Meet the ‘1Malaysia Brothers’ (Video)


A group of 1Malaysia supporters gathered at the Queensbay Mall open-air car park on Thursday evening.

One news report in The Star said among the crowd were representatives from Pekida, ’24 Kongsi’ and the Penang Indian Community Association. The report claimed 1000 people gathered at Queensbay Mall! Study the video and you be the judge.

The above video was uploaded on Youtube by a group calling itself Pakatan Setia Al-Haq.

The same outfit put up another video of a demonstration over the Allah issue at the Seberang Jaya mosque on 5 April. The video claims the event was organised by “NGO Pakatan Setia Malaysia”.

Utusan Malaysia reported that the protest was led by the chairman of the Jaringan Muslimin Pulau Pinang (JMPP), Mohamed Hafiz Mohamed Nordin.

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(Fascist) Stormtroopers in Blue, BN blue


Just ignore them by not giving them coverage in you blog. They just want attention


Great poster boys. Sure win BN votes many many 🙂


1 Samseng Malaysia..

Gerakan K (Team)

Who cares ??? If you want BR1M Rm1200/RM600, then you have to vote BN


We care, take 1200 and vote PR

SL Wong (@wong8898)

This BR1M (Bantuan Rasuah 1Malaysia) (allegedly) already extended to Penang Paikia (Gangster) pocket. But don’t worry, the Chinese Paikia all has brotherhood, they still vote for Rocket even they had received millions of ringgit. We must let the Rocket flies higher this time & also support all Pakatan Rakyat candidates for a healthy & clean Malaysia.



Dumbs like you only want BR1M but never think what the consequences will bring to our country.


I’m not sure what message the group are trying to convey by shouting Satu Malaysia over and over again. Unlike “Bersih” or “Reformasi”. If they want to tell the public to support 1Malaysia, maybe they will be more convincing if they got people from all races to walk with them.

Malaysia need more intelligent politics and activism


UMNO BN 1 Malaysia = 1 Samseng

UMNO BN 1 Malaysia = 1 Mat Rempit


After 56 years, Barisan N is this all you have to offer? A little more intellectual would not have been too difficult,or maybe it was difficult.


Frankly, I find those people distasteful. And they think that their masters/handlers Barisan Nasional can take them to a fully developed nation status by 2020? I think I am going to be sick.


BN is trying to confuse the illiterate voters by using the name “Pakatan”. Their rowdy behavior may deter these voters from choosing Pakatan Rakyat.

Therefore, I urge all youth to keep their parents well informed. PR cannot afford to lose votes through this.


They look more like samseng jalanan. What nonsense 1Malaysia. Those who are blind and need hearing aids join these groups but in the end hen they realize they are being used they cursed themselves but damage already done.