Marginalised Penan surpass CM in search results


The Penan may be one of the most marginalised communities in the country but their plight has received considerable attention, if an internet search is anything to go by.

Like it or not, the Penan are “hot” news: a Google search today throws up 378,000 results.

In contrast, a search on “Taib Mahmud” produces just 120,000 results.

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29 Oct 2012 11.58pm

The Penans, our Malaysian brothers and sisters are suffering, maybe not so bad as the Rohinyas of Myanmar, but the government is not concern.
So, lets change the tenant in Putrajaya, and return the jungles to them, their way of life.
The new government will only develop urban and sub urban areas, but build roads into these jungles, thereby promote eco-tourism, and the Penans will benefit from it, and improve their standard of living.

May God help us, help them.

14 Jul 2010 5.58pm

The Penan rape case is something I have a real hard time understanding. Why would the top leadership of UMNO/BN also (allegedly) help to cover it up? If I were Najib, Muhiyiddin and Hishamuddin, I would personally go out of my way to see to it the culprits are all caught … There should not be anyone so important he/she is not disposable. Its a golden opportunity to look like heros and regain some credibility as reformers. Frankly, it makes UMNO/BN entire top leadership look like they have no clue what is going on in their own party and seriously… Read more »

14 Jul 2010 3.55pm

The motion to discuss Penan’s plight in Parliament has been rejected and the opposition is considering a nationwide campaign to highlight the issue.

BN is trying to cover up?

14 Jul 2010 10.33am

So what? ‘Baiji’ gets 176,000 hits. What are you promoting – competitive eulogising?

“Here lie the last of the Penan,
400,000 hits on Google.
Would have made half a million,
but for the Final Bugle”

14 Jul 2010 9.43am

Pity them. We are concerned with making the longest this and tallest that to the extent that we have forgotten how to protect the safety of the Penan women. I have no idea why we talk about oppression in other parts of the world when our own problems like this, we cannot solve. We love to poke our nose in other countries sufferings and oppressions when our own sufferings, nothing much is done. There is a good Christian saying, “why bother about the speck in your brother’s eye when you have a plank in your own,” How to become develop… Read more »