Umno polls: Zahid, Shafie Apdal, Hisham retained as vice-presidents


Incumbents Zahid Hamidi, Shafie Apdal and Hishammuddin Hussein are in the lead in the Umno party elections today for the three posts of vice-president, according to unofficial results cited by Utusan.

Zahid – 185
Shafie – 174
Hisham – 100
Mukhriz – 91
Isa Samad – 8
Ali Rustam – 7

(1.40am, 20 October – results from 188 out of 191 divisions)


Final results:
Zahid – 188
Shafie – 177
Hisham – 101
Mukhriz – 93

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Don Anamalai

Petronas has lost over RM1 billion through its investment in building a luxury private hospital in Kuala Lumpur, the Prince Court Medical Centre. The private hospital, which cost RM544 million to build, has been hit with losses every year for the past decade and the total losses have now crossed RM1 billion,

How to ensure affordable health care if this is going on?
How will PM unveil his NajibCARE in the coming budget?

Pak Tim

Why is Petronas involved in the healthcare business? A hospital for the ministers and their extended families?

Anwar BM

I support Zahid as the future PM. Ali Rustam as Deputy. Malaysia need strong leadership like them.


Just a strong racist shoot to kill

najib manaukau

What more proof is needed for the egregious Mahathir to realise that his influence is longer effective. Just look at the all the instances and occasions when he campaigned and supported for in all the 12th election or by elections thereafter especially in the 13th election. They all had the opposite effects yet he is out there having the illusion that his influence is still there. And you why ? All he is trying to do is to divert the attention of the Malaysians away from looking and dissecting into the many abuses … he committed during his 22 years… Read more »

Pak Tim

What goes around will come around for Najib too.


Can Ali Rustam blame the Chinese for his loss?
Ha ha. He should look at the mirror!

don anamalai

When money politics is curtailed, Rustam and Isa both stood no chance?


From the way they carry themseves especially that zahid we are doomed for sheer lack of viable candidates. Malaysia No Hope!


The way UMNO delegates voting pattern it’s shows the cowboy and pea brain going to run this country and it’s shows the mentality of it’s members.

rajraman. Zahid you scolded online media but now you praised them because you won and online media actually gave you the votes but i beg to be differ because UMNO members shows their mentality.