What happens if Anwar is arrested before by-election?


From the poll on this blog, about 85 per cent of you believe Anwar will win in Permatang Pauh by a much bigger majority compared with Wan Azizah’s winning margin of 13,388 in the March general election.

The PKR, for its part, has set a target of 20,000, which is certainly possible, barring any dirty tactics. After all, Anwar won here with a 23,000-plus majority in 1995, when he was standing under a BN ticket, over opponets from Pas and DAP.

But this time, he will face the entire weight of the BN election machinery – the 3 Ms plus perhaps more potshots from the double M (Mahathir Mohamad).

What happens if Anwar is arrested before the by-election? Will his majority be even larger?

The even bigger questions lie beyond that. Will a PKR win be enough to lure defections ahead of 16 Sept? And at what price to principles and ideals? Perhaps the hope for a new Malaysia founded on justice and freedom would make it all worth while. What do you think?

Here’s something I wrote yesterday for Asia Times.

Sex and politics in Malaysia

By Anil Netto

PENANG – Opposition icon Anwar Ibrahim upped the ante of his campaign to topple the United Malays Nasional Organization (UMNO)-led government through plans to run in a by-election expected to be held later this month and formally re-enter politics. But with new criminal sodomy charges hanging over his head, it is unclear that Anwar, previously jailed on similar charges, will remain a free man long enough to contest in person the bellwether poll. Click here for full article.

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Whenever someone get arrested for whatever reason, his/her reputation was already ruined.

william wong

If ANWAR being arrested it shows that ANWAR was innocent then all the ppl that must 100% vote for him, that is no way to change the country if ANWAR loss but i believe he would win, cant you see mahatir also dislike Adullah ? the only way he can let Adullah step down is support ANWAR although he dislike but no choice, so here once again i wish that all ppl that come out n vote for our future MP ANWAR

Jubur Hang Seedaap!!

I totally agree with this chap – Nobel Leaureate Wole Soyinka’s statement that “for every noble cause, few heads must roll”. Emm..only this time, Abdullah Badawi, Naib, M2M, KJ, Syed Hamid, Musa Hassan, Gani Patail, Rozwan, Saiful Bukhari, Budak Tingkat 4, any many others ….


If takes the elimination of Anwar Ibrahim to save Malaysia and move forward, I think he should be rady for martydom and we the young Malaysians will remember his blood. Nobel Leaureate Wole Soyinka says “for every noble cause, few heads must roll.” In this case, we are fighting for a new Malaysia, a noble cause, if takes Anwar being put behind bars…, I think as a nation we will accept but that will lead us to break the gates of evil and bring them down. Dignity has its price and the will of man is stronger than repression. Never… Read more »

Anak Pulau Pinang

No further need to guess. DSAI will be charged for sodomy tomorrow, 7th August. Bloody disgusting, the way the BN … are doing their very best to put DSAI into cold storage. The reason is so bloody obvious. the BN fears that they would lose Power- (when BN crossovers start, UMNO will become a dead duk, their …. leaders will noit only lose the control they have in the country but more importantly their control/hold on the Piggy Bank that is called Petronas, EPF, Income Tax etc.- Terrible thought you know- how to go through life without the many large… Read more »


Finally the true color of Badawi is coming to be visible. Mahathir was more straightforward in some ways (not all the time) but this guy Badawi is the ultimate xxxxx incarnate ! Look at all the lies he tells. We as children were told never to lie by my parents and to my conscience I have tried to be as staight as possible. I feel utter shock and lifeless to hear about anwar’s arrest. The … lier does not deserve to sit on that chair. All the curses of all the rakyat will descend upon the umno guys and in… Read more »


with the unexpected leakage of the puswari medical report, there is only one way to nail anwar: get his semen or blood and plant it.

and (perhaps) the DNA bill will be rushed…

didnt know hadhari (could allow) such dastardly act. and the country continues her descent into the abyss led by hadhari and supported by casts from MCA, MIC, PPP and Gerakan. Oh, havent forgotten the corrupts from East Malaysia.

J Choo

The more BN stirs, the more stinking s*** it churns. You know what the reaction will be if you smell stinking s*** all over. And if the Old Man doesn’t keep his big mouth shut, it will be free “public relations/publicity” for Anwar. I wonder which way the Old Man is going for this contest. Either way, it’s no way for him.

BN (UMNO) will lose its deposit! MCA will retreat with tails behind its legs! Gerakan will perform the Chinese “multi-masks” act. Wait a minute, and where is MIC??

Phua Kai Lit

Hi Peter 7:20 pm

I am also waiting for a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the May 13th Incident” to be set up.

This is the least the country can do for all the innocent victims
(Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc) – especially the schoolchildren – who died or were hurt during those awful days.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil and others

Sorry for going off-topic.

But take a look at this posting (and distribute it widely!):


P.S. Don’t forget that it is our hard-earned taxpayer money!


in the best interest of the current national economy and the several law suits flying around the country, it might be worthwhile to concede a walk over to DSAI UNLESS it is pride and perhaps the fear that DSAI will be the next PM?? The gomen must get on with the ‘ruling’ the nation out of the economic doldrums. What is the point of governing when a RM70 million (belonging to the rakyat) repair job cannot be well executed with so so many foreign consultants. The MRR2 Redo just proves that plastering over cannot hide the corrupted surface underneath. In… Read more »

Kenny Gan

I don’t think Anwar will be arrested until after the by-election, otherwise his majority will be more than 20,000 and the govt. will be condemned left and right.

Even if he is arrested, he is entitled to bail. Not giving him bail will be seen as a political move.

With the free flow of information via the Internet, BN can’t win this sodomy issue unless it wants to destroy its credibility totally and MPs may hop.


If Anwar is arrested , I believe he would win with a bigger majority. let us hope that those BN fellas would cross over and Anwar would form the government. Then PR has the power to advise the Yang DiPertuan agung to pardon him for a crime which he did not commit!!!
Then that would be the time to cleanse BNof their past sins!!!
Ha!Ha! I am waiting for that day to come when the corrupts, thieves and what have you have to pay for their crimes!!!


BN …. are expediting the accusation, they are rushing to pass the DNA bill. Anything is possible in Boleh-land. I think Malaysia is going to face a tough economy situation from all this silly political joke. International media has already filled with murder of Atlantuya, the C4 guy, high level of corruption, … sodomy allegations, incompetence of Sleeping Beauty and……




If DSAI arrested before electiona and then won the election. It will create record. Malaysia has always set records e.g.:-

1) Politician to jailbird (DAP man)
2) Jail bird to Chief Minister (again the same DAP fella);
3) ISA detainee to still detained under ISA ADUN (Hindraf man);
4) DPM to jail bird;
5) Jail bird being the most influencial man in M’sia (not even qualified for last GE);
6) Lock up man turned MP ??????


Any potshots from Double M will be returned with interest.


High possiblity,DSAI could be arrested. Of course everyone knew that’s a only way for BN to trap DSAI from contesting.But it’s too bad still DSAI taking up a challenge that he will contest event he is in the prison. Anyway the victory is towards DSAI for sure he will win. Let’s show the world why we hate the current government {UMNO/BN)and their dirty tactics towards DSAI.

Independance Kid

Digression – N.. says “indepth” study to be carried out on MRR2.
How timely and appropriate…with all the hoo hah with Sodomy Specialists….in deeeeeeeeeeep s***. Indepth study on sodomy must be carried out to by none other than the deeeeeeep Peeeeeee Mmmmmmmm


with all races supporting DSAI
it will be foolish to arrest him.
hopefully the govt will not resort to this.


I think that in any case he will still be arrest for his sodomy case. Thats no doubt about that. By common sense, we knew that he will simply win the election contest even with just a closed eye.

But during his retentions, perhaps if the trials have enough evidences to press charge on him, his amount of polls will be down.


pls go visit http://www.harismibrahim.wordpress.com and sign the petition.

my apologies for the digression.