Will it be lucky 7 for Anwar?


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More and more people are now believing this is a distinct possibility. And that itself could snowball into an unstoppable momentum for change.

We could be in for a few surprises, don’t you think?

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RM minimum wage not possible? Of course it is possible within one term by a PR government. A good government that can manage well the country’s wealth can make it happen much faster than one which is corrupt and mismanage. We were far ahead of South Korea just a couple of decades ago and now, look at how prosperous the Korea is with capital income several hundred percentage higher than Malaysia. It’s just like comparing Proton with Hyundai or KIA.


Speaking of Korea, will the traditional values of malays be eroded by K-pop phenomenon? I think the malay youth has taken Look East in a different meaning. That is why Proton is still languishing with poor products and reputation.

Sam Yap

Bro, I live in Petaling Jaya and the 5 news stands I usually patronize told me they have not received the latest Aliran. Some hiccup somewhere?

Sam Yap

Thanks. Will subscribe online then.

Gerakan K

@Kok Keong: A big win expected for BN. According to my sources, BN will win back Selangor.

p/s: Anil, why delete my comment ??? WHere is the offending part, do let me know and maybe I can improve it. Err, got new rule for this blog ??? Only mindless pro-Pakatan comment allowed ???

Andrew I

Stop moaning. Where’s my ang pow?


Mahu Cari Angpow?
Go to BN CNY celebration at Han Chiang!
Ng Yen Yen will Opa MCA style.

Kok Keong

I may be in the minority and overly cautious here, but I think it is hasty to call GE 13 for the opposition to take over Putrajaya. The BN machinery–their ground game in the hinterland, the money they have to buy votes, their control of MSM to hoodwink those not in the know or don’t care about politics, their scaremongering tactic, etc–will see them retain Putrajaya but by a wafer thin margin. This will set the stage for even more politics and politicking to come, and racial and religious issues may rear an even uglier head. I just hope by… Read more »


Actually if we want to get more such BRIM of RM500 we should all the more vote PR and not BN UMNO Cheap.

You see it is because of PR DAP and PKR in Penang and Selangor that dish out 100 and free water only then did BN did out the goodies.

For 54 years when they win with big majorities they did not give you a cent. After 308, when PR gives out goodies only then that BN also copy cat

So without PR you would not get what you are getting today. So vote and kicj out BN

Phua Kai Lit

The end is near for the UMNO Baru-BN kleptocracy.

The things they do make little sense these days e.g.
preventing Dr Pornthip from doing the second autopsy.

What is so threatening about allowing the second autopsy?
And punishing the police officers appropriately if it was indeed
a mob-style lynching instigated by rogue police?

Instead the first impulse of the police and the Health Minister is to
COVER UP! This is sheer political madness.

tan tanjong bungah

Hi Anil,

It is true that it is openly declared that the Health Ministry has no objection to Pornthip doing the 2nd autopsy, but latest news is that the hospital authorities is not allowing Pornthip to carry out the 2nd autopsy! Maybe a case of “good cops and bad cops” strategy, that the Ministry/Government allows her to do the autopsy but it is the hospital that denies her that!!

tan tanjong bungah

Hi Anil,

Precisely the point I was trying to make/imply! That such a con job to hoodwink the public into thinking the Govt through the Health Ministry has no objections to Pornthip would not work! It only shows up the arrogance of Liar Leow and BN government not the people are ignorant that the hospital is under the former through his ministry – in fact such arrogance would only infuriate the people for insulting their intelligence!

Take the opportunity to wish all Chinese visitors of Anil’s blog a very Happy & Prosperous CNY – Kong Xi Fa Chye!

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

A correction: It only shows up the arrogance of Liar Leow and BN government to so foolishly assume that the people are ignorant that the hospital is under the former through his ministry – in fact such arrogance would only infuriate the people for insulting their intelligence!

My apologies!

Andrew I

The boss is the one who says no.


incidently, the centre for dishing out the brim2 was at dewan razali in ampang jaya somewhere after ampang point.


Anil, What is gerakan talking about grassroots and treetops ? That kind of talk is only to create an illusion that bn has the support of most people, in reality the opposite is true. I wanted to see for myself what will the action and reaction at the centres dishiong out the brim2. I could see that most people there did not read the flyers given to them by bn reps neither did they pay attention to what the reps were saying but their focus were to get the cash and split the place.I asked an elderly gentleman if he… Read more »

Gerakan K

@malar: I’m talking about the fields’ summary compiled by various sources (political ones). That is the macro trend and not a particular street, housing area or constituent. Do you know anyone earn less than RM900 a month ??? Just find few of them and you will know why. p/s: It’s useless if you only talking to own hardcore supporters. Reach out the neutral, or people with little political interest but a regular voter. Similarly, it is useless to ask anil about BN because he has personal issue with past BN, so no matter how good current BN is, anil will… Read more »


Yes there are many who earn less than RM900 especially the guards who only earned about RM500 per month. And you know what, they want to kick out the Cheap and their sycophants because the cheap give them 900 but with food prices increasing, the 900 again become 500.


Before 308, BN UMNO & their sycophants from MCA, MIC and Gilakan said cannot give out RM100 or RM1000/=. Why because they masuk
After 308, the Pakatan Rakyat did it.
And BN UMNO and their sycophants copy cat.
Anwar say 1500 and Ah Cheap say its only 900. Another copy cat but much less.
Sure 1,500 and free education is possible. Where have the billions from the Petronas gone through. It can be used for 3 generations if there is no corruption or masuk (in the government).

Gerakan K

Anil, of course in theory there is possibility. But responses obtained from the grassroots, BN will win big this time. You know why ??? Not because Kg Buah Pala, BR1M or PR1MA, but it is minimum wages policy that helping BN. Go and ask people with low wages. They will vote BN to ensure they get the minimum wages. Good policy wins support, and empty promises like BUKU JINGGA only for “syiok sendiri”.


Talking about minimum wages, PR definitely will win outright.
Pakatan minimum wages is RM1,500/= compared to Ah Cheap RM900.
And not forgetting free education. Yes good policies will win and not entertainment of gangnam style that cost millions which should be put to good use

Gerakan K

@Yang: RM1500 minimum wages is too good to be true. People know it. It’s Anwar style of talking, just like September 16 frogging project, free degree, free toll. By the way, even some graduates can’t earn RM1500 a month. Low income groups are not stupid, they know what is possible and what is laughable. RM900 certainly possible and RM1500 is just mission impossible !!!

Let’s celebrate. More than 1 billion viewing of gangnam style just can’t be any wrong. Enjoy !!!

Andrew I

Even some graduates can’t earn 1500.

Maybe they should try trolling like you. It tells us how much that degree is worth anyway.

We know what Anwar has to face and despite all the crap that has been thrown at him, he is still standing tall.

We’d like to give him a chance, if that’s alright with you.


GK, No its not too good to be true. Its true. Just like the Penang & Selangor govt that give out benefits of free water, RM100/=,. RM1,000/= for senior citizen, single mother, school children, and death of loved one, the PR govt will do even more. And the money are all that were made because of the LGE state govt prudent saving that generate a surplus for the past 4 years compared to a deficits of the corrupt BN UMNO boh hood govt for the past 18 years. And the corrupt BN govt copy cat with BRIM using our money… Read more »


When you look at the performance of almost every UMNO minister, deputy minister and Chief Ministers, while administratively it may be debatable, none of them actually match up to Anwar in terms of political skills. But more importantly as a leader of talent, Anwar certaintly is heads above ANYONE that UMNO has to offer. Hence if Malay population accept meritocracy within their own community, if they can put political debate aside, Anwar rightfully earned the PMship already.. The truth is its not political ideas, issue or even the unfair system that prevents Anwar from the PMship. Its simply just one… Read more »


Yeh Let us make it happen Lets make the change.

Vote ( x ) PR ( ) BN