Straight fights for Kerdau and Merlimau


It’s going to be straight fights – BN vs Pas – for the Kerdau and Merlimau by-elections, the 15th and 16th by-elections since the 2008 general election.

The score as it stands now is 8-6 in the Pakatan’s favour. The BN has a good chance of levelling the score, if, as many expect, they win both these both by-elections. In fact, a source within Pas, who has been accurate in his predictions so far, told me the party has little chance of winning these by-elections.

These by-elections will be the prelude for the Sarawak state election, expected to be held in early April 2011. The BN will be watching all these polls carefully, and if all goes well for them, maybe we can expect a general election a few months later.

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There is this 1Malaysia ‘NGO’ going around giving orange-colored goodie bags and organising free makan with lucky draws (motorbikes, TV, friges etc) at by-election sites.

MACC must take action as it is a clear corrupted practices to buy votes.


If Selangor is lost the next election its for one reason and one reason only….poor management….


Don’t be too sure, Gerakan! Jaga baik-baik Trengganu-O!

Lim Guan Eng’s Pakatan Rakyat govt is doing extremely well for Penang and for once in 53 years, Penangites stand tall and proud of their PR State Government!

That backdoor Minister is … an umno (sycophant) through and through and every Malaysian knows it!

No one trusts that … anymore, even his most ‘trusted’ lieutenents back in Penang have realised his expired shelf-life and are also privately bad-mouthing him, so how?


What to expect when nobody was there for Koh Tsu Koon after Gerakan was complete annihilated. I bet Greakan K was not there comforting the sobbing KTK. Of course, it’s better than Tajol Rosli….He locked himself up in MB house#

#Even an UMNO division leader does not give face to KTK, how to win

Gerakan K

Make sure you attend BN ceramah in Penang during campaigning time for the GE.

You will be surprised then. You will have no choice but to welcome back KTK.


HahHHaha! Dream on Gerakan K, missing your backdoor minister? 😀

Andrew I a.k.a. K Gerakan

Penangites will tell you what K stands for. It usually proceeds a noun.

They’re coming back for some more.

Gerakan K

Fuyoh !!!

Anil, you are so quick to offer consolation for PR machais here in your statement:

The BN will be watching all these polls carefully, and if all goes well for them, maybe we can expect a general election a few months later.

Expect losing Selangor, Kedah, and most importantly Penang then.

Anyway, my prediction is that next GE will be in 2012.

Gerakan K

Ha ha Anil, why there is no live coverage for the nomination day ??? Bring it on so that we the general public can exchange views.

Already got the insider info for the potential winners of these 2 by-elections ???

Just because “your team” will be defeated heavily, you want to do low key coverage ??? If so better skip it lah !!!


Make sure your Health Minister has doen a comprehensive health check on the two umno candidates.