Updates: Anti-Bersih groups turn up at Ambiga’s place


Bersih Steering Committee members and other activists gathered at Ambiga’s home in a show of solidarity while anti-Bersih groups later delivered statements at her residence (see updates below).

Face-to-face: Pak Samad eyes the Lamborghini-loving 'petty trader' outside Ambiga's front gate

The Lamborghini-loving ‘petty trader’ Umno member has turned up and said his group would not be setting up stalls today. The ‘ikan bakar’ ‘City Residents and Traders Action Council’ have issued a statement titled ‘Bersih 4.0 cintakan keamanan’.

The group demanded that Ambiga apologise for what she had done.

“I apologise for not fighting harder to achieve free and fair elections,” Ambiga shot back.

Pak Samad for his part asked the group why they wanted an apology from only Ambiga and not him.

Another group of about 30 people calling themselves ‘Gerakan Belia Gagasan 1Malaysia’ distributed flyers with a masthead ‘Halau 1.0: Misi Selamatkan Malaysia’ and contents titled, ’10 P kenapa Ambiga patut dihalau dari Malaysia.’ A photo of Ambiga captioned ‘Bersih itu kotor’ graced the top left corner. Good grief!

The press came out in full force while the road leading to Ambiga’s place was sealed off.

On the bright side, Ambiga has been receiving bouquets of flowers, a Bersih cake and other expressions of solidarity. So great has been the enthusiasm that the Bersih committee had to come out and ask people to hold on with the donations until it comes up with proper guidelines.

Outside Ambiga's house at 3.54pm - Photograph: Agenda Daily

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These dumbos who call themselves representatives of petty traders of jalan TAR are not only too dumb but also retarded if they think that their stupid tactics are going to win votes for the DUMB-UMNO/BN GOVERNMENT. These stupid fellows are really doing the OPPOSITION a great favour. They are diverting votes for DUMBNO to the OPPOSITION. Well done morons! Keep it up. Do your silly burger sales, do your butt wagging. That is all you fellows can do because you do not have what it takes to be men of honour and substance. You creeps have resorted to throwing stones,… Read more »


only 60 people. epic fail.


I am going to say this just once more – please past it along to the likes of them: STUPID is NOT a point of view, Stupid is just stupid,,

Andrew I

No use explaining to someone who chooses to be both deaf as well as REALLY dumb.


Someone really should put these people out of their misery. They are really too dumb to survive in a non-UMNO controlled world.

All this does is that when Ambiga calls for the real Bersih 4.0, the numbers will multiply EVEN MORE…

Ahmad Sobri

Threats, intimidations, cowards! That sounds it up. In reality, these guys are only good to create unnecessary small troubles which are a real shame to themselves and their families! To organize something meaningful for the country, like Ambiga and Bersih, and to get the peoples support? Well dream on! Remember the UMNO 66th anniversary fiasco? Despite the huge amount of publicity what a disgraceful turnout? And the possibility of rent a crowd too? Shameful! People just are shunning UMNO/BN! They can continue with their burger protests, apa sudah jadi? Their sexual harrassments? Apa sudah jadi? Tak senam lagi ke? Hahaha,… Read more »


Even traders are smarter than these blokes! Why have a pasar malam at a fully residential area, when they are assured they will lose money?

This goes to show this Latuk has no business brain but still drives a Ferrari! (Nevermind about other ulterior motives).

Hmmmmmm…how he did do it (got himself so rich)?

IRB, are you there today to help this Latuk file his income tax?
Otherwise, this Latuk (might) never feel the pain of paying tax money to be drained off by widespread corruptions in our midst.

Andrew I

These petty traders are trading in pettiness…like Gherky boy here.


Yes these petty idiots traders are trading in pettiness…like Gherky boy here but don’t realise that their head and Gherkin biggest head Na Cheat and their cronies are traders in the greatest rip off. If not how else do you get to drive a Lambhogini or transfer 1 billion or get a cow loan of 250 million, or a port mark up of billions.


The ‘pasar-malam’ mentality indeed.

They are complaining that 18K malays left Penang because they cannot tahan the high standard of living. How can this be when the malays are supported by NEP, and can get 8% dividends from all those Amanah Saham Bumiputera? As a malay I am very ashamed of them.

By the way, how to explain that Penang has new 30K malay voters if 18K are leaving?


Ambiga and Bersih supporters – you’ll never walk alone !

Dedication time :-

Gerakan K

I like HALAU 1.0 flyer !!! Can be used as GE flyer for Chairman LIM aka RM50000 Buah Pala broken promise !!!


Aren`t you a disgrace speaking lies after lies. Buah Pala residents were compensated with a double storey house now worth 750K and a community hall and land for religious purpose. We are really angry with … ripping us of our money to pay for the 9 residents in Seberang. Hows that, the 9 residents were halau by Nacheap to Seberang.


Ambiga, you are the ‘Mother Theresa’ of Malaysia’s Bersih.
You care for a better future in the hands of righteous leaders.
We owe you & team an appreciation deep from our hearts of bersih.
Our children & their children will always remember this good legacy when we tell them what Bersih is all about.
To that Latuk & his co-horts, go join your ApaNama predecessor of lies & envious manipulation of peoples’ livelihood in Langkawi.

Gerakan K

LOL, please google “Mother Theresa scandal”. Is this the same mistake for you to support pakatan ??? Open your eyes, BN is better choice !!!


GK, A better choice for you and your Ah Cheat Kor to rip us off. Our eyes are open even if it is close. We don`t wait for pittance and privileges that are not clean


At the very least Ambiga can / have / will do for us Rakyat Malaysia is ask us (with care & concern) to open our eyes to the Kotor going on in our own backyard of Election Commission & voting system which has been Kotor for the pass decades. She has done much, much better in the few years than your political Eunuch cum Ostrich with Boh Lan Hoot who got paid for almost 2 decades just to bury his tiny head in the tight sewage hole dug up by Barang Naiki indifferent to the economic doldrums manipulated against Penang… Read more »

Gerakan K

It’s payback time !!! The rakyat is angry because of BERSIH 3.0. Get ready to pay RM100k+ or face BANKRUPTCY !!!


GK you are really a jerk, The rakyat are not angry with Bersih. How many major protest are there against Ambiga and Bersih with the exception of a few (paid?) cronies and mobster from AMMO and Ah Cheap Kor. The people are really angry with regards to the billions that have been siphon off from such as Scorpene, Altataunya cowgate etc. Bersih won`t be paying the 100k because they are clean and transparent. Please ask your Ah Cheap Kor go to France otherwise it will be a real disgrace to us Malaysian as a fugitive PM.


Readers from many blogs have suggested that BERSIH set up a fund for the public to raise that RM100K. And I’m for it !!!


There is no need to set up such fund. The people will be willing to donate when the time come


GK, no bankruptcy lah. Worse comes to worse, tell your pay masters that the rakyat will collect the amount in coins and dump them in front of PM’s residence.

Ahmad Sobri

As usual these people, and you know who they are associated with, are only good at bullying old men and women!

Just what a shame!

Hundreds of young men riding motor cycles harrassing an old man and several ladies! Just got no shame!

When the time comes to rally, when they know they are clearly outnumbered, they chicken out!