Tsu Koon backs out of GE


Koh Tsu Koon has announced that he will not be contesting in the coming general election.

Instead he says he will reportedly devote his time to strategise and strengthen the party as well as decide the line-up of candidates.

No real surprise there. Perhaps the reason is to improve Gerakan’s prospects in Penang – though that is debatable whether his decision will have any effect on the party’s chances.

The question is, will he remain a ‘back-door’ cabinet minister after the polls now that he has opted out of the general election.

Tsu Koon has a lot to answer for. He has to explain who was really responsible for PGCC, the Batu Kawan land deals, the Kampung Buah Pala land sale, the Tanjong Tokong land reclamation that was privatised, the Jelutong Expressway-land reclamation swap deal, the near bankruptcy of the MPSP, etc.

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YB Karpal said please do not disturb KTK and leave him alone.
Respect KTK decision , all Penangites should thanks KTK for services rendered after all these years and KTK must relinquish all posts.
I didn’t knew that Karpal is good in giving eulogy.
KTK must be in tears hearing what YB Karpal said.


Karpal also said that Judge “Hacks (sweets)” was a hard working & Godd judge too during the funeral.
However great Karpal is – think he is just trying to be a good Statesman


Ah Soon, why don’t you contest against LGE in Bagan in the 13GE? You win, you become deputy PM! Not CM BUT PM!!!


They should have kicked (you out of) USM on that day Ah Soon.’
No one want to read your Blog so you come around and put your finger up everybody’s back***, and irritate … everyone.

Ong Eu Soon

When KTK announced that he going to join BN in USM, I was the only guy openly ask him to state his stand on various issues affecting the people, that caused a public humiliation on him when he was hesitated to answer my questions . There were uproar from the USM students who wish they can kick me out of the lecture hall. It was my untimely disturbance that resulting TCY became his political secretary as he was the one bodek KTK kau kau. Now I faced the same problem again, after 308 I start the first shot at LGe,… Read more »

Sze Tho

…yes, again you claim to be a brave voice, able to do this and that to KTK and now the same to LGE. Tall tales and empty boasts from you as usual. Must be really lonely, and craving for attention….joker.

Plain Truth

Aiyah! After missing from Penang since 308, Bo Hooh now confirms he has ran away with his tails neatly tucked behind his rear in typical Bo Hood fashion. But he still wants to be an active politician, THE point man for BN in Penang no less. So Anil is right. He has still to answer for his many sins, oops scams, that Anil and our fellow Penangites have raised and for which we are still paying. Can’t imagine why he doesn’t have the decency to do the honourable thing though after all the names he has been called and contempt… Read more »


KTK ‘s only mistake was to ‘kow-tow’ to Umno during his reign! I respect him for calling up LGE on the night of march 2008 and willing to hand over power peacefully!!! A real gentlemen! But his promise of not joining the cabinet via backdoor as a senator was Not kept. Now he is resigning due to Umno’s pressure to take over Penang BN! … a ‘deal’ (may have) already (been) offered to KTK as special envoy…..blah…blah…same in the mould of the … Samy velooo.. If he accepts that….well he will lose the little respect that I still have for… Read more »


What more can you KTK do?
The people of Penang had rejected you in 2008. Your own party reluctantly have you as their President.
Your BN comrades won’t even touch you with a six- foot- pole, for fear you drag them down one more time.
So what can you possibly do except to “say sayonara” and go into peaceful retirement, like many others before you?.


Actually I think there is a fighting chance for KTK and Gerakan to win 1 or 2 seats if they chose carefully. They could get an upset in some mixed constituency where the Malay, Mamak and Indian form a sizable populace such as in PKR area or area like Bayan Lepas State Constitutncy. In DAP Chinese constituency area he and Gerakan is 100% out.


By his action he is not sacrificing himself but sending his whole team of Gerakan candidates to be slaughtered at the next GE making it easier for LGE to win landslide in Penang again.


KTK was (sacrificed) by Umno!


So you are saying he surrender?


AlbertG : Yes in a way he unwittingly surrender himself

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone, This political eunuch confirms he is really one, wouldn’t dare contest and offer the electorates a chance to question him on “PGCC, the Batu Kawan land deals, the Kampung Buah Pala land sale, the Tanjong Tokong land reclamation, the Jelutong Expressway-land reclamation swap deal, the near bankruptcy of the MPSP, etc.” as correctly put by Anil! Worse still if he contests and to show he has some semblance of credibility left, he has to stand against LGE as demanded by even his compatriots in Gerakan! He fears that he would thoroughly thrashed in Pg the next GE. Moreover,… Read more »

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

Koh Tsu Khoon and Gerakan are irrelevant to Malaysian politics now and we have to thank the far sightedness of Penangnites in PRU 12, March 8th 2008. If not for the tremendous performance of Penangnites on March 8th 2008, we will still be sleeping idle of what bad, Barisan had done to Penang during the last 20 years! Today, three years after Pakatan came into power, three years after DAP helmed the State Government, three years after Penangnites gave their trusts to Pakatan, three years after having their trusts honoured and not betrayed, we see lights at the end of… Read more »


Encik Nazri, tell that to Ong Eu Soon & Gerakan K. They are always condemning LGE.


Whether KTK stand or not does not matter anymore as he knew he would lose anyway. If he had make a choice of standing in some mixed constituency he may have a fighting chance although very slim. By not standing he could still be appointed a Minister but then it could seal the final (political) obituary not only for himself but Gerakan as well. By standing against LGE even if he lose, at least he will still gain some respect for himself and Gerakan as well. But now its Bye Bye KTK and Gerakan. The final nail is now to… Read more »


I can believe those who plead that KTK was personally clean and did not engage in corrupt practices.

However, there is plenty to indicate that he allowed many possibly corrupt or unethical deals to proceed by default or condoning it.
Yes, Ah Koon still has plenty to answer for.

On top of that, he’s still loitering all over the country , and overseas acting as Najib’s social escort….


Frankly speaking I think he is a clean and upright politician. But the thing is that to many he is really bo hood … who can`t stand up against UMNO and be an equal partner. By that action, he has allowed many of UMNO cronies to benefit during his governance.


Frankly speaking I think he is a clean and upright politician. Not Really!
BUT frankly speaking a Boh Lan Hoot WRONG for the job. We Penangites suffered as a consequence of his unwarranted deeds of irresponsibility and cowardice. Ask his conscience (if he’s bravely prepared for it) in his sunset years reminiscing his incompetent leadership of ostrich politics.
He’s a joint liability for ‘crime of politics’ of Apanama’s racism and state discrimination and deprivation of unforgivable proportion.

najib manaukau

Why bother to spend his time or money in the coming election knowing full well he is going to know what will happen to his political future. Besides he did not have to get elected to become a minister and he knows that, just become the lackeys of the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons … that is all he has to do.


KTK cannot leave now. The whole of Penang would fully support him. No two ways about it. We will support KTK Boh Hood to stand in any State or Federal seat in Penang.
This shows no respect to the people of Penang. We want you! Don’t leave us in a lurch KTK!
(before you guys shoot me down, I just said we ONLY fully Support KTK to stand anywhere in Penang)

Jambul Kid

To opt out from GE contest is no big sacrifice-it is a reality call;he will lose any seat he contests anyway.He is obviously afraid to be humilated again – after the last ‘tsunami’ annihilation of his Gerakan control of Penang. If he is sincere, he should resign as party president and as well as a cabinet minister.As a leader he is a dismally failure;seen as a weak leader,spent time grovelling at the feet of his master, Umno; and be the apologist for all the faults of Umno.Only once did he act as a true leader (we shall remember this)-making a… Read more »


You know what is Bo Hood? And how does Bo Hood will do? Let me tell you Bo Hood means no guts. So to put in a nicer way, Bo Hood tell us he sacrifice himself from contesting in the next GE when the actual case he knows he will lose. Ha ha ….We are not kindy kids.

Ong Eu Soon

KTK is formally a history now. Let move forward and forget about him!



Can you be specific what KTK has to answer for?

I thought BN leaders are spared of any prosecution if they resign peacefully?


I thought BN leaders are spared of any prosecution if they resign peacefully?

If that is the case, it pays to be political criminals. Even for ONE term.
What’s the point of election of crimes?

Andrew I

And his press secretary Gherkin will do his utmost to do that, won’t you, Gherks?

Randy Savage

Penangites lost a generation of progress under Boh Hoot especially with many brain drain matters (cream of penang moved to Klang Valley & Spore in the 90s!).

Boh Hoot should remain to be accountable for his “kow tow” to federal mafias.


For Boh Lan Hoot will be vilely remembered as the last political eunuch (not emperor) of Penang Dynasty of Barang Naiki Syndrome.
Let this be a lifelong-lesson for any aspiring and brave politician wanting to lead Penang for good and prosperity for all and not for “kow towing” like a …-less (political) ostrich shamelessly practicing Bodek-from-the-back.


Koh Tsu Koon should have been history a long time ago. If he had kept his word and not accepted the backdoor Senate route to become a minister, at least he could have kept a tiny bit of pride though his party was essentially wiped out in the March 2008 GE. But no, he reneged on his word. And now, he is the subject of open derision not from all around, including loud sniggers and blatant criticism from within the party he is still president of. I simply cannot understand how his skin could be so thick that he insist… Read more »


How can Gerakan do any reform at this juncture when election is just around the corner?

Koh is surely a selfish person, put personal interest above the party.

Gerakan is doomed for sure.


Whoever is now chosen to be Penang BN chairman would have too little time to manuever, and Penangites have more or less make up their minds to give LGE & Co another term.

It would indeed take a miracle to change this.

That’s why BN is saving its resources to direct at Kedah and Selangor. In the meantime, DAP is sending its strong candidates to Johor to decimate MCA !


You know the real crime is? He is spared from a huge humiliation he deserve. Now he don’t have to contest, probably get a cushy job somewhere and idle away without getting a big wedgie he deserves..

Andrew I

Haha, big wedgie. Considering he is bo hoot, he won’t feel it at all.

Where’s Gherkin? Time for damage control. Maybe he could stand in. It’s a good reason to stop stuffing your face, Gherkin. You don’t want to come across as a glutton, do you?

Andrew I

Oh dear, looks like Gherkin has gone to Siam. Never mind, here’s an interesting piece by Wong’s side-kick: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/11/18/nation/9927010&sec=nation Two interesting bits for the benefit of those who refuse to visit the Star Online: “The most worried man was probably Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who immediately portrayed it as Umno forcing Dr Koh to go. That is such a lame story. Lim is beginning to sound like an old record and that tired song about everything being the fault of Umno is beginning to wear thin. He should be more original in his story-telling.” AND “Penangites have been quite… Read more »


2 points I beg to differ: A) Kit Siang defeated him in Tanjong in 1986 but in 1995, he defeated Kit Siang in Tanjong Bungah. How come? For all I knew, there (could have been) massive ‘movement’ of fresh postal voters to that constituency. Ask Apanama puppeteer. B) Dr Koh is basically a pleasant, intellectual type in an occupation that currently requires a tough and bold character and even a little nastiness a nice guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. This Boh Lan Hoot was the ‘perfectly-wrong guy for Penang for almost 20 wrong donkey-like years. Or… Read more »


Beyond politics, here’s a biological song for this species:
Flanders and Swann The Ostrich Song

dedicated to ostrich lovers of Gelak-Gelakan


The most cushy job for most defeated personnels is to be posted as a diplomatic ambassador oversea. That way he can get a fat paycheck with free housing, car and perks and enjoy himself oversea away from all of you. hahaha.