Update on Sarawak politics


BFM Radio interviews political economist Andrew Aeria on the latest political situation in Sarawak.

Listen to the podcast:

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alan newman, new zealand

Many have reasons to believe they (interrogated) Teoh BH (harshly) till early hours of his wedding day – resulting in his death – over suspected corruption of a few thousand RM$. The RM45billion (45,000million) the Sarawak CM(“s family is believed to be worth); likewise the RM500million bribe in the Scorpene deal and the Mongolian Lady’s murder, and the RM250million spent by Shahzirat(‘s husband); these are 200 million times in magnitude. Let the punishment fit the crime! Shouldn’t the (culprits) be given 200 million strokes of the rattan … These are only the tip of the iceberg! Despite all these, these… Read more »

Gerakan K

What’s new in Sarawak politics ??? It is all about the victories of my legendary hero Mr Taib !!! Pakatan machai please dream on.


Wonder the Dayak, Bidayu, Kadazan, etc will ever wake up ???


Lets hope that the wing of CHANGE will move as strongly as Peninsula to have a hope kicking out Nacheat and Barang Naik


It is my dream…


One electric generator per long house from BN and Taib will reamain the CM again. that’s the reality in rural Sarawak.


Sad !!! The Bible says without knowledge my people perish, how true !!!