DAP’s Esplanade rally draws 50000


Thousands have flocked to Pakatan rallies at the Esplanade in Penang Island and Permatang Pauh on mainland Penang as news of the DAP decision to use PKR and Pas logos as a back-up alternative sweeps across the state.

At the Esplanade, one eyewitness estimated the crowd at 50000, as the full impact of the ROS decision sinks in.

The DAP ceramah at Esplanade - Photograph: Padma Hannah Zachariah via Facebook
The DAP ceramah at Esplanade – Photograph: Padma Hanna Zachariah via Facebook

At Permatang Pauh, some 2000 people have gathered for a PKR ceramah at Kubang Semang while on the island, a large DAP rally is in progress at the Esplanade.

Not surprisingly, blogger Papa Gomo has apparently seen the light and is reportedly not going to stand as an independent in Permatang Pauh. Instead he will back the BN candidate.

If you attended these rallies, share with us what you witnessed.

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Meanwhile at the Kelang Megafeast (that breaks Bolehland book of dubious records), Michelle Yeoh praised Najib’s leadership and urged the people to continue to support him. We should not ever think she is Aung San Soo Kyi’s alter ego. Soo kyi and her honour is miles apart from Michele the actress only. She is only an actress who is paid to do play act like that night she … to praise (Najib). I cannot forgive Mchelle Yeoh for her continuing her support for a corrupted government. She of all should know the situation of Malaysia. Perhaps these same millionaires who… Read more »


looks like tunglang has lost his ‘food-taste” now that he has disappeared from anilnetto.com radar & has appeared “uncertain” on which one to vote for ????

could Michele Yeoh’s factor has changed his mind ? Or could his 308 hanchaing spirit being wasjed away by 1Dance last Saturday ????

with or without tunglang, penang street food shall continue to flourish under the moon, and eyes and roket’s clean caring !!!!!


Have gone to several DAP stronghold ceramah over the weekend including MCA and Gerakan ceramah in Klang Valley. Its over for them, without the dinners. the turnout for BN component is PATHETIC not even 1% against DAP..


Well well it seem that ROS are a very hardworking lot.
First time I see a govt servant delivering documents at 10 pm in the night
This is what we call People`s Power.

landak tua

BN could be listening to its feng shui master that the rocket logo is too auspicious, and the qi at Han Chiang school field must be diverted to BN such that the 1malaysia concert there could do the trick. However, the feng shui master could never change the decision of the rakyat, who are resolved to vote for Rocket, Moon or Eye!!!


The bEnd is indeed going to happen on May 5. There is no doubt about it. Thanks to ROS for the impetus!


The power of the Internet and smartphones is well demonstrated here that the DAP is able to draw such a mammoth crowd within such a short period.

tan tanjong bungah

This is a sight that Perkosa BN Chairman Teng C Yeow dread to see! Such a huge crowd portends what is to come on May 5! Vote in a 2-party system! Enough is enough of the rampant and blatant corruption and cronyism of UMNO Baru and BN!!

Gerakan K (Team)

50000 ??? Please learn how to count first.

Watch my word, I predict the success of Penang BN 4321 strategy to recapture Penang.

People want DOUBLE windfall as promised by BN !!!

p/s: Are you ready to embrace PAS ultimate aim of PAS hudud as Dap already join them in this election ???

SL Wong (@wong8898)

I’m sure Chinese will not scare or afraid of PAS hudud law now and the most scary is for us to live with shame, no dignity & torture under the rule of devil BN that is full of manipulations, corruptions, injustice, undemocracy, racist & inhumanity treatment. We rather die than live with shame. In this critical moment, we Chinese must standout & make them hear loudly & clearly we are not afraid of PAS hudud & we are align with PAS to defence our lovely country from keep molesting by the devil BN and it must be fully … disappeared.… Read more »


Just like Utusan Gk & his team will be counting only 500 No wonder our education and mathematics standard has gone down no thanks to BN UMNO governance. With DAP in PAS there will no hudud With UMNO and MCA, Gerakan and MIC and the likes of Perkasa Noordin, Ibrahim there will soon be a day for UMNO HUDUD FOR ALL. That is the reason Ibrahim, Noordin and their likes were kick out but UMNO accept them One that belittle the Hindu religion with the other calling for the burning of the Bible and insulting Chinese culture but the 1Malaysia… Read more »


Put your money where your mouth is. I say PR will leave UMBO/BN eating dust in PEN.

Mlaysian In Action


you can get pic and insight here also


gee… tks !!! bet the powers that be are shivering in their pants now…

Chuan - Sg Ara Hill

We are flying home to Penang from Sydney to Vote! JOM 100% was the called I received from Datuk Ambiga. Just do it! we will make a difference in this GE13 and make Malaysia a better place.


We needebry vote to neutralize the dubious ones.


The end is nigh for BN UMNO Ah Cheat and the MCA pornstar together with the boo hood Gerakan and lame duck MIC


why dont you talk to your mother n father?

Andrew I

They’re part of his team crony, together with his grandchildren who addresses him by his English name…which is John Thomas for those of you who didn’t know.

Hee hee.

David Chew

As in 1969 and 2008, Penang will once again lead in the PR takeover of Putrajaya on 5 May 2013. Maintain this tradition of PENANG LEADS with tenacity and grit.