Vote-buying in Penang? (Videos)


Check out what happened in Penang recently. What do you think is going on here? No prizes for guessing.

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Axid of evil who played out the very people who stood for better future for his personal vendetta against LGE because of annexation of projects such as PORR and his misadventures thinking the CAT govt could be bought as during the time when Anwar wad DPM.

Ahmad Sobri

Penangnites, do you want to be ruled by people who holds the loudspeaker, and determines when you get or do not get things promised? An educated society must stand together to fight irresponsible people who breaks the law, who acts as though they are the law! And Gods of all Gods, such characters are used in such abundance in Penang, and the people are angry. Just imagine if such people calls the shots, there will be chaos! To those who waited and waited for your 500RM and did not get it, some of you may be there for your needs… Read more »


I heard XXX is now (allegedly) throwing in a Haadyai trip for Air Putih voters. Voters will need to paint their index fingers in 1malaysia office before going on the trip. There will be money for those going on the trip. Such blatant despicable act and EC is doing nothing!
For those of us who do not know Goh Choon Lye, please ask any Penangites who have ever bought properties from his development companies before he went bankcrupt.


This GCL is no different from the N of Putrajaya. Imagine dealing with a table-banging minion of self-serving …, you can be sure your future hope of affordable housing is but a tricky dream in the sky. LGE has the foresight & principle not to deal with this questionable developer … (see for yourself the Prangin Mall).


Penangites, think before you greed for more money (promised) post GE13. Do you think you will be getting anything (of value to your future) from these scoundrels & cheaters for the next 5 years? Ask yourselves: “How much are you worth the past 50+ years of BeeEnd regime to these Nak Cheats?” “Why suddenly you Penangites are so in demand for BeeEnd votes” “Why are you wooed “Love is in the air” in so many desperate words for so many desperate days, even Valentino of Valentine Day cannot match in expressions?” And this is very tricky: “Why these scoundrels need… Read more »



Rakyat Malaysia

DAP should request a Buddhist monk and a Christian pastor to walk past the queue. Surely everyone will run off in shame.


A song ‘One Day More’ (from Les Miserables) dedicate to all ardent fans of Anil’s blog.–khMw8

One day more, we will usher in a new government (provided BN’s did not succeed with vote buying and illegal/phantom voters)!


What is the authorities like MACC and EC doing. Blatant vote buying in the open.
Curse to Goh Choon Lye and all those vote buyers


Curse to Goh Choon Lye and all the vote buyers
Ubah Ini Kali Lah

najib manaukau

The more money these rapscallions are giving away are further signs of their desperations, one word of advise, take whatever money they are giving away. You don’t have to vote for the rapscallions tomorrow, these are the very people who will sell off their own mother or even their sisters just for money. That is all they know how, they think money can buy them every thing in life and worse of all they must think you are just like they are. Imagine if they are prepared to sell off their kins for six pence, just like Judas who sold… Read more »


THIS kind of blatant law-breaking, what is maybe (allegedly) even hundreds of thousands of foreigners voting in this GE …


Penangites should note that the bankrupt guy 吳春來 is not a God of Fortune, but one that will make rakyat pay back with Barang Naik (utilities, petrol, GST, sugar, flour etc) once BN is re-elected as BN need to reward his effort to clear him from bankruptcy, with rakyat’s money (e,g your EPF!)