‘There is an emptiness in Penang now…’


No more free makan, no more free beers, no clowns, no more free 1Malaysia traffic jams, no more 1Malaysia flags adding to visual pollution, no more clowns and entertainers, even some politicians are shutting down their service centres.

MCA and Gerakan will have to seriously reevaluate their role and relevance now or tutup kedai; so too with Parti Cinta Malaysia, whom very few voters cinta-ed. Is there any future for race-based parties in urban Malaysia?

Penangites emphatically rejected the BN by even bigger margins. Penang PR bagged 65.7 per cent of the popular vote at the state level, an increase of 7.7 per cent from 2008. For parliamentary seats, it increased its share of the popular vote by 4 per cent to 67 per cent. But we also need a credible system of checks and balances in Penang to evaluate the state government’s performance.

What the general election has shown is that many urban Malaysians with more access to other news and views cannot be bought. In fact, the vote-buying disgusted many people (even as some of them tucked into the free food, saying it was their money after all).

The other lesson we have learned is that no amount of flags and posters can put the shine on a political party that resorts to unethical practices and vote-buying *through free dinners, etc) as seen in Penang, for instance. Those in urban areas are not likely to be swayed by these paraphernalia for they form their opinions through other means. In this we are maturing as a developed society, similar to trends in overseas countries, where few voters are influenced by banners and posters strung on street lamps, bus-stops, roundabouts and other public places. Many Penangites were actually turned off by the visual pollution of all those flags swamping the state.

Now, please clear up the mess left behind by those 1Malaysia flags. See this article by Pro Change on the Aliran website.

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Will Najib still build the Pr1ma affordable homes as planned in Penang island?
Any update, Anil?

I think Pakatan can easily take over the service centres vacated by MCA/Gerakan.


Nak Cheat’s lion dance shows it all: Hiding with cunning lion smile, crouching lion’s hidden hand manipulation (you don’t see hands in lion dance, do you?), fake drumming for Chinese support, wrong lion steps not in line with Chinese aspirations.
Wong Fei Hung did it better.

semuanya OK kot

Cleaning up election banners and posters: EC is supposed to use the candidates’ deposits after a certain number of days to do the clean-up. But I am sure that by now, most of us can imagine the excuses it will give us.


The Penang and Selangor government must continue to show that they are the yardstick to measure by when comparing how the administration of the government is supposed to be carried out. If Penang and Selangor can continue to lead the way and show all Malaysians what good leadership and good administration is then I can’t see how BN can continue to fool the people that have voted for them in this election if they can’t even come close to Penang and Selangor. I don’t think PR supporters are going to allow Penang or Selangor to get carried away with their… Read more »


This is a very sad day. It is unbelievable that MCA still won 7 seats. The objective was to wipe them out completely. Zero seats for them was the target. It is not enough to see Liow crying. For all the sins MCA did to their community selling the community out in the process where you cant even get a place to study in the University without having to sell or mortgage your house. What happened? MCA should have wiped out clean off the slate of this good earth. This is truly depressing.


Gerakan K, Lets talk like gentlemen. What the Service Centers did were Free Petition Writers. They did a good job no doubt. Understand that Malaysians in Big cities were fed-up of rampant corruption, rampant corruption and rampant corruption. On the top of that BN was blantantly seen to continuously harass those who are not with them. Gerakan/MCA kept an uneasy silence. Eventhough ADUN Tg Bungah was constructively against the PR Govt in Penang on hill slope development, he was respected by the Leaders. That is the MISSING FACTOR in MCA/Gerakan. Lets be fair and I am talking to you as… Read more »


Yes free petition writer or solving and helping an illegal entity such as ah long …

king kong

sure very quiet. 1malaysia club – now pokai, bankrupt and will they get reimbursement from UMNO?

Even Gerakan K is sing sound of silence, bridge over trouble water and my way.


BeeEnd Kedai Runcit (sundry shops) may run out of subsidised supplies due to overspent monies. GK may have to ask for ‘tolong’ from hardworking Chinese sundry shops in Air Putih & Ayer Itam.


Anil bro, now we need to heal the rifts and getting down to running the malaysian economy. I think UMNO has got the message loud and clear and PAS is also still in shock. DAP has been gracious in victory as DAP has always been. I think Anwar needs to cool his jets now and get down to running the opposition smoothly. Najib i think is going to see rough weather ahead as UMNO president. If UMNO has any vision for the future then they need people like KJ to run UMNO otherwise susah la.


Scheming & cheating & then asking for reconciliation is all too familiar with us who experienced this sort of racist conmen game since the formation of BeeEnd.
Their survival at the helm of Putrajaya depends on Rakyat’s day to day handwork to contribute to the national coffer that is ripe for their daily leeching. Without such ‘kutty scheme’, I don’t think they will last or willing to serve the nation.
50+ years of such nonsense is enough.
Be prepared to see more emigration in the coming years.


Yes Anil. Looks like things are moving back to normal. On the other hand, I really think it was unnecessary for USM students to come out with “No To Racism” Banners. While all of us agree we don’t need racism, students should go back to the studies, and focus on the studies. There are more ways now to raise awareness than a street protest.


Yeah we need a ‘credible’ system of checks and balances BUT not those clowns who occupied the opposition bench in the Penang State Assembly for the last 5 years! You need to define ‘credible’ in this case.


In this sense, civil society will have to step up to apply the check and balance to see if CM Lim is what he claim himself to be.


There is one curious little thing no one has ever been able to answer me correctly..Gerakan, MCA used and is sticking to their threat not to take up any position offered by UMNO. But Mahathir himself, while making racist rantings, has said its not a good idea and even keep a crack open on the possibility of DAP joining BN.. Why would Mahathir care about Chinese not being represented if he is such a racist? Because he wants to maintain a facade so that he can do all his despicable … activities? Why would he care so much about maintaining… Read more »


Simple answer. Just because you like to lie, does not mean you like to have a long nose. Its all about keeping the people you steal from from seeing what you truely are. Having chinese in the mix allows for the devide and rule formula to continue on the pretense BN is the solution.


Plus Chinese in general make more money, so why chase away the ‘hardworking goose that lay free tax monies’? This Kutty has evil brains but not too smart than (others) who see it all in his unpalatable kutty schemes. Even my teen children know what he is up when he opens his mouth from Helang Island.


Penangites made history. First time in history, 2 BN/MCA candidates lost their deposit. Both of them are above 55 years old, 1 of them a former state assemblyman. The signal is clear, old and recycled candidates are rejected. Transformasi konon.


What is left now is to evaluate on the fraud that have perpetuated that decimate the rightful candidates. The fight is still not finish yet.

Gerakan K

OK, suddenly there was no fraud in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan where pakatan has won these states. That is pakatan logic. Loud and clear. And I agree anil comment: “MCA and Gerakan will have to seriously reevaluate their role” MCA and Gerakan should close all service centers since the people who received endless assistance not voting MCA and Gerakan. This is not a fair world. A dumb MCA/Gerakan candidate who work hard servicing people for donkey years voted out and a parachute candidate from somewhere won. Is this fair ??? It is time for people experience what is people called… Read more »


Of course there was clear fraud in Penang because everyone witnessed it but you were blind. We were treated to 1Malaysia dinners, beers, entertainment and lucky draws nightly in what was a clear attempt to buy our votes with money. Fortunately, those living in urban Penang were smart and could see through their even intention. What about those in the rural areas where putting food on the table for a family can be a huge burden? Would BN continue to give them easy money as they did before the general elections? If UMNO doesn’t reform to the aspirations of the… Read more »


Only a dumbster would say there is no fraud in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan. Its the massive support that gave PR the big majorities that overcome these phantom votes. We do not just vote for a longkang MP or assembly man. We vote for an MP or assemblymen that is not corrupt or a minister or PM that hides (alleged link to) murder such as Alta or corruption such as the Scorpene 1 billion or PKFZ corruption scandal. Only a dumb donkey would think that by giving the people some free food and concert that he think the people would… Read more »


Gerakkan K
Everyone knows BN’s dirty trick. On the outside, they service – but their members …? Star will talk loud about making cleans, donate their spare parts, development but belakang…?


You have just written your own … warrant by closing all your service centres. That’s why I’m saying that you have become irrelevant and come GE14, you do not have to show up to contest coz the door will be shown to you by the people of PEN. Rakyat Sudah Bangkit.


Actually how many has been brought in the Air Putih area. I think not much has been given out or most probably a lot which are supposed to be given out were not given out but into the agent pocket.


Yang, less than 2k Air Putih residents came and (allegedl) collect the RM500 and our guy always remind them to put the money in their pocket and vote for Rocket. Now the fat one is very angry with us for playing him out after spending so much on our area, RM250k per night for 10 nights. We arranged for all the food (Rm1k each hawker), entertainment and beers. We also donated Rm300k to the temple. We may be naughty but we still have dignity. We are also the one guarding at kong min school. We chased away one bangla …… Read more »


Most of the dirty ground works done by Chinese gangsters, right? Including the rempits? It’s all money can do anything, irrespective. I heard from a gang man’s mouth: Rm100 per Blue flag! Fatt Tatt Choy Loh!!! Sometimes, (we) must have dignity not to accept dirty monies, whether for food, beer, free money, donation, free show, etc. This is the weakness of being a …. Money Face but Unaccountable Against Evil (according to Nak Cheat who in the end got ‘conned with little votes’). Now the emptiness has caused a longing for such freebies till the next GE. Pakatan better save… Read more »