Why the long period from dissolution to nomination day?


It is 17 days from dissolution of Parliament to Nomination Day compared to 15 days for the official campaign period. What gives?

Aliran has just come out with a statement raising questions over the lopsided periods.

Finally, the Elections Commission (SPR) has decided that polling for the 13th general election will take place on 5 May 2013 and that nomination day will be on 20 April.

Given our recent history regarding general elections, allowing 15 days for campaigning is most welcome. The last time we had a similar campaign period of 15 days was in 1982. In 1986, it was 10 days, 1990 – 10, 1995 – 10, 1999 – 9, 2004 – 8, 2008 (under Abdullah Badawi) – 13. So, 14 days is an improvement from recent years. In the first three general elections after Merdeka, the campaign period was 35 days, which would be the norm in more mature parliamentary democracies.

We note with concern that there is an uncommonly lengthy period from the dissolution of Parliament on 3 April to Nomination Day on 20 April, i.e. 17 days. This is the longest period since 1964. From 1974, the average gap was 7-10 days, except for 1986 (5 days) and 2008 (11 days). It must be a coincidence that the Barisan Nasional secretary general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor announced on 3 April, on the day Parliament was dissolved, that the Umno-BN was hoping to announce the names of their candidates over a period of seven to 10 days before nomination.

We wonder why the gap between dissolution of Parliament and Nomination Day (17 days) is longer than the official campaign period (15 days). Full statement on Aliran website.

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11 Apr 2013 3.44pm

The PhD minister indirectly explained the delay – the same guy who whote his PhD thesis against Malaysian laws merely “as an intellectual exercise.” He said the government can continue acting as usual – keep spending and signing contracts, and misusing government media – until campaigning starts. Even the “defence” deals at Lima were part of the plan. The RM 100s of bllions spent on unbudgetted handouts is truly scary. It is even worse for private sector workers as salary increases across the board for civil servants drives up prices. To add insult to injury, we have to tolerate “1Malaysia”… Read more »

10 Apr 2013 10.52pm

You said it! This question came from Aliran.

The answer is … it takes that long for Najib’s pet cat to …!

Seriously, anything that comes from Aliran, you should just save your breath. It’s got Chandra Muzaffar’s shadow all over it … Aliran, I mean.

10 Apr 2013 8.29pm

I remembered during Mahathir time, they dissolve the parliament and next day or two the announce the nomination and polling day all done in less than two weeks..This time more than a month between dissolution and polling day..

I am not sure its because they need to still abuse the govt machinery.. The longer the period, the more time Anwar and PR can get bigger and bigger crowd.. UMNO/BN losing already the campaign..In addition, the longer the internal infighting is let to fester, the worst it will be for UMNO/BN…

Ong Eu Soon
10 Apr 2013 8.24pm

Give you longer period to prepare and campaign, you also complaint?

10 Apr 2013 7.55pm

Time does matter just like the Ah Cheap who take so long to make a decision.
In fact Pakatan and everybody wanted the election to be held as soon as possible but the cheap delay and delay. No matter how much delays or goodies he is going to make, he knows that he will suffer a very very big loss this time. Yes some unused trick from RPK the famous turncoat hahaha

Gerakan K (Team)
Gerakan K (Team)
10 Apr 2013 6.16pm


Ya betul. Anil and aliran are something wrong. By the way, GE13 campaigning already started since 1 or 2 years ago. It doesn’t matter how long the official one.

But judging from pakatan and its supporters wording, they are likely starting to find REASONS for massive losses !!!

Someone told me that there are some unused tricks in RPK bag. Should be very interesting for pakatan supporters. Surprise surprise surprise !!!

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
10 Apr 2013 4.30pm

Let’s see …. a lot of infighting within UMNO Baru-BN
for the right to contest for parliamentary and ADUN seats.

So the need for the long time period.

A headache for the 1PM !

12 Apr 2013 9.48am
Reply to  Phua Kai Lit

Najib delayed his decision on calun MB in Kedah and Selangor confirms fact of Umno infighting. Meanwhile MCA already raised white flag by surrendering its seats to Umno and MIC, a clear example of sell out by CSL.

10 Apr 2013 3.40pm

Anil, you guys are asking the obvious. Najib is indecisive on winnable candidates and UMNO warlords are still fighting over seats for this election.

10 Apr 2013 3.29pm

Actually Ah Cheap did not want to call for dissolution but his Malay first and Malaysian second Deputy wanted it judging from the face on that day.


Everywhere, you can hear the people voices calling for CHANGE CHANGE, CHANGE OR UBAH UBAH UBAH,

Yes, it is thumb down for BN UMNO MCA, MIC, Gerakan will TOH. (FALL)


10 Apr 2013 3.29pm

You fellas are damn hard to pleased. If short period, you all wonder & complain. Now that’s long, you all also wonder & complain. Fulamak! are you all bitches knowing how to complain, complain & complain only ka??? WTF???

Wondering is no use. Get down to work for goodness sake!!!