Video attempts to explain issues to MCA supporters


An online video aimed at persuading MCA supporters to ‘see the light’ is making waves in cyberspace.

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5 May 2013 8.58am

56 years of BN and the old, decrepit, corrupt nd ineffective leadership is enough for a Change of The leadership party , after 56 years Malaysia is at the bottom of the economic and education league of he Asian Tigers ,BN way was and is Dr.Mahathir’s Ketuanaan Melayu which alienated the Peranakan Raayat Malaysia like they are unwanted ‘ pendatangs ‘ even Hang Tuah the Sejarah Melayu History wasn’t a bumi-putra ‘ Hang Tuah and his team of Malay Knights were ‘pendatangs’ from China. Malaysia like USA is a nation of immigrants with only one class of citizenship ,born locally… Read more »

3 May 2013 4.06pm

One key point made in the video is that we cannot expect anything from the fresh faces of MCA GE team as its top leaders like CSL and LTL are decision makers kow-towing to Umno. Also, why 1Malaysia PM continue to evade issues pertaining to corruption (NFC Cowgate) and Perkasa.

Anyway, it is a very good video and a must watch for those Chinese who shamelessly wear the free blue 1Malaysia t-shirt and wave the dacing flag without realising their mistake.

Ex-service man
Ex-service man
3 May 2013 1.51pm

Najib, Mahathir, Ali, Zul Nordin, Chuah Soi Lek, Kerismuddin, Muhyiddin, RPK and all Racist organisations … you better listen hard and good, We the ex-service men, who fought to protect our King and country, during Confrontation, Sabah Crisis 1968, Vietnamese refugees and 13 May, for the betterment and peace of our people and not for you to screw up the lives of our people, which we will never allow you to do that … By the way, where were you during that time…you … better think carefully before you say something that is hurtful to us. Enough of your nonsense.… Read more »

Horatio Ho
Horatio Ho
3 May 2013 11.23am

MCA has very low quality video and print ads that cannot convinc the voters.
So it replace quality with QUANTITY, bombarding us daily on mainstream newspapers.
But it has really backfired as voters are sick of them.

2 May 2013 10.03pm

Go by my heart its Ini Kali Lah Ubah
Go by my mind its Ini Kali Ubah
Go by my conscience its Ini Kali Lah Ubah

2 May 2013 10.01pm

I call on ALL fence sitters on both sides of the political divide including members of MCA, Gerakan MIC to rise to Pakatan’s call for Accountability, Justice, Peace and Equality for All.

It has been 56 years, time everyone wakes up and together lets sink, overturn and drown UMNO in GE-13! Ini kali-lah – let’s do it!

2 May 2013 9.20pm

Precisely !!…Wake up Malaysians !! Enough is enough of BN regime…time to change is now and on 5th of May, we shall have a new Government.