Where the heck is Batang Ai?



Well, now you know where it is…!

Everyone is talking about Bukit Gantang, Batang Ai and Bukit Selambau – but do you know where they are? Here are a few images to help you get your bearings.


And this is Bukit Gantang, close to Taiping and Kuala Kangsar


And Bukit Selambau, close to Sungai Petani

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Kah Seng

gantang is a volumn measurement for rice and grain.

batang is the main body of a river, similar to in trunk, stem,

ai is local spelling for “air” for water

selambau I think is a type of fishing device. I think it is those spreadout net hanging underwater, then raised for the catch


Hey anil, dont waste ur time…its a definite BN victory in Batang-Ai. What do u think? wanna challenge?

anna brella

Can someone please elaborate on what those names – Batang Ai, Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau – mean/stand for?

Is there some meaningful/historical background to those names?

“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.


I truly hope the Batang I people vote with their eyes open, open wide i mean. But sometimes i find it frustrated too becos we cant change people’s mindset.


Hey guys,
Dua BUKIT & satu BATANG, what a fight will it be. Do you know what I meant?


Batang Ai is a really remote constituency. Getting there from Kuching is an exhausting journey.

I had the pleasure of staying at the Hilton Batang Ai resort a few years ago – great place , but the journey there took about 4 hours.

Kah Seng

We have also looked into where Batang Air, Bukit Selambau, and Bukit Gantang, and discuss the findings here:


There are links to ysm.org.my map constituency maps which are from 2006 but still basically usable.


Hey Anil, sounds, “where the heck is batang I” Careful lah, censorship board might come after you.


Where the heck is Batang Ai? Just lookout for lots of Maggie Noodles raining on that town, that is Batang Ai!


Hey. It does matter where these places are. All it matters is that there are political fights in there. Yeah. Win one by-election at a time.