Hishamuddin (the Home Minister) waving the keris is okay?

18 Jun 2009 1.44pm

Ha ha. The only true communism that is being practised today is by Obama who is taking over all the private assets of major companies in insurance, auto and banks for the lame excuse of their being too big to fail. Perhaps, the government should also confiscate pictures of Obama, who is now more popular than American idol across Msia’s political divide. Even Malaysiakini writers are mesmerised by the charisma and don’t see the shadow of Mao and Stalin behind these actions. As for central market stall owner, I sympathise with him. Not only is the gomen intruding, but I… Read more »

Andrew I
Andrew I
18 Jun 2009 1.23pm

Do as I say, but don’t do as I do. Thank you.