Why can’t ordinary Malaysians abroad vote?


Thais in Singapore can vote in their 3 July general election without having to return home. All they have to do is turn up at the Thai embassy in Singapore.

Similarly, Australians living abroad can vote at their nearest embassy – without having to pre-register at the embassy. (Their initial registration in Australia suffices.)

When will ordinary Malaysians residing abroad (apart from diplomatic staff and security personnel – and students?) be allowed to vote? Instead our “postal ballots” are mainly used for security personnel residing within Malaysia and Election Commission officials on duty.

This report from Channel News Asia

Thais in Singapore cast their votes
20 June 2011 1553 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE: The Thailand embassy in Singapore said over the next four days some 10,500 voters are expected to vote for their Member of Parliament, as well as a representative from the party list at the Royal Thai Embassy.

That’s not even one per cent of the entire voting population of 47.3 million.

But Singapore has the highest number of overseas voters, followed by Taipei and Los Angeles.

And, Thais Channel NewsAsia spoke to said it’s important that they exercise their right to vote.

A lady said: “I think what we’re looking forward to is peace. We want everyone to be peaceful. I want peace back in Bangkok. And I want to see economy grow because we’ve been facing a lot of trouble for the past few years due to the protests and everything.

So if we can make this vote as effective as possible then I think everybody should accept the majority of the people’s decision.”

Thailand will hold its general election on July 3 but overseas voting has already begun and must be completed by June 25. – CNA/ck

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Ordinary Malaysians who are abroad are not influent by the Main Stream Media control by BN, it make them less likely to vote for the corrupt ruling elites. But public servants are different, they are already being indoctrinated thoroughly before they are sent abroad to conduct government affair. Now you understand why it is not politically advantage for present ruling party to allow such a practice to take place on all Malaysians.


Overseas Malaysians should be allowed to vote in the Malaysian embassies abroad, and be counted a postal votes. This is democracy.


I remember during the last Indonesian election, even my maid received a letter from the Indonesian Embassy in KL inviting her to cast her vote at the embassy.

Just showed that the EC of Malaysia is not as efficiency and effective even when compared to Thailand and Indonesia.

Or more likely the EC is not an independent body as it is supposed
to be !!


What is EC?
Election Controversy? Hmmmmm…my mind is made up.

Phua Kai Lit

Never mind. Overseas Malaysians can still support
the movement for a better Malaysia.

Donate money! Your money will translate into many more Ringgit Malaysia.

US$1 = RM3

S$1 = RM2.5


Brother, the problem is, once they leave Malaysia, they dont care anymore la !!!

Anil, are you sure this is a good suggestion? Are you not afraid that those postal votes from overseas will not be tempered with and all becomes pro BN?

Look at the RCI on Beng Hock’s death, our learned Judge is saying it is up to the Agong to decide whether it should be made public. …


Ai ya Anil, of course, every Malaysian abroad has the right to vote for his/her choice but the problem is how about if i vote for A and my postal vote comes out to be B, that is why we have Bersih kerana 1Malaysia is more tak bersih dari Malaysia Boleh la !!!

By the way, Gelak K, did you see some shadows lately, dont play play with the roh ya?

Gerakan K

Regarding to RCI, yes must follow the law lah. Cannot play play like Bersih 2.0.

Phua Kai Lit

Hello Kee 2:28 pm

No, you are not correct.

Overseas Malaysians continue to follow political developments at home very keenly. Ask your friends and relatives who are overseas.

(Learn from history: Overseas Chinese played a major role in getting rid of the corrupt Ching Dynasty).

Andrew I

Yeah, and they’re not exactly flowing with praise either. So, Gherkin, looks like your dream is a nightmare.


Friend, my relatives are all angmo now, except one cousin is still interested.

Actually, not many Chinese are interested in politics, they are more interested in digging money.

That is why my full respect to Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh, etc because if i were them, i would have since long time ago given up hope in this land and migrated.

Phua Kai Lit

My secondary school science teachers emigrated from Malaysia long ago and they have lived in Australia for decades.

They continue to follow Malaysian political news closely.

Now what about those Overseas Malaysians in Japan, Korea, Australia and USA who are going to
demonstrate on July 9? Digging for money by demonstrating?

Gerakan K

Donate money to who ???…

Phua Kai Lit

Any Malaysian political party they wish to lah !

Including your beloved Gerakan (I’d like to see how much
Gerakan gets from Overseas Malaysians)

Phua Kai Lit

They fear the revenge of the Overseas Malaysians !

William Wang

By refusing every malaysians to vote with convenience, the government is denying & do not respect, the rights of malaysians. This show what kind of character this regime has and honest citizens are aware of it. Whatever the reason EC may give, they even deny those east malaysians who work in Peninsula from their rights. Imagine, how can more than 400K east malaysians are to fly back, just to vote.

Gerakan K

Gila !!!

You have to ask, why these voters don’t change their new address in west Malaysia ??? Why do you care about these lazy voters in first place ???

You want more convenient voting system ??? How about online voting ??? Maybe PR can win more votes as their supporters are more IT savy. Agree ???

Andrew I

Thank you very much. We’re also more intelligent.


Seriously, do we even need to ask the question? There are over a million abroad. lets say 20% vote (likely 50%). 99% for the opposition. >200K vote for the opposition – about 2-3% swing to the opposition – Anwar job is half-done and most probably would done and can pack for Putrajaya..

Gerakan K

Dream on. By the way, even your *abroad votes* dream comes true, PR will lose substantial *local votes*. Penang for example, has disappointed many voters. Where is local election ??? Where is green policy ??? Why over develop Penang ??? Why further *congest* Penang ??? Why no more Kg Buah Pala ??? Why ??? Why ??? Why ???


Only BN & UMNO cronies who do not get the benefit from the PR government will be disappointed. PR give to the people unlike UMNO & BN who give it to their cronies. The people of Penang are very happy with PR and LGE. You can ask the EC why they are reluctant to overseer local election despite the state government having sent them a letter. Well Kg Buah Pala is still there with 24 units RM750,000 double storey house, a community hall and land for the temple with 15 families being allotted. They will be moving in soon. Sugu… Read more »


We will call it New Kg Buah Pala, newer, cleaner and modern maybe smaller but with better living conditions

najib manaukau

The present regime would have gone off their gravy train long ago when that happens. And the present regime is doing all they can to keep you illiterate and most of all cannot tell what a good government is supposed to be, just so you will be stupid enough to (give) them your vote to them to enable that they remain the government.


They don`t allow oversea worker to vote but allow postal voting for the police and military whose barrack/station are just next door. Is this the government that you want. Let us offset these oversea worker by coming out in full force to finish off UMNO and Najib.


To these UMNO … upstarts, Malaysians abroad are “pendatangs” la…why should they want to neutralize their advantage on their insurance postal votes!…


One Malaysia, truly 1960.

Gerakan K

Why can’t the ordinary Malaysia abroad come back and vote ??? Please come back and give BN 2/3 !!!

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi Gerakan K,

If you’re certain overseas Malaysians can give BN the 2/3 majority and serve as its vote bank, then you’d be the FIRST person to ask your BN master(s) to allow them to be postal voters!! Such HYPOCRISY from you!

In fact, without your having to ask Najib, he would instantly direct and facilitate the EC to do so!

How come other countries allow their overseas citizens residing away from their home country to vote at their respective embassies? But, Malaysians can’t!

Gerakan K

You can offer your suggestion to EC. But I think the opposition will cry fault when EC demanding more fund to do that.

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi Gerakan K,

Are you that dumb? You are a real HYPOCRITE!

Many, many NGOs, opposition parties and individuals have been demanding the EC to allow Malaysians residing overseas to be allowed to vote as postal voters for a long, long time!

If BN is so confident of getting 2/3 majority, like what you hypocritically and unashamedly claimed, from overseas Malaysians, how’s it that the Federal Govt and … the EC hasn’t, and in fact doesn’t intend, to allow the overseas Malaysians to register as postal voters?

Andrew I

Let me quote you from below, Gherkin : dream on.


It is simple. Postal vote or e-vote like how we do in income tax assessment online. And it costs nothing on Ah Kong’s monies or on the voters (abroad).
WHY MAKE IT HARDER on those abroad?
Only a no-brainer plus dumb pretender like Gerkhin of Mongolian grassland will graze for an answer.

Penang Voter

Thais in M’sia voting for their July 3rd elections on June 26th at either Thai Embassy or Consulate.

BN is also afraid of oversea Malaysians. What a pathetic lot !!!

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone,

Ordinary Malaysians abroad are not allowed to vote as these Malaysians can’t be indoctrinated by the mass media controlled by UMNOputras, BNputras and their cronies! They can’t be the vote bank of BN!


Almost all Countries allow their citizens to vote when working abroad . Why Malaysian Govt continue to discriminate against these citizens and only allow civil servants and armed forces personnel to cast postal votes ?
Are these people a special breed ?


For one and only one true reason.

Overseas voters are in favour of Barisan Nasional.

Why postal vote of security personnel allowed?

For one and only one true reason.

They are in favour of Barisan Nasional.

That’s why we need Bersih!


Why can’t these UMNO ketuanan melayu learn to walk straight!
.Anil, be real, if these … in the ruling party are fair minded,
we won’t be calling for Bersih 2.0 rally, right?
Perhaps, if there is a change govt, our dream may come true. Meanwhile… deny them the lease tenancy to squat in Putrajaya when it comes for renewal!


Those abroad are not primed by the Government media, so they are not ready to give a qualified vote.


Cannot vote from abroad, yet want these Malaysians abroad to ‘balik’ under Talent Corp?
What utter nonsense is this?
Who is the Otak Udang of the 21st global century, BTW?