Will the RoS decision to disband Bersatu return to haunt BN?


This was the moment Mahathir announced that Pakatan Harapan would use the PKR logo as its common symbol for the coming general election (see video above). The jubilant response of the large crowd at Pasir Gudang last night said everything.

So, remarkably, Mahathir and PKR have come full circle. The biggest irony is that PKR’s ‘eye’ logo itself was born out of the black eye inflicted on Anwar Ibrahim by the then inspector general of police under the Mahathir administration. Who would have imagined back then that both Mahathir and Anwar would one day be re-united under that logo?

That both sides were willing to put the past behind them lies as much to the desire among many Malaysians for a united front to take on the BN at the federal level.

Full article on the Aliran website

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BN’s 3 tactics to win GE14 (English subtitled)


Mari kami memperkenalkan band Harapan – ‘Vitamin M’ dengan lagu pertama mereka “This is the time!”

Mari Bangkit Demi Malaysia

Crispy Rendang

Nomination Day on Apr 28th.
Election Day on May 9th.

All these dates and signs are bad omens for the ruling regime. April 28th is 4+2+8=14, May 9th is 5+9=14. This GE is 14th GE, Malaysian national flag has 14 stripes.

All these seem so coincident pointing everything to 14. And 14 in Chinese word is “SURE DIE”. Not auspicious for Regime BN!


Crown prince: We’re all different, but respect must remain

In a time like this (of massive corruption, racism, stealing, misuse of justice, curtailing of free speech, religious bigotry, etc) what kind of respect do you have for these malevolent entities???


But how come tigers cannot respect sheep?
Very ambiguous.


Pesanan Tun Mahathir Untuk Rakyat JOHOR


Motors and now can buy leased hold homes but free hold homes only PRC buyers can afford.

Sad reality under BN. Engine of the boat is Rosak. Time to change the captain too for new hope.


Dr sim said rocket sudah hilang but where is supp and sarawak after forming malaysia in 1960. Sudah hilang too. Forest and oil Botak and all goes to malaya and dummo. Before 1960 under raj brooke and pommies but how come suddenly to be part of. Malaya independence social contract in 1957? Non bumis in sarawak orso part of 1957 social contract?

Mah HS

EC could sabotage Bersatu like ROS?

Mahathir says there are fears that the EC may prohibit PPBM leaders from using the PKR logo, just before nomination day!



Ku Nan cautioned civil servants against the influence of DAP, a party which he claimed consists of mostly Christian evangelists.


This would offend many Christian voters.


Troops loyal to king and country not parties, clarifies Armed Forces chief

Hope that translates well in the postal votes with warrior conscience & dignity.
Rakyat pay taxes, soldiers single-mindedly serve the country (only).


MIC gets AS1M for Indians to invest for guaranteed min 6% annual return.

But MCA offers the chinese ASN.
I get higher interest in FD than ASN.


ASN only but stiill has to beg to get to local Uni and eat chicken bones and called pendatang. Non bumi SME gets 25M but others get few billions. UEC so what? Even good STPM results no assurance. Get in but they give unprofessional courses to do zoology.


UEC still require ‘dipertimbangkan’ after credit for SPM BM and a pass in Sejarah Umno…. MCA still do not get it.


MCA still in perpetual self denial.
May require brain awakening after many generations (from today) to fully realise what the Chinese actually want. By then, MCA is obsolete…!!!
FYI, MCA is obsolete … in Penang!!!


Selective treatment after Merdeka?
The British must be laughing at Malayan people for the first time after shamefully exiting from India!
Colonialist British of divide and conquer strategy must have worked till this day!
Who are the fools then after winning a hard fought freedom?


TMJ chides ‘forked tongue’ leader

Sorry, CHANGE is what we need now! Or never. Forget personal grudges.


1) Change the old ship; it is already near 60 years old. Need new engine and engine parts; decommission it.
2) Change the skipper; confidence in the skipper is no long there; need new direction and strategies.
3) Change the crew; new crew with new skills and updated directions needed to meet the new challenges of Industry 4.0.


Abdullah badawi’s slogan to work with him and betterment for hindraf after one became an assistant minister. All Sweet talk. Why this appointed miinster conned and thereafter resigned? Election comes, heavens are promised but who is going to foot the bill?


Arab donors or PRC donors can foot the bills?


Bn will double br1. That Amount is still less as compare to other resource less countries. Dont get entice. They are far less. Hk gomen is giving Rm 2000 to ALL low income earners. All senior citizens are getting their MONTHLY allowance of RM 1000 to buy fruits irrespective rich od poor. Hk richest man LI Ka Shing is orso entitled to HKD 2000 per month. We are just eating chicken bones and bishops. Dummos are drinking the real thing and finger licking KFC

Mah HS

Expecting handouts from government has been bred into our society. But it is another thing to take from a government that is corrupt and stealing money from rakyat…and voting for them. That’s bribery and corruption. Can’t they tell the difference? Do your religious teachings say it is wrong?

Instant handouts in BN manifesto raise the fear of higher GST rate, possibly 10% should BN is given the mandate in GE14?

Mah HS

EC likely (ikut perintah) to prevent Mahathir’s Bersatu candidates to use PKR logo for fear of the image of Mahathir-Anwar under PKR will generate Malay Tsunami?


Absolut Vodka Correct!
A Fear Art of War to begin with!


PBBM feared being wiped out, as others hve pointed out. It was just a “sandiwara” to get the “top dog” to the top. It failed to provide proper documents. Its own members pointed out fraud. RoS did not disband it; she was unable to approve it despite extensions.


Karma Laws are fair, swift & certain without flip-flopping. Which also have a purpose beyond payback time for MadHatterism. Have you ever wonder this opportune time of using a single logo may lead the nation towards an all-inclusive (of every Rakyat) political mission for CHANGE? Bury racial bias & boogieman-suspicion now when it comes to fighting a common enemy that will lead us to ultimate bankruptcy. I believe MadHatter has a heart for the nation’s future, otherwise would he unite Opposition under Anwar’s eye logo? A paradigm shift in problematic race-based politics to a new united stand is emerging in… Read more »

Zuwairi Md Yusof

yess.payback time

Ramond Jude

Yes, A three cornered fight for the opposition under one banner is good for the opposition.


Only three stooges like you


DAP will win again in Penang and continue to destroy green again and again. Ready for huge flood. Penang Tenggelam!!


Then bn promised pg will never get flood abd bn will promised no extreme rainfall or extreme hurricane?


Manifesto BN, Banjir Graduan, Kemarau Pekerjaan


Bn and pas orso destroy the green and places like seremban, kuala lumpur, johor, pekan and kelantan orso get flood. Tenggelam sama


Better for azmanHaz to live in Kelantan.

Jeffrrey Chew

Hope karma bites them back


Yup. Turn setback to setup.


【Pakatan Harapan】Kuasa di Tangan Anda, Jom Balik Undi.