Will Umno contest in Manek Urai by-election in Kelantan?


Just when Umno is dreading more by-elections, another one is in the pipeline with the passing of Manek Urai state assembly member Ismail Yaacob at dawn today after a long illness.

In the 2008 general election, Pas retained control of Kelantan, winning 38 of the 45 state assembly seats. Ismail won his seat with a 5,746-4,394 margin.

What do you think? Will Umno want to put up a candidate? I have a feeling it will have to contest, whether it likes it or not, as staying out in two by-elections in a row will raise all kinds of questions.

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Pray 4 bn aduns to vacate for bye-elections soon !


Federal court : ” Nizar, welcome ! ” ( What for !? )


Muhyiddin struck 4 ekor, now he has money to take part in elections:

Barisan Nasional akan bertanding dalam pilihanraya kecil DUN Manek Urai, kata timbalan perdana menteri, dan mengingatkan PAS agar tidak terlalu yakin akan dapat mempertahankan kerusi tersebut.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin juga berkata, BN tidak akan memberi laluan mudah kepada PAS di kerusi tersebut.



umNO will surely take part on adun’s natural death !

wawasan 2020

Umno and not BN will be there to contest win or lose is secondary cos maruah Umno is more important you wait and see.

Justin Choo

The unseen hand is slapping the cheeks of BN (UMNO); surrender to popular votes. You are not wanted anymore. Don’t believe? Go ask the voters!!


BN will contest this time round.In the MSM just moment ago. DPM said they will not let PAS win easily. There you see… did they really care the amount of raayat’s money spent? BN especially the PM words of wasting money so on so forth is just a tongue twisting statement.
Today talk 2 tomorrow talk 3. BN goons are to easy to spot.


I hope BN will go for it, otherwise it does’nt look GOOD as they have already ‘given a walk-over’ in Penanti. It would then appear that BN has lost confidence in themselves.It is morale-sagging and in a war, such negative feelings among its troops would spell doom.


My friend a PR supporter told me after NIzar lost by 3-0 that the kingdom collapse. I told him not so. I told him BN is supported by tripod but PR is supported by the rakyat. BN will collapse anytime. As you know….tripod is not stable.


Condolence to the family.

Could this be another divine intervention? Is the BN going to run with their tail between their legs on this one again? How about the next one and the next etc?


Bro Anil Takziah to famaly members of Pak Su Mail and PAS kelantan. I think they will contest. They got no reason not to participate.U think Najib will say its another PAKATAN trick or waste of tax money?This by election which about to come is due to Nature calls off ADUN manek Urai.BUt if UMNO/BN not contesting and Chicken Out. they might feel an indipendent candidate and see the result of that by election … Mani.U Right Joke of the day what Hishamuddin Rais wrote…. also anak Malaysia The result we alteady know. ZAM… will win for sure. Penanti pun… Read more »


Sympathies to the family of the late Ismail Yaacob, who must have been a popupar state assembleyman judging from his length of time in office. RIP Ismail Yaacob. Will UMNO contest?….they have been crowing that for a by-election to surface and be contested, it has to come about due to a death.Well now, UMNO here’s a genuine reason. Taking Najib’s timely announcemnt about the possibility of withdrawing the NEP, into account,aren’t they waving a carrot to the Raayat..so very clever. One has to be smart and sure in Singapore lah!Otherwise they over there will be laughing at us. Well done,… Read more »


Condolences to the family.

You know Najib has been lashing at PR saying they are making self-induced by-elections which wasn’t the case but he was using that as a smokescreen. Many times he said elections should arise from “death” etc as he desperately run from Penanti. So the irony is that he got what he wanted: DEATH. A seat vacated through DEATH and he got it. So he should now face it.


Najib said BN fears no one and is always willing to face the music.
Are you willing to face ‘fate’?
Fear is a negative energy. Like poles attract.
Start s….ing. a lot more time to come.

At Ryz

I’d like to see what is the excuse this time.

My condolences to the family of the deceased.


Najib is too concerned with the bad economic times, possibly he will suggest to all the ‘sleeping …’ in the coalition to give another walk over to PK…waste of money!
Or, is he running out of excuses and face humiliation again. God
is great!


i think they will have to.
cos all the reasons that they gave for not participating in penanti eg: “forced” by-election, “playing the Opposition’s political games”, “nother attempt by Pakatan Rakyat to divert attention”
are not valid now


Why is God so unfair? It should have been a BN seat which comes under contest for a change. Then we’ll see the real election battle.


Hmm.. Will UMNO say that this is another forced by-election?


Hidup BN. I will support BN all the way cos they have 50 years experience in corruption, raping the constitution etc.

Without BN, Life will be so boring and Anil will have to write about the best rojak in town.


Vijay Kumar Murugavell

This is the fourth death of an assemblyman, since Kuala Terengganu, Bkt Gantang and Batang Ai, which is why I suggested tongue in cheek for a heathcare plan for all 222 assemblymen, the two by elections that are not due to natural causes , Namely Permatang Pauh and Bkt Selambau, arguably point to possible shenanigans by BN.
More http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=6778953884&topic=8864

Lady Precioustream

To contest or not to contest is the question.


I think they will this time. They wont dance to PKR tune but will dance to God’s will.


Umno will not contest because this is obviously another one of PR’s political tricks! A total waste of the rakyat’s money! 🙂

also anak malaysia

Wait for 3.30 pm.