MIC commotion – again


Gosh, I am not sure what this commotion is all about, but they look serious, don’t they? Are they quarelling about who can better champion the people’s rights and welfare in the face of massive corruption and economic mismanagement? I don’t think so.

Race-based parties are long past their sell-by date. No wonder they are ridden with squabbling, factionalism and internal power struggles (see Mahathir, Najib, et al). But what they don’t realise is that the ground is moving away from them – and moving fast.

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Najib’s nambikei message:

“As our Hindu brothers and sisters observe this day by offering prayers of thanksgiving and fulfilling their vows at temples throughout the country, let us come together in solidarity to show our respect for each other’s religious festivals,” he said.

“As Malaysian Hindus mark the auspicious festival of Thaipusam, we are, once again reminded of our rich and diverse culture.

“We are indeed blessed that people of different faiths and ethnicities live together in peace and harmony.”


“We are indeed blessed that people of different faiths and ethnicities live together in peace and harmony.”

JAKIM please take note of PM’s words.

Don Anamalai

Najib’s donning of Hindu attire and garland at Thaipusam celebration is now a new controversy.

gk ong

Can these MIC folks make peace in the spirit of Thaipusam?


Why ROS has not threaten to deregister MIC as it has previously done on DAP in super efficient way?

Lord Jim

Sekeping gambar yang memaparkan timbalan menteri Datuk M Saravanan dengan sepucuk pistol yang terselit di pinggang seluarnya menjadi perhatian meluas di Facebook:


Saravanan is gun-trotting to be the next President of MIC?
He should help the Indian community that have been displaced from the estates of plantation all over Malaysia as they are likely to turn to gangsterism when cannot find job in the cities.

Don Anamalai

This Al Jazeera’s report on Youtube is worth revisiting by all MIC leaders:

Marginalised and disenfranchised, many Malaysian Indians are turning to crime as they struggle to fit into a society polarised by ethnic divisions

gk ong

How can the MIC champion the interests of the Indians in the country if the troubled party needed to be rescued by Umno?

The Indian community is still hopeful for nambikei from Ahneh Jib?


Political parties based on race and/or religion are useful for plunder. You can moan to get ever more anti-competitive and anti-democratic privileges. To distract, you can accuse others of offending you, even while engaging in offending them in ways you define as permissible. You can complain and accuse even when you are in the vast majority or hold practically all power. The worst example today is USA.

The crude, brutal Indian movies, and pathetic “vernacular” education system are not oversights.

Phua Kai Lit

MIC stands for:

1. Make Indians Cry ?
2. Malaysian Indian Combatants ?
3. Motive Is Cash ?
4. Malaysian Indians Crashing ?
5. Malaysian Indians’ hopes Crushed ?
6. Mollywood Indian Comedians ?


Malaysia Indian Circus?

Phua Kai Lit

Nice name, lst !

In my childhood, there was the Great Royal Circus of India for entertainment.

gk ong

Malaysian Indian Commotion.

That is how Anil has termed it.


Of course its ultimately all about money. No one reacts this way if its to save the world with no reward! The share of dirty cash must be shrinking. Quite pathetic. Not even close to having the same passion when someone throws a cow’s head onto the floor eh??
Though the silver lining would be Malaysia’s new contender for the next Olympics shooting competition. I don’t think the current gold medalist is so dedicated to carry his gun around in his pants, so our deputy minister is already a step ahead.


Saravanan the deputy sports minister carries a pistol around the waist and he must be promoting the sports among the young Indians mistaken as thugs? Pala’s men must have been frightened to seek compromise via Najib?

Stephen Tan Ban Cheng

Both the MCA and the MIC are in grave danger of being entombed in the graveyard of history unless they can achieve the impossible – tell Umno, their original partners in the Independence-bearing Alliance, to adhere to the pre-Merdeka bargain. This volte face is PRACTICALLY something unachievable in the present political climate where even Umno, their master of political hegemony, finds it difficult to survive, let alone thrive because of the unprecedented credibility deficit it suffers with the electorate, admittedly in the urban areas now though slowly spreading to the rural areas. Other Barisan National (BN) parties either bear the… Read more »

tua kee lang

Bollywood “I Shankar” production team can get real life squabble scenes from MICkey fiasco.
Subramaniam is busy talking about dengue mosquitoes not knowing he may be stung soon ?


poor leadership in BN from Najib resulting in all such fiasco!

Don Anamalai

Now Umno is entering the fray in this MIC Royal Rumble in the name of helping the party.
Umno will enhance its influence on MIC, making MIC a subsidiary of Umno to ikut perintah?

roger woo

Saravanan claimed that gangsters have infiltrated MIC.

At least the MIC bickerings are open for all to see. At Umno there are many covert operations to sabotage one another, even the former leaders like Daim and Mahathir are targeting the current Najib’s position.The Altantunya card is currently being neutralised by the corruption card…

Ed G

Why is Saravanan making the claim of ‘infiltration by gangster’ only after he has been suddenly replaced as the FT liaison chairman? Where was he during the Maika meeting when some outspokened members and attendees were silenced by some rowdy supporters of the then management of the cooperative? Or has he conveniently forgotten the infamous exchanges of blows or flying chairs during MIC meetings during 1970s or 80s?

roger woo

Saravanan thinks he is a MIC superstar like Sivaji The Boss. But the Indians here can only find their real hero fighting for justice in the Kollywood movies in the cinema.

I think the feud within Umno is brewing hard and will soon reach the boiling point. Someone is certainly worried that Sirul could expose the truth behind the Mongolian murder.

Don Anamalai

Lots of escapism in Indian movies as the people in India are losing hope on the reality of the political landscape. Same thing is happening to the Indians in Malaysia, as they could not translate the idealism into a powerful force as Hindraf has failed. They are all consumed by the evils they are fighting against. Sigh!

tua kee lang

Talking about Sandiwara.
Remember pre 505 GE13, Little India being promised with transformasi blue-print programs ?
What happens now ? My fellow Indian bros n sis please no more slumber party with janji kosong !


DSAI will be acquitted on Feb 10 as he is now useful to Ah Jib to counter Daim?