Anwar to be charged: Ulang-tayang, here we go again…


Yesterday’s blog post was “What happens if Anwar is arrested before by-election?”

Unfortunately, we will get to find out now. Anwar is expected to be charged with sodomy at the Magistrate’s Court in Jalan Duta at 9.00am tomorrow. Whether he would be allowed bail would very much depend on the judge’s discretion.

For those of you who were too young to follow the first Anwar trials 10 years ago, now you get to see for yourselves what the rest of us had to put up with.  To put it mildly, the Malaysian judicial system did not distinguish itself.

A few among the “distinguished” cast of characters back then may even make a re-appearance in this case.

They say people never learn from history. So now we get to make ourselves the laughing stock of the world all over again.

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Anak Pulau Pinang

The lop sided ‘fight’ has now proceeded to the courts even as I write this comment… Malaysia is again dragged through muck by a bunch of power crazy, money grabbing mindless excuses for politicians who will not stop at this until their nemesis DSAI is removed from the political stage. What is extremely sad though is the fact that there are so many members of the services, in particular the PDRM, the Attorney General’s Office and yes other Govt offices who (allegedly) blindly take orders from their political Masters to do their best to bring a man down and in… Read more »


They have already locked the poor guy up for 6 years. To lock him up again is PLAIN EVIL! BN is not just incompetent. BN is EVIL!

How many Malaysians have actually spent time in prison for sodomy? NONE, as far as I know! And this is not a conspiracy?

So what do we tell a kid who aspires to be PM of Malaysia? You gotta be prepared to be accused of unnatural sex and be ready to go to jail for a long time!

Phua Kai Lit

Agree with you nafasbaru 12:54 am.

The FIL-SIL regime is running Malaysia into the ground.

If this kind of charade goes on, only the
utterly corrupt and the foolish will remain in BN.


to our friends in barisan nasional, if they still have any conscience left, must act decisively to put things right.

they can achieve this by leaving the corrupt barisan nasional.

Kenny Gan

“While the exact nature of the charge is unclear, Sankara believes that the prosecution may choose to charge him under Section 377B of the Penal Code, which is sodomy by consent, rather than Section 377C, which is for sodomy without consent.”

It is not possible for them to charge DSAI with sodomy by consent or Saiful is equally guilty and will have to be charged as well. However, it is harder to prove sodomy without consent (rape) unless the court is very perverted …


I read with interest the posting of Punithan Shan and PEMUDA MIC BLOG At first I was very angry with the comments of Blogger MARGEEMAR ( I even posted my comment in Punithan Shan’s blog to express my sympathy and support for what I had assumed as an uncalled attack by MARGEEMAR on Punithan. However, I did take the trouble to read up Margeemar’s blog and Punithan’s blog and their previous postings. What I felt was utter disgust and anger not at Margeemar but with Punithan Shan and his comrades from Pemuda MIC. I was really taken for… Read more »


It will be a hard time for me to go through if Dato Seri Anwar is successfully been accused AGAIN. Bring down Um-NO forever!

MY Portal

Don’t our BN politicians feel ashame at all? If they do, how could they sleep at night?


To all malaysians,

whichever GOD we are praying to, please let us pray together
for justice to prevail in this country.


Only one will survive this either DSAI or umno, we be watching the mother of all battles Anil.Only one result will suit all MALAYSIANS THE DEMISE OF UMNO RIP.


desperate times call for desperate actions?


i am 24 now, when the first sodomy episode happened i was still in school and i could not understand why people were so angry with what happened to DSAI. my family is an avid supporter of REFORMASI, i have grown up to learn a lot about the struggle that DSAI had to go thru. i have grown to respect and admire him as a a person and a leader. he is an example of a true great malaysian. at the same time i have learn to appreciate other things, such as humanity, justice and fairness, as my studies took… Read more »

new future

Drama time again – this time minus the conniving old TDM. New actors – 23 yrs old virgin a** (by now probably not as the authorities have to make a convincing point). Mahathir trained his successors well – only they were too stupid to pull the same tactic again which was a failure as the accused was acquited. When will all these gross immoral stupidity end! Fool us ONCE – unsuccessful. Try to FOOL US twice – only a MORON will do that! Best for PM to step down, go to Australia and live there for good. Please spare this… Read more »


I’m Singaporean and I have family living in Malaysia. I worry for the people of Malaysia. Its now about Malaysians uniting and making a stand for their hopes, dreams and future. I pray for all my Malaysian friends and I have many and I pray for my relatives there too. God be with all of you.


A bloody disgrace, I fear that the rakyat may not be able to tolerate this. May God save this country from the morons that run it


Motive: No surprises, things went according as planned.
To slow down Anwar with his political activities.
Objective: ‘…Court” verdict will be beyond any doubt.
Anwar will be charged and (could) loose his Parliamentary seat.
Result: (Possible) Civil disturbances by opposition supporters and good
decent citizens of this nation. Demand for Fairness and
Justice. Remove this corrupted and evil BN govt.


Anwar will be charge for Sodomy with Consent? Denial Bail?‏ By Debra Chong PETALING JAYA, Aug 6 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s campaign plans for the upcoming Permatang Pauh by-election, slated for Aug 26, may suffer a slight hiccup. His legal defence team, headed by Sulaiman Abdullah, is not certain that the veteran politician who is due to be charged for sodomy tomorrow morning will be able to obtain bail. “It’s a non-bailable offence but it is normally granted…except in the case of Anwar,” added lawyer Sankara Nair on behalf of the rest of the legal team. He was… Read more »


We are crying anil for the justice.
The others are laughing at us worlwide – … correct2 court.