This chart explains why folks in Sarawak are concerned


Just look at this constituency redelineation proposal for Sarawak and you will understand what is at stake.

Source: Rise of Sarawak Efforts,

For more information, check this out.

If this can happen in Sarawak, just wait and see what is in store for the peninsula.

It explains why with only 47 per cent of the popular vote, the BN was able to win the majority of seats in Parliament.

Pakatan, with 51 per cent of the popular vote, was unable to clinch power.

Back then, I felt that opposition parties would need something like 55 per cent or more of the popular vote to win a comfortable majority of parliamentary seats.

If there is a fresh redelineation exercise in the peninsula, would Pakatan then need something like 60 per cent or more of the popular vote to win a clear majority of parliamentary seats?

This is why we have to pay careful attention to the redelineation of seats.

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It won’t be just Sarawak. Its the entire country. With only 31% of the Malay approval rating, and two years more to GE, Najib and UMNO will need to win with these kinds of numbers..Singapore assesment of Najib is the most accurate – Opportunistic, there is no real plan, no real idea, he will (allegedly) grab hold of any opportunity to cheat, lie, buy until he is forced to out..


Your good friend, ktemoc from Air Itam, Penang would say otherwise


Safe Deposit of Sarawak being expanded to counter peninsular’s declining stocks.

BR1M increment sought by Gerakan Mah is irresponsible to future generation only to secure survival of irrelevant Gelakan?


Gerakan invited Ah Jib to its delegates conference to seek assurance that non Malays are not pendatang?


Gerakan still loves Snake Oil Seller’s soothing reassurance.
Never ever learn the lesson of once bitten …, twice shy.
Gerakan memang selalu Gelakan Rakyat Malaysia.


After Ah Jib proclaimed Gerakan folks to be ‘sons of Malaysia’, Gerakan Mah got excited and vowed to ‘pak si Bo chou’ (Hokkien: pukul mati tak lari) in Penang.


Inspiration words by Mah for his Gerakan folks:


What use is BR1M when you ended up paying more thro’ GST?
Gerakan > Gelakan pls lah go learn using the abacus.
You useless …

kuning cilik

Gerrymandering is the hallmark of Barisan Nasional.
That is why Najob can hold on to power with minority votes.
Bersih 5.0 should come soon.


Control EC and you will become the government, simple as that.


Very well said benny, this is what najib is doing !!! Thks to dr m and also the people who had been voting for dr m in the past…