Use yellow to support clean, fair elections


The masthead of this blog is going yellow until polling day to support the Bersih campaign for clean and fair elections.

Likewise, it would be great if everyone uses yellow everwhere (including online) to show mass support for the elections to be carried out fairly.

Please help to support this blog if you can.

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6 Apr 2013 11.54am

CSL knows that MCA cannot beat LKS at Gelang Patah, now he offers Umno’s Ghani to be the sacrificial lamb?

semuanya OK kot
semuanya OK kot
5 Apr 2013 1.08pm

This has been going on for 1 year or more. The average is 2 SMS or so every week. Initially, the SMSs pretended to be surveys. Now, there is a note of desperation. There are also calls from phones that have their IDs blocked. If you get such a call, try to listen without speaking and you will find that the caller is also silent, probably trying to guess your race from the way you speak for classification. People in Selangor have been sent expensive colour booklets on all the supposed achievements. True to racism, this is published separately for… Read more »

SL Wong (@wong8898)
5 Apr 2013 12.00am

Pls spread this.

During election day, If found the paper vote given to u is dirty (even a dot) on it,
U can ask for replacement. If not your vote is consider VOID.

For old folk, do some practice at home & teach them how to correctly X (not tick or circle) inside the box & make sure they can recognize PR logo.

We really cannot afford to lose a single vote now.


Gerakan K (Team)
Gerakan K (Team)
4 Apr 2013 8.35pm


Datuk Lee Chong Wei (born 21 October 1982 in Bagan Serai, Perak) is a professional badminton player from Malaysia who resides in Bukit Mertajam[1].

[1] Lee Chong Wei (

4 Apr 2013 6.04pm

Like Andrew said,
Gher-kin K is wor-ried now, wor-ried now, wor-ried now,
Gher-kin K is desperate now, desperate now, desperate now,
Gherkin K is confuse now, confuse now, confuse now,
For his P-M.

Lets hope he don`t get to running, running, running on the street before GE day

4 Apr 2013 5.04pm

Gelakan K, … $$%@&@@! Datuk LCW is a Penangite okay! Not from Perak! Don’t talk nonsense when you have allyour facts wrong!

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
4 Apr 2013 4.03pm

Gerakan K (Team)
Gerakan K (Team)
4 Apr 2013 1.19pm

Anil, it is ok to use yellow for whatever reason, but please make it PRETTY !!! Your site looks very weird now. @Han TK: LKS is talking nonsense. I pick one example. Vote sports minister out because of no Olympic gold medal ??? What a total DISRESPECT to our winners in Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Pandelela Rinong. Datuk Lee the first Malaysian athlete to win two medals in Olympic history[1]. Pandelela Rinong, the Malaysia‚Äôs first woman to win Olympic medal at 19 years old[2]. What a total DISRESPECT to women achievement !!! That is why I say, LKS and… Read more »

4 Apr 2013 2.34pm

No offence to LCW, but the Road to London program has cost rakyat RM20 million and Shaberry could not deliver a single gold as promised in his KPI. Now BN double the amount to RM40 million for Road to Rio, what a waste of public fund knowing that the sports administration are not up to mark despite having good atheletes. Just look at FAM with its ridiculous Article 88 that is invoked to oust coach Rajagopal. BAM is only banking on LCW without producing abled replacements. Shaberry failed big time and should be ousted considering the big sum invested (leaked…?).

5 Apr 2013 1.07pm
Reply to  Catfish

I do not support malaysian sports because the administrators of local sports are all politically linked and lots of money are wasted and leaked for corruption.