Where to, Nasharudin? (updated)


Update (18 August): As hinted in the blog posting below, Kelantan Pas reportedly has now dropped Nasharudin from its general election candidates’ list.

15 August 2012

Former Pas deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa’s recent comments and public appearances with BN leaders have set tongues wagging.

Nasharudin appeared on television news yesterday reportedly asking Pas to leave Pakatan if DAP was adamant about opposing hudud.

Images are also being circulated apparently of him in Mecca seated on the floor next to Najib during a talk

In May, Muhyiddin, Nazri, Khairy and Hasan Ali were reportedly among those who attended Nasharudin’s daughter’s wedding in Bangi. (See NST report and photo.)

Nasharudin was in the forefront of the aborted Umno-Pas unity talks. But his star within the party was already fading even before Mat Sabu was elected as Pas deputy president.

A grassroots source in Pas told me this morning that top party leaders were uneasy with Nasharudin’s overtures.

The source added that sections in Kelantan too would be uncomfortable if the Bachok MP were to be fielded again under the party banner in the coming election.

The KL Pos website seems to confirm this sentiment when it reported that Kelantan Pas Youth had called for Nasharudin to state his stand. “If he is not interested in being with Pas, it would be more appropriate for him to resign as MP of Bachok than to betray the trust of the people of Bachok in the last general election,” Kelantan Pas Youth secretary Mohd Nuri Mat Yaacob was reported as saying.

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At least PAS is more moderate than UMNO. They are also more principle as all along they only proposed hudud for muslim only.

UMNO on the other hand has been saying one thing and another. Today they say no hudud, tomorrow they will say Malaysia is an Islamic country, then the next day they will say hudud for all and then they will say no.

Can we believed such lies and deceits from them. We have been deceived for 53 years. Let us wake up and make that CHANGE.

Aidil Yunus

Who is telling the truth? MCA says DAP is subservient to PAS and UMNO says PAS is subservient to UMNO? DAP says “NO” to Hudud, while MCA is agreeable to UMNO’s form of Hudud and not PAS form of Hudud? Which literally means, and which had been confirmed by UMNO mufti Abdullah Saamah that MCA supports Hudud? MCA must state their stand on Hudud. Their silence on the statement by UMNO mufti that they support HUDUD for ALL is deafening! A Vote for MCA is a Vote for Hudud for ALL! Avoid UMNO/sycophants at all costs come PRU 13! Selamatkan… Read more »


Noordin was sacked so is Hassan and now Nash should be sacked. It show that PAS at least has some principle


Nash just proves the Islam is not immuned to be abused by any politicians like any politics….


WOW, what a U-turn: Mahathir becomes latest proponent of hudud
Maria Begum, Malaysia Chronicle | 18 Aug 2012

Former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, who during his 22-year tenure had been responsible for ensuring that PAS-led Kelantan could not pass its Hudud bill enactment, has now invited the Islamic party to join hands with UMNO to implement the Islamic penal code. According to Harakahdaily, Mahathir’s … read on http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=38388:wow-what-a-u-turn-mahathir-becomes-latest-proponent-of-hudud&Itemid=2.


Now its confirmed. UMNO wants hudud for all.
They will do anything to stay in power even sidelining the non malay amd mon muslim
Mahathir says Malaysia is an Islamic country.
Now he asked PAS to leave and join UMNO and together they will implement hudud . Yes hudud for ALL

And that MCA pornstar adulterer is still Moon cha cha or just plain stupid just like GK

Aidil Yunus

Chua SL asked the chinese community to ack MCA to prevent an Islamic state. Perhaps Tun Apanama should remind him during the Hari Raya open house that the ex-PM had made Malaysia an islamic state!


… there could be an offer … to swicth or create sabotage

Tanda Seronok

Nas is used to avoid nation debt discussion during raya : The Federal government debt to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ratio has increased yearly from 53.1% in 2010, 53.8% in 2011 and 54.8% in 2012. This is extremely alarming and nearly touching the national debt ceiling of 55%. According to Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) fellow Mohd Ariff Abdul Kareem, if the Federal Government continues to borrow at the current rate, our debt to GDP ratio will be 100% of GDP by 2019! In absolute terms, Federal Government debt rose by 71% in 4 years to RM456 billion at… Read more »

complete nutrition

To all our Muslim friends, we wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin. Have a safe and joyous Hari Raya!


So finally, Bachok is dropped for GE-13 at the request of Bachok constituents! This will hasten his departure, if Umno wants him?

Gerakan K

“at the request of Bachok constituents”

How do you know ???


Don’t believe ahh? Check this..

So he had ‘Special Visa’ to fly into Mecca for that kodak-moment and tok-tok-tok silat tok with PM in Mecca huh?
After that he wasted no time to provoke Karpal Singh huh? bit.ly/R8FbPb

Karpal Singh should not even waste his
precious time on this worthless with expired shelf-life!

Jamil Yusuf

This is dedicated to Nasharudin since he admires PM Najib:


Rasa Rasa Hehehe!! Rasa Rasa Hehehe!!! See the bunch behind him clapping and cheering for that familiar clown, click here see what happens….


Nasharudin Mat Isa the PAS ex-VP made a statement “Saya tidak ada niat masuk Umno”. Why, not invited by Umno? Sneaky fella isn’t he, meeting Najib in Mecca, why, was he officially appointed to talk talk unity talk away from home?

Wonder if PAS will allow him to stay on, do more damage and creating animosity within Pakatan Rakyat coalition parties?

Cheng Poh Heng

I last met this character in KL Sentral and what he really was interested in was to whether “Zaid Ibrahim kaya, banyak duit?”
This by itself, showed his prime agenda and motive in the political arena. He can deny what he kept asking me at that t une but as an ulama, he must speak the truth.
Cheng Poh Heng


I have always had a problem with Nasharudin and his rather narrow, hardline Islamic agenda. But, bash me for this, I have the impression that deep down, he has a lot of decency. He is rather naive and hence somewhat easily mislead into situations where others can make use of him. That Mecca meeting which had him photograpghed next to Najib may just be one of such. Nasha may have been truthful when he said that he had helped to arrange that meeting at the behest of some Islamic scholars in Mecca. I won’t want to have him in charge… Read more »


Join DAP lah. Dap in SOS mode to show to public that they are truly multiracial. Ada berani kah ???

Andrew I

Shouldn’t it be @1Malaysia.com? I thought you like to pay for email accounts.


Now GK will not have to pay for his … 1Malaysia email as his master crony listed company would soon become bankrupt and delisted from bursa saham. And of course after (taking) the peoples money by … the counter (moving up) which was losing millions, through the … announcement of good things for this crony company. He should be thankful to PR

Ahmad Sobri

100,000 people turned up to listen to the State BN Chairman, yes, “I’ll be more assertive” guy speak in Jelutong last night.

It is a pity Mr. Anilnetto did not give prominence and live coverage to this event. 100,000 Mr. Anil, 100,000 people.

Surely, they can win 22 seats and five more they will endeavour to turn over to BN seats.

Malaysia is a democratic country, continue dreaming.

You can see the 100,000 gatherings in The Star today, Page 6, ” A Tribute to Hawkers”.

Indeed very impressive!

Lancang Rocker

A thorn among the roses better seek refuge elsewhere where same aspiration resides. Ibrahim Ali may hold his hand to where they should belong to ?


#Pas told me this morning that top party leaders were uneasy with Nasharudin’s overtures# – Anilnetto

– Hahaha, sure they do, too embarrased. My direct tweet to DrDzul went unanswered until today. Yes, saw on TV 1.30pm news 14Aug that ‘silat master’ of umno-PAS unity talks kow-towing and ushering Najib to his seat in Saudi. What were they doing there together … having their unity talk? I like to know too.