The secret meeting on 11 March 2008


Khalid Samad, the MP for Shah Alam, had a bad throat and was sucking lozenges. He had been barn-storming the ceramah trail, countering criticism from his one-time Pas ally, Hasan Ali, that there was a “parasite” group within the party.

His hoarse voice last night did not stop him from addressing about 80 villagers in a little kampung in Tasik Gelugor and later a few hundred others gathered at the PKR office bungalow in Tasik Gelugor town.

Wearing a black haj cap, Khalid denied he was such a parasite in the party. “As far as I know, a parasite is one that feeds on a mature organism, like a plant on an older tree,” he said. “I joined Pas in 1983 and Hasan Ali joined in 1998. How then can I be a parasite when I have been around longer?”

In fact, Khalid said he supported and welcomed Hasan when he entered the party.

But the bad blood began to surface when the 2008 election results started trickling in.

Although the non-BN candidates were waiting for the results to be released in dribs and drabs until 5.00am (on 9 March), Umno already knew they had lost Selangor by 8.00pm the previous night, recalled Khalid. That night, Hasan was in discussions with the Umno people for a possible alliance, alleged Khalid.

Matters came to a head when a meeting was arranged between Abdullah Badawi and Khir Toyo from the BN and Hasan and Pas president Hadi Awang, three days later.

Umno members, alleged Khalid, were touting Hasan as the next MB of Selangor, fuelling his ambitions – provided he could get Pas to join forces with the BN in Selangor in a coalition state government.

The Selangor state election results (seats):

PKR – 15
Pas – 8
DAP – 13
(Pakatan – 36)

Umno/BN – 20

Total – 56 seats

So you can see, Umno needed Pas’ eight seats to tie the Selangor State Assembly at 28-28, explained Khalid.

Just before the Umno-Pas meeting, when Khalid suspected something was up, he confronted Hasan angrily and asked him where he was going.

As Khalid recalled, Hasan was taken aback by the rebuke and vague in his response. “Even my father never spoke to me like that,” Hasan said.

“Well, this is not your father’s party either!” retorted Khalid.

When Pas leaders got wind of the meeting, they intervened but decided to go ahead with the meeting with the BN as Badawi and Khir Toyo were already waiting. But changes were made to the composition of the Pas team: it was hastily decided that Pas sec-gen Mustafa Ali would represent Hadi while Khalid Samad and Nasha would accompany him.

The secret meeting was held at a bungalow behind Parliament.

“Khir Toyo was standing around, looking as if he was the waiter, and he even poured me drinks,” Khalid told the amused villagers.

Toyo, he observed, looked pale and not his usual self. “Maklumlah, sudah hilang kerajaan negeri Selangor,” Khalid recounted.

At the meeting, it was pointed out that the new Selangor government lacked a Malay-Muslim majority among its ranks. With PKR’s eight Malay-Muslim members (out of its 15 winning candidates) and Pas’ eight candidates, a Pakatan government in Selangor would have only 16 Malay-Muslims within its ranks of 36 winning candidates, the BN side told the Pas team.

Abdullah then asked if Pas’ eight assembly members could join forces with them (and form a Malay-Muslim dominated state government).

Khalid countered with a deal crusher: “(If you are so concerned), why don’t you give us five of your Umno assembly members instead of expecting eight of us to cross over to your side?”

That effectively ended the meeting. And the bad blood between Hasan and Khalid boiled over soon after.

“What was on the cards amounted to a betrayal of the rakyat’s wish, which was for Umno/BN to be ousted from Selangor,” Khalid would observe later.

Five months after that meeting, Hasan sacked Khalid Samad as Selangor Pas deputy commissioner and summarily dismissed Saari Sungib as Selangor Pas information chief when the latter tried to chime in, according to Pas sources.

Meanwhile, Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim tried to placate the ambitious Hasan by offering him senior positions and portfolios in the Selangor state government.

But the Shah Alam MP said a frustrated Hasan started pitting (“memperlaga-lagakan”) Pas against DAP over a number of controversial issues in Selangor that hit the headlines.

Unfortunately for Hasan, his star in the party began to fade. The motivational expert had secured the fourth highest number of votes in elections for the party’s central committee in 2009. But in the 2011 party polls, he could only muster 16th place among central committee candidates.

After the 2011 polls, he was not chosen as the Selangor Pas commissioner.

The last straw came when Hasan’s own party division in Sri Gombak did not select him as their candidate for the coming election, said Khalid.

The writing was on the wall for Hasan, who these days has been going all out in his campaign against Pas.

Later last night, one Pas official told me he was concerned about the party’s prospects in Kedah and feared they could lose the state. Kedah has a problem: not enough state government revenue to see to the people’s needs.

But he thought Pas stands a good chance in Terengganu as the party has a dynamic team there. Moreover, the people in the state are still poor despite the state’s oil wealth. Selangor, he felt, was 50-50.

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NK Khoo

Raka Petra did tell the same story in 2008.

Phua Kai Lit

That was then.

I have a very hard time believing RPK’s writings now.


This explains why Hassan Ali behaved the way he did. So close to becoming MB of Selangor. PAS did the right thing for not trusting Umno under the circumstances.


Good account. If one thing is shown, its that PAS is a matured political organisation and handled the issue, difficult for them, so well.

Hasan Ali remain a problem but in the final analysis he is but a predatory salesman preying on the most defenseless. He sells over-fear and over-promises. With such a predator, the best negating way is to simply be a bigger predator.


Penjelasan untuk Gerakan K :

Pakcik 31-8-1957

cancerous parasite must be terminated otherwise the fatal virus may spread its dangerous roots. we’re living in multi-cultural society and it’s suicidal to the universal core values if one try to impose its exclusive beliefs onto others. Go beyond tolerance and acceptance of others are crucial for long term survival of our nation.
ubah our mindset to have 1st world mentality in acceptance of core human basic values.

Gerakan K

This is one-sided story of PAS in-fighting drama. Pakatan is not stable. A vote for Dap is a vote for PAS. PAS will not hesitate to introduce hudud when pakatan have enough MPs. Look at Pas directions now. Even not enough MP/ADUN seats, they also push for concert ban, cinema ban, valentine’s day celebration ban, alcohol ban, and much more BAN BAN BAN. Let’s united to say no to PAS by voting BN. Dap can’t control PAS. PKR also can’t control PAS. Let BN win and only BN can control PAS. Let BN build more low cost houses in Penang… Read more »

Andrew I

Only BN can control PAS. Then why is PAS not in BN?

Gerakan K

Think carefully my reasoning below:

the only way to control PAS is to PERMANENTLY make PAS as opposition with no executive power to change our constitution to support hudud.

I expect thoughtful reply to my reasoning.

Andrew I

And I expect you to be a little bit more honest with us. Tell us again how to change the constitution via executive power? Has this been done before?


You see, you say that DAP cant control PAS but Najib says PAS is under the control of the DAP. Are you calling your BN chairman a liar?

And tell me how the hell can hudud be implemented without a 2/3 majority? PAS doesnt even contest enough seats to form a simple majority, let alone 2/3.

Gerakan K, when you want to debate, please have the facts and don’t lie between your teeth.


I want a dual party system but what bothers me is if one party tries to push their luch so far as to force others to acept their beliefs, than it is goin to square one again eause the BN is going to capitalise on that

Richie pala

GK, since most of your points is not agreed by readers of the blog. Why don’t you prove your point by voting PR, give youself a chance to be proven right. Hudud is not end of the world, is reversible. PAS or Umno, M’sian have to choose one, like it or not. One for religion, the other for race & religion. Right or wrong, besides the point, you must choose one, right now, GE13!. Vote PAS, attached a chance for 2 parties system, trust the system, correct the process, don’t trust human. Take a shot, a chance to change! it… Read more »


If we cannot control PAS, then, let PAS control us la, what is the problem? It is good when PAS control us, and we have hudud, all the BN politicians (could) be without hands, why? And it is also good, ban alcohol, so no drink driving, no accident on the road, many lives are saved, isnt it good? Ban concert, also very good as it saves us so much of money, you think concert ticket cheap meh? Ban Valentine’s, good mah, so your son does not have to send roses to girlfriend and eat at the expensive restaurant, again save… Read more »

Andrew I

That was sooooooo well said, Kee. hahahahahaha.

Gerakan K

Your statement:
PAS is in control, no more corruption

Why you think like that ??? Any citation or scientific evidence ??? Can you educate me more on that statement ??? Are you sure PAS members are angel in disguise ???

p/s: To Fandi, this is what I call HARDCORE supporter. Not your no.1 supporter type.

Andrew I

If they are angels in disguise, then they are angels. What else you want?

Richie pala

When PAS in control, no more Umno corruption. That is a good thing, what is your problem ? you like Umno corruption? Gerakan (k) likes Umno corruption?

We are not against any race, we don’t blame Malay, but we blame Umno. I am ABU….you are NBU (nothing but Umno). At then end is ABU vs NBU….


you sure PAS no corruption?? really wow you are really that naive aren’t you?? have you seen what Nik Aziz’s son drives?? on a teacher’s salary??


No brainer GK. UMNO continue to court PAS for unity talk. If it succeed you will also have hudud law is it not. Where is your brain somewhere one half in AMMO and the other in PAS only Hassan.

Ahmad Sobri

Waste of time exchanging comments with this dude!

Whatever you say, apple polisher … if our very own Bangsa Melayu do not trust UMNO, it is apple polishers… like you that trust them.

And why can’t PAS work with the DAP and PKR? PAS/DAP/PKR is the future of this country.

We will send the corrupt BN to be the Federal Opposition!