“The (political) tsunami is happening now”


Sometimes it is the little tell-tale signs that say a lot. Like when the pau man in Penang innocently asked me just a few days before GE2008, “Why-ah everyone voting for opposition this time?”

I spoke to a seasoned political analyst in Kuching today and he related to me what a taxi driver there had shared with him.

“It’s time for Taib to go. Definitely Taib should go, Jabu should go and even Abang Jo should go,” said the taxi driver. And this driver said he was a member of the Youth wing of Taib’s PBB!

“The tsunami is happening now,” the analyst. One BN tactic, he said, seems to be to hold small ceramah just two or three doors away from large Pakatan gatherings and make a lot of noise and show a lot of loud videos, all condemning Anwar.” That’s what happened in Semariang.

Still that has not put off the opposition crowds. There were only about a hundred chairs laid out for the Pakatan event, but once Anwar arrived, they were rapidly filled up as those present listened intently to his presentation.

Over at Kampung Boyan, the Pakatan ceramah drew about 1000-2000 mostly younger people. Next door, 20-30 people gathered at a noisy PBB ceramah.

Some 10,000 people gathered at a Pakatan ceramah in Miri a couple of nights ago, while at Batu Kawah, traffic jams leading to opposition ceramahs extended five to eight kilometres, said the analyst.

Yes, something is stirring in Sarawak.

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BN has to organize Chinese concerts with Taiwanese singers to lure the chinese away from DAP’s ceramah. How desperate they have become.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Awake! Awake to the hornbill’s call
To cast votes only for the best of all
As your own leaders is not an order tall
The battle cry to change for the better mustn’t fall

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Tue. 5th Apr. 2011.


after the huge PR rallies in Miri and good weather now it is raining cat and dogs. looks like cloud seeding under way to deter crowds at PR rallies nad I bet Kuching and Sibu are also raining.


Sarawak Report has been providing good reports on Taib (administration’s) corruption and abuse of power. It is a sustained, systematic and well-researched website full of evidences-supported exposes which ordinary anti-govt website do not provide, especially the photos. Well done, Clare! You have helped tremendously to the overthrow of the hated Taib and his regime and the people of Malaysia, especially Sarawak will always remember you and your colleague Peter John Jaban.
God bless Sarawak! Long live Sarawak!


Wah! Tsunami coming to Sarawak…..nobody predicted Tsunami in West Malaysia at one time.


Good luck in Sarawak, Anil.
Beware of crocodiles and take care.


Call me stupid but I completely fail to understand how ANYBODY with even one functioning brain cell can continue to work for, cooperate with, and vote for BN. Is it plain greed, masochism – or have these poor souls been lured into a trap by black magic?


Boys & Gals,
From today till 16th of April, lets sing this song from Joan Boaz’s “We Shall Overcome”………


I suspect you are the good old tunglang…


The momentum is on PR side but they don’t seem to have a plan to take it to unpredented height. Again they are riding on an unexpected wave in 308. Internal BN polls showed this was going to happen. Why PR did not plan to leverage on it even further shows me again, they have weakneses that will still fail us. Why no demand that Najib & Muhiyiddin guarantee that the next CM will be a Dayak Christian like Baru Bian? Why no demand for a concrete plan of full Borneonisation of Sarawak & Sabah civil service including state agencies… Read more »

dahi ketiak

Before all you people get too excited about another tsumani, plse look at how the seats are distributed. the sentiment against Taib is very strong in the urban areas but in the kampungs and long houses, Taib is still very much in control. Money can work wonders, it has been proven time and again in east and west Malaysia. I’m very confident Taib will be returned to power minus a few seats in the urban areas. That’s the best the opposition can achieve, which is very sad and very bad for the development of democracy in the country. It will… Read more »


Like what I said earlier. In order to gain the confidence of the folks in the rural areas you have to make friends with the headman (pengulu). Stay with him. Eat with him. Gain his confidence after which you have to educate the folks to vote the right party.

Get Real

A picture tells a thousand words. We need pictures…

Charlie Oscar

Rest be assured, there would be no tsunami!!!

Duit Kopee

It’s good to see all this potential for change, but it will be a real uphill battle with the usual foul play expected of BN.

I suspect the vote rigging will reach new heights this time around, and the EC will play their usual … role. Without independent monitoring at all stages we will never know what the real result was.

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone, It’s reported that Peh Moh Taib has just declared, openly in front of PM, that he would only retire in a few years! The Sarawakians will have to decide for him by booting him out on April 16. Next, the question is why is he that bold to defy the top guns in BN, despite voluminous documents to show his mismanagement for the past 30 years ? Two probable reasons: (1) No fear of MACC as PM wouldn’t dare initiate action against Peh Moh on corruption and cronyism as the latter would have enough documents and evidence to… Read more »


Adoii! ..that was a (blow for) Najib…!
It’s as good as saying “Go fly kite. I will go at my convenience unless Sarawakians vote me out”.


Will YOU do it Sarawakians?

Or wait another 47 years? Take all those BN goodies and think of your children and their grandchildren. Vote Pakatan Rakyat or any party BUT BN. Send BN flying, bury BN now.

You may never have another chance if you don’t do it NOW!


This is a reflection of the IQ level of the commentators here. Taib is not a moron like many of PR fanboys seem to believe. He is not going to give a timeline for resignation for if he does that he’s a dead duck, just like Pak Lah before.

He will resign, probably just after the election for sure. Only thing that might delay it is BN’s poor performance.

So if you want Talib to go, then please vote BN !

Sarawakian First

hidup taib! hidup george! hidup bitulu tiong! hidup prarin! hidup bung! hidup $ !

SinkBNthis time

… Have you lost your marbles, Sarawakian First? Are you a Sarawakian in the first place? If you are, you are a disgrace to the majority of Sarawakians who would like to see Taib & George (defeated) this Saturday!


Anil Sorry to burst your bubble…I think you and a lot of Pakatan fanboys are getting carried away by these talks of “massive” ceramahs. We have seen this movie before and I can tell, all this gonna end in tears. It is amusing to read MK, MI and other pro-PR sites full of PR propaganda and how PR is drawing huge crowds. And people like you get caught up in this charade and when it all ends, you will look silly indeed. The reality on the ground is very different. PR is only making noise in their strongholds and what’s… Read more »


Same to u bro.

Andrew I

Maybe the Italian President might come to give Anwar some moral support as well.


Darling K,

Please do not use the term “syiok sendiri” ok? It is not so polite for a lady to use that word. Do you know what it means my darling? I will still give you a thumbs up for your comments, though I totally disagree with your views!


‘syiok sendiri’ is not a derogatory activity as it is a common practice and hobby of many of our YBs.


I agree with Pramaji it’s not derogatory word.

So it’s OK for a guy to use but not so polite for a lady? Comeon sexist, this is 2011. Were you born in 1911?

Andrew I

Don’t think she knows the difference between a president and a prime minister either. According to her, the Italian president was involved in a sex scandal. It’s actually PM Berlusconi who was involved. Hence my comment.


Dear Andrew

Thanks for your correction. But that makes no difference to the point I was making. So don’t miss the big picture for the small one.



Why are you being a MCP ? And why are you playing a moral guardian ? It there a fatwa against the word? That’s the problem with you PAS Talibans, loves to lecture down and play the moral guardians. In any case syiok sendiri is hardly a bad word, unless of course in the minds of dirty old men.

BTW I m sorry if you mistook my gender but that’s OK since it is not the only thing you are confused about so I can let it slide.


Darling K, Thank you for your reply. It had been a long time since we inter reacted with each other. It is ok for you to use syiok sendiri as far as you feel it is ok as I will always be accomodating. Let us not argue between ourselves over political matters. We can exchange views and thoughts, but, in a democracy we are free to associate with the party of our choice. While, you are correct that I had chosen to be with PAS and that for the last twenty years, please do not call us Talibans, just look… Read more »


I think you have just woken up after a long sleep. (Just like Rip Van Winkle) Hello! This is the year 2011 not 2001. The “tsunami” is heading towards the state of Sarawak and it will smashed all those who are corrupted like fallen leaves.


Yes, I agree with Eloi not to let our guards down. (The other side could) be up to its usual tricks, vote buying, undi hantu, postal votes, blackout during counting (so that they can bring out more “votes”), etc, etc. It is these that Pakatan needs to watch out for.


“(The other side could) be up to its usual tricks”??

Of course they are already up to their old tricks. In fact, I foresee that the results will be a landslide victory for BN – with a 120% voter turnout and vote count of 10% to BN, 90% spoilt votes.


Unlike Tenang, Merlimau and Kerdau, this is the real test BN. Continue with your childish petulance by disrupting PR ceramahs, got no issues against PR?

Cannot compete in terms of good governance against the PR? Sorry la,
anak Sarawak nak UBAH!

Bangkit Sarawakians! Vote Pakatan Rakyat, Bury SUPP like how Penangnites buried GERAKAN/MCA/MIC in the State Elections through your votes! No to racial politics! Aye to multinationalism!


Sounds so familiar, same scenario – Permatang Pauh in 2008, when Anwar was voted in MP.

Yo Sarawak, keep it up we are with you! đŸ˜€


Let us hope and pray that Sarawakians will vote the corrupt BN Government out in Sarawak. It will be the happiest day for all Malaysians if Sarawak falls to the PR. BN is really not expecting this, and they are at a loss as how to counter the political tsunami about to hit Sarawak. All their tactics failed miserably, first the video tape, first allegedly said to be shot in KL, then when the Thai subtitles came out, it was said to be shot in Thailand. When that did not work, they are now trying to disrupt PR’s ceramahs! This… Read more »


Two things that the dpm Muhyidin has done to irk the rakyat: 1) Interlok issue – need no further elaboration. 2) Revamping the syllabus and content of SPM Sejarah to suit BN and ketuanan concept, as correctly pointed out by Terence Fernandez in The Sun today http://www.sun2surf.com/article.cfm?id=59846 “…concerned that the teaching of history was skewed towards the political expedience and superiority of a section of the community at the expense of the others. That the contributions and sacrifices of the minority communities were downplayed, glossed over or omitted left everyone feeling bitter.” “… those sitting for the SPM are required… Read more »


Perkasa leader is‘contradicting’ herself over history books row, says historian Dr. Ranjit.



This time SUPP will be in hot SOUP, as the name suggests.


Unfortunately, residents & headmen in the longhouses are not impacted by the Tsunami.


I beg to differ, PKR under Barubian have quietly doing a lot of groundwork since early last year educating the natives about their rights and and how (the) Taib (administration) have sucked them dry for (their) own profit.
I truly believe this election will be a major upset to BN at the very least.


Let’s hope wat you said about voter education is true as currently my friends over there on their campaign rounds still encounter many who are still ignorant, gullible and naive! Very sad that they are unable to comprehend how a civil servant can be a multi-billionaire whilst they remain so poor.


Well, even educating through giving talks, printing thousands of vcds to be distributed in the interior has it limits, due to limited manpower and funds, but PR has done all it can. In the end, Sarawak future is in the hands of the natives, they alone will decide the future of Sarawak.

Let us all pray that Sarawakian rise to overcame this decades long tyranny and oppression.


The answer is EDUCATION, EDUCATION and MORE EDUCATION. Go right to the interior. Make friend with the pengulus. Stay with them, eat with them and enlighten them. After a long while you can see the result.


Dear Anil,
Don’t let your guard down. Its all too soon to claim victory.
The saying goes :
If it does and we hope it will…it will bring music to our ears.


The FAT LADY is busy laughing… She may not have another chance tho.

Andrew I

Do you mean the Boy George fan?


Do you know the weather is NOT going to be nice on voting day? You can expect heavy downpours. Genuine voters are going to find it difficult to get to polling stations. What are contingency plans to get the voters to polling stations? Remember the last by-elections. Rain and flood but still the voting was not called off. No point jumping the gun about Political Tsunami when voters can’t get to cast their votes. I hope somebody has seriously made backup plans for this.


Let us pray hard for fair weather on April 16. Plead with awesome God to intervene. Amen.