Zaid Ibrahim speaks on by-elections, Najib and Mahathir


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There is still work to be done on the ground as far as political maturity is concerned. Lack of information and access to opposing political viewpoints characterise many of the kampung folk. Add to this BN’s racist world view which gets extensive airing, you will get a hardened mindset of “us and them” along racial lines. This is less prevalent in urban and suburban areas where exposure and access to alternative information in readily available. The government’s whole information system is like BTN on steroids. It will take time before the general worldview can change, for some it never will.… Read more »


Assalamualaikum Dear YB Dato Zaid, I just got fed-up with some Malays in this country!! 19K++ voted recent in Bukit Gantang are among this Malays… How can such people (malays) still cast thier vote to the Party which shown teribble record on thier recent GE and thir GA. This party filled up with leaders (tainted by corruption allegations) and have been shown by 2 people which won the Youth seat and another 1 still leading a state!??!!!Most worst is that this party is led by a leader which had full of accusations which not any single of it have been… Read more »

Ak Sarawak

Y.B Zaid May God Bless, protect and keep you and your family forever! You are a noble man, a model worth to be emulated if not excelled. Malaysia notes that you are upright, righteous and fair-minded to all regardless of creed, colour, race and political persuasions. You are the voice of the people of Malaysia: dare to speak, dare to challenge, dare to question and stand up to bullies, usurpers, hypocrites, liars, power-hungry corrupt and unscrupulous politicians and their cohorts! We admire your self-less, fearless and difficult crusade against negativism in our beloved country without fear or favour and without… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Hi Anil,

Heard the latest joke that Dr M is the “Minister Tormentor”?

“Old political strongmen (like TDM and LKY) don’t fade away, they just hang around and endlessly torment (err … I mean mentor) their successors”

lis lq

Datuk Zaid,if there is an Election now,and you are one of PR’s candidates,you will surely WIN with large majority.
May God Bless you and all leaders of PR,so that PR will continue to grow stronger by the day with all able leaders like you,Nizar DSAI,Tok Guru,LGE,LKS,Karpal,TSKI and the lists goes on.
Continue to be good watchdogs of BN….
Thank you all.


Hi Datuk,

Wow!! thats what each Malaysian should think and move forward to build our nation Malaysia to success, not to b blinded by this stupe BN govt. They still don’t know we the young generation malaysian(malay,chinese,indian and others)are now together building a great MALAYSIA


Congratulations NIZAR and MANIKUMAR.


i salutu you. you are the type of leader malaysia needs desperately

Cheah Swee Kuan

Zaid belongs to a group of the silent Malays that does not have the “under-siege” mentality. They are confident, broad-minded and they are the “bigger” Malays because not only they keep their culture landguage and religion intact, they are able to take the good the world can offer and reject the bad. The ability has made them better informed, better articualted and better connected to teir fellow Malaysians of other races. The trouble with Malaysia is that we have so few of them and the ruling goverment wants to keep it that way. Never mind if the nation goes down… Read more »

Jayabalan al Bala

we congratulate u 4 1 malaysia so rakyat rule and ketuanan rakyat not ketuanan racial party as what malaysia is pratisiing now, the old days are over. As democratic country does not practices racial party any more! Syabas YB Zaid your dream will come true SIR!


zaid, you are the respestable politians that malaysians need.


Mr. Zaid Ibrahim,

with people like you around, i dare say that there is hope for Malaysia even if the dark clouds are slowly gathering once again. Its going to take more like you and a lot more time but change will come.


YB Zaid,

We really respect you sir. Malaysia needs more people like you and not like Pak Turuts we have out there.Even they know it s wrong they will say it s right.w e saw a lot of them at the UMNO assembly.Can we Malaysians agree to the One Malaysia concept and at the same time push for ketuanan ??? DOES it make sense.. Dont the component parties understand this .We the rakyat only agree to Ketuuanan Rakyat…


Assalamualaikum En. Zaid,
tahniah for the book, may it paved the path for more Kekitaan among malaysia

regards, mama


Where is Bala?


Heard the latest news?? Mukhri has been appointed a deputy minister and I told you so I will be back and will be at the driver’s wheel… See Najib good boy and he will listen to me and will be obedient not like Pak Lah. Now I can teach Mukhri some tricks and he can move faster than Khairy up the ladder!! See what happen to Khairy,the young …!!! Now you still don’t know who is the puppet master eh!!!! so slow lah you all!!! “No deal with Najib” don’t believe all I say,only the fools will believe me all… Read more »


Tahniah Zaid. Well said N totally agree with ur views n comments.
I hope ur “My Future” project will be successful. Hope to get an email about as i want to be a member.
We all wants changes,we all are no more dumb to be constantly fooled.
Yes “KeKITAAN ” must be instilled in all Malaysians,we want our country n we love it to be ruled by the RAKYATS choice.

umar rentaka

Ha Ha Ha….
Nice punchline ending


Dear Datuk Zaid,

Great respect that you speak your mind. We need great leader like you for our beloved country/Malaysia.


it’s a win for the people of Perak and Malaysia in the Bukit Gantang by election say no to UMNO and BN.
We don’t want sweet promise we want equal right in Malaysia All Race to be treated Equal.We want to have a better tomorrow and next generation.Say no Party based on race.