Too much is at stake


This coming general election promises to be a watershed in our country’s history. There is a growing consensus that we cannot allow things to carry on as they are if we want to prevent the country from plunging into an abyss.

Here’s what is at stake: We all know the record on corruption has been abysmal. That billions of ringgit have been lost is common knowledge in coffee shops the length and breadth of the country.

Thus far we have been saved by our rich natural resources especially oil. But the oil is running out now. Unfortunately, the fat cats have not stopped feeding from the trough.

Full article on the Aliran website.

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“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy

Now, instead of being self-helpless, self-defeating and dependent on ‘crutches’, we can do something (at the very least without bribe money) for the country in our individual capacity:
CHANGE it for the better comes GE13.

Leaders come and go, but our future, good or stinking coming our way is in our votes.


Over the Chinese New Year, some of the people I’ve met have taken to the view, “we cannot allow things to carry on as they are if we want to prevent the country from plunging into an abyss. ” means going back to supporting Barisan Nasional, supporting them to regain the fallen states and their 2/3 majority…. Its unfortunate, but these people have real concerns, and they are not just cybertroopers or UMNOputras. They have a real fear that continued intense political competition between BN/UMNO and PR distracts the country from focusing on government. PR needs to win them over… Read more »


There is always a price to pay for any good cause. But if one is too accustomed to the gravy train cronyism of ‘you scratch my back, I scratch yours’ for his own too-good material life, then he will not last long to see to any meaningful change for the betterment of his country. Boleh Land has too long fed the Rakyat (from the kampung folks to the educated to the businessmen of Ali-Baba theatrics) this ‘hinged’ + fear (of change cum repercussions) mentality of instant comfort, luxury and power too irresistible to dislodge from the fixated but weak minds… Read more »

Plain Truth

Continue with the unabated looting of the national coffers coupled with the escalating national debts and we are well and truly on the way to exporting maids. Perhaps then, our kampung cousins will realise the follies of their election choices.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone !!!

Dragon Boy

Many people are disgusted with ” politikus ” …….many in our country …… recognise them if u notice that they say one thing in the morning and something else in the evening …… real chameleons. The voters have empowered u to talk the truth. Truth will always prevail . Many of our miseries have its roots in the continuation of NEP in another form called NDP by Mahathir after 1990. We are left behind many Asian tigers and we’ve to catch up…….only the Right type of policies will do that . Help the needy among Malaysians ……no Malaysian will grudge… Read more »


and yet there are many naive gullible voters that still support & allow things to carry on as they are!
And there is nothing you can do about it!


You, we and all of us can do something about that. Go tell them that we need the change. Only than can we succeed.


Obviously you haven’t campaign ‘door-to-door’ for Pakatan before in the rural area.


It’s a time of the year when we Chinese gather for the new lunar celebration. Relatives and friends coming back from China, HK, Singapore or Australia will ask how are you doing. One can’t help but meekly reply with one’s below progressive economic and material living standard compared to them emigrants to the lands of greener pastures. Turn on the Astro and we see more progress in the Land of the Dragon – China. Their leaps and bounds of progress since the late 80’s baffle even the most pessimistic of communist China. From Shenzhen, Beijing, Dhalian to Outer Mongolia, from… Read more »

najib manaukau

(Those) in Umno must have different views with you Anil, I am sorry to say that ! To me the more they spend the better it is for the country, that is the only way to stop them from thinking they are rich, provided it can stop them from enriching themselves. Otherwise the nation will keep borrowing until the day will inevitably come when no one will lend them anymore. That will be the time when they will have to wake up from their slumber and do the right things and the people will without any persuasion kick them out… Read more »


to all “tham chiap kuis” in Penang who are going to have a buffet at barang naik open house at tanjung marina 2nd day of lunar new year :

Fill your stomach as much as possible; and pocket if ang pows are given.
Ultimately after the function forget all the sandiwara talk and go back still thinking of how pakatan can help the nation just like what they have done to penang since 308.


nothing much there except a giant dragon ballon.
barang naik ladies gave away Msia & barang naik flags.
as for the food served, sorry to say they are sub-standard and in fact Helen Ong the food critic will only give poor ratings.
i saw longer genuine q at PISA on new year day.

Ahmad Sobri

The only way out, the only way out is to throw this corrupt and irresponsible government of the day out for good! Will Malaysians rise to the occasion? The upkeep of the corrupt UMNO/sycophant parties will ensure the downfall of Malaysia and Malaysians! Every institution of the Government is being treated like their own property, the police, MACC, judiciary, you name it folks. Folks, the country is really in deep trouble but the irresponsible MSMs are painting a rosy picture of our economy to the people. One trillion ringgit had been reportedly laundered out of the country, and who are… Read more »