Voices from Penang Bersih 3.0


Some familiar faces at Penang Bersih 3.0 😉

And cries of “Bersih” even along Beach Street as participants dispersed while passing motorists honked to express support:

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Lucia Lai

and what the people say in words….

drop in to our CJMY for a few other videos on bersih penang.


The key point of Penang Bersih is that there was not that much planning and yet it was peaceful and well-self-organised, even merry – as was everywhere else except in KL which until the end actually was also.

What it really means is that the failure that matters, the biggest failures, in KL, was that of the govt, BN and Najib’s administration.

Andrew I

Perhaps Gherkin and co. might like to do a video to rebut. How about it, Gherks?


Watch the … wild, violent action.
Kerismoodin, is this the SOP … for peaceful rally?

…. coward … acting in groups against ONE victim.

Lechmi R Kumaran

the familiar armchair critics like you, where are you last sat 1pm-3pm ??? No kopi-o kau kau at padang kota lama so you stay at home ??????
your presence could make up the number higher.
see you next time


You still don’t get my point!
Wake up.

Uncles @ Espalande

your point is not to become a victim like in the utube you posted ?
if everyone has that “fear” then all shall become cyber commentators and barang naik regime continues to flourish.
Get the people pont ?

anyway, you may have done your part in a different way.

next time go to Padang, recommend u thr Hainan Western Food at the MPPP “foodcourt” nearby. Can fill up your stomach with budget cost.


My point is to bring to the fore the unnecessary violence & turn of event in KL Bersih many may not be aware while having it peaceful & full of self-pride in Penang. It is not about being not there or there gung ho staring at the FRU guys, guessing whether they will tear gas you or not, while you sing for Bersih. That’s not my point. My point is: it’s getting dirtier at rally while we collectively demand for Bersih. One day it may spark a frenzy of free for all hell’s break loose violence and an excuse for… Read more »