Ubah rocket-style gangnam video released


The latest version of the ‘Ubah rocket-style’ gangnam parody video.

Malay version:

What do you think?

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Beautiful Malaysian and very creative video clips! However please do not display Altantuya’s photos as a due respect for her death. A well composed PR work !

Onn Wee Chin

malaysians have very poor command of English Language.
They can only understand Manglish.
So the lyrics must be tuned to cater to the needs of malaysians in order to deliver the message.
It also highlights the poor education system from BN can has caused teh damage.

Chan Peng Cheong

Well said!
Must use the type of English that Malaysians can understand.


WHAT the …? I voted DAP in, but to blame BN for the low level english? We have internet now, learn and improve your english yourself. If not, then blame your ancestors for having lousy genes that stopped you from improving your english. Don’t point fingers so fast. Plus DAP is not going to save you. Think critically, (don’t understand?, go and google the meaning), you think all those people in DAP want to serve the country and you ah? They won’t makan, wor? Oh if makan also not so big wor? If we want a better country for ourselves… Read more »

Chendol 3.0

This viral video and the book The Black Rose 1.0 are currently very HOT PANAS meletup di cyberworld.

wonder if anil can review the book The Black Rose 1.0 ?


Its just following the fad around the world. Whats wrong. Yes we have one originality. The No 1 corrupted country in the world


No class….No standard…..can’t it be a little more original…….don’t lah cetak rompak buatan korea lah…this is malaysia & not korea wei


The Bahasa version is the best. Datin B career is set if PR gets into Putrajaya, she can do corporate events, movie etc and ask for ‘cincin’ type payment..People are going to watch this just for Datin B given the latest revelation of jewelry by Deepak and Rafizi sinking his teeth into it.. In fact Rafizi should make his own video with Datin B for the election period…


So many pretty girls, but Rosmah is still the prettiest! 🙂


I like very much… but should have gotten a professional to write the lyrics. No offence Tony… but your lyrics such a mouthful and cannot remember leh except for “ubah rocket style!!”


this video will continue to haunt the corrupted ones besides creating new awareness and new fans of ABU.