Who’s afraid of Anwar Ibrahim?


An Aliran Monthly cover story by Khoo Boo Teik, who says that far from being discredited in the public eye, ‘DSAI’ has grown much closer to the common people than when Mahathir made him a ‘martyr’ of sorts.

Imagine you were Anwar Ibrahim in September 1998. The pharaonic PM had turned off the lights on you (even cutting the power supply to your residence). On cue, the controlled media sensationalised your alleged immorality, never once referring to your reputed religiosity.

In self-preservation, the politicians ‘in the know’ shunned you like a pariah, forgetting that they used to flatter you as the ‘anointed successor’.

By hardnosed calculation, ‘smart money’ erased its memory of turning to you, as Finance Minister, to calm the financial market spooked by Mahathir’s ‘madness’ during the 1997 financial crisis.

Acting to orders, the police raided your home, captured you as if you were a terrorist, and hauled you to the IGP, who beat you into unconsciousness.

And then the Attorney-General and the judiciary lined up to send you to jail, first for six years and later for another nine years.

Would you not have thought at some point that it was all over? Or could you have endlessly resolved to start all over again? (See ‘All over? Or all over again?’, Aliran Monthly, September 1998)

Full story on the Aliran website.

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Wonder which BN linked producer made a private screening only movie related to May 13th 1969? Talk about talking about events from long ago!!!What transformation has really taken place. Abolishment of ISA? Doesnt matter if they abolished the OSA as well…as long as there are run by the same idiots, do you think anything has changed? Has the average income and disposable incomes of the rural populace really gone up by 40 something percent? Has the incidents of crime really gone down that much as trumpeted by the BN run media? Get real! We all know a certain TUN ex… Read more »

Stephen Ng

najib could possibly use Tanda Putera as his election campaign video if PRU is held on may 13?

sanjay b

Kah kah kah!!! Yes! Pls everyone – VOTE BN & save , er… Gerakan; the soon to be extinct so called political party. Get a life man! All these 1Malaysia & its equally nauseating spin-offs that Najib has ‘blessed’ us with are nothing more than a self gratifing excercise. Only the blind & deaf would fail to realize whats in store for this country if the rakyat allowed BN another term.

Gerakan K

Going by the logic, Mr. Saiful should be very afraid, right ??? You have to be say NO when appropriate !!! My advise to everyone is to get at least a pepper spray for self-defense or learn some KUNG-FU. By the way, why still repeat this ancient man-made, opinion-based, fabricated and bias grandmother story ??? 1998 ??? Even talking about 1969 ??? Please-lah aliran. Now is 2013. Throw away your old calenders and turn into new chapter. Dr M. no longer is our PM. Your personal issue with Dr M has nothing to do with current BN administration. There are… Read more »


I see no reasn why Saiful should be afraid. When Anwar refuse to give him the … satisfaction that he wanted, he has to complain to UMNO the Cheap for justice

Ahmad Sobri

Gelakan again? The name itself stinks. It stinks so much in Malaysian politics and since when has Gelakan been a multi racial party, as claimed by the greatest BN jokes of all time, the “I’ll be more assertive” GELAKAN Penang UMNO chairman? This man just has got no class. By curry favouring and speaking the language of UMNO, he thought, he can be the future Penang CM, serving UMNO. He issued the challenge to LGE, when LGE accepted, he issued further conditions, and again when LGE accepted, he wanted to contest in a multi racial seat where the racial composition… Read more »

Andrew I

If you have a brain, you are pro pakatan. Is that what you’re trying to say, Gherks?


many BN people are worried after watching this excellent documentary on DSAI that is very inspiring to all who opt for Ubah


UMNO is FILLED with men (and women) who indulges in all sorts of personal perversion especially during Mahathir’s time. EVERYONE knew of them. So the real issue is then why did Mahathir turned on Anwar so viciously? – a question BOTH have never answered.. The real truth is easily deducible. The truth is Anwar was plotting to overthrow Mahathir but the most serious of his offense of the recommendation of IMF measures. What those measures would mean is that Mahathir, his families and cronies would pretty much LOSE most if not everything they had … Mahathir’s wealth was (allegedly) held… Read more »