The day after: Only Mahathir could have pulled it off


Much has been written about how Dr Mahathir Mohamad played a key role in generating a People Power tsunami that ultimately swept away the corrupt Najib-led BN regime.

In the weeks till polling day on 9 May, the choice of Mahathir to spearhead the push for change proved to be an inspired one as he made sharp inroads into the Malay heartland.

But it was the tense 24 hours after polling that required all his mettle in the struggle for change: he needed all his 22 years of experience to stare down the state power apparatus.

It was this period that caught the attention of the world as wide-eyed Malaysians, with barely a few hours sleep, hung on to the drama unfolding on their screens. All eyes were on Mahathir. Could he pull off the unbelievable and secure regime change after six decades of Umno rule? The coming hours would be crucial in securing and nailing down the win for PH, which the Rakyat had handed to the coalition the day before. Full article on Aliran website



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Good writing by Anil. I suggest Anil quickly write a book (under Aliran) to recount events leading to Mahathir-led Pakatan, against all odds, seizing Putrajaya peacefully with style, and the misteps of Najib’s Umno, Liow’s MCA and Mah’s Gerakan. Anil’s can provide good insight now that the media is more open for objective viewpoints.

Also, I suggest Astro Awani cpuld invite Anil for studio analysis on post-election. I urge Sumisha Naidu of CNA to interview Anil to get good insight on Penang matters.

Xiong Yee The Anchor Boy

Author Kee Tuan Chye of no bull… fame is preparing text for new era Malaysia book. Anil can steal thunder ahead of him with Aliran print support to launch a book asap. Oredi 6K followers, could easily cover 1st print cost before offering e-book version on, Lazada or Amazon.

Xiong Yee The Anchor Boy

Anil Netto can be guest speaker on current affairs programs atsoon to be revamped Media Prima TV stations. Prof Sivamurugan should rehabilitate his new era thinking at USM to focus on academic teaching away from TVs as his views and predictions likely being unprofessionally cornered by past regime.

Xiong Yee The Anchor Boy

Anil should expand his comfort zone to become far reaching influencer especially to naive youths easily swayed by irresponsible social media.


Books are forever, but blogging may be gone in a few years time.


E books. More physical books more trees are want more trees to cut to produce books? Many books changed. New editiions and updates to include newunderstanding and research

gk ong

Anil could see his book on top of the Malaysian best seller list, possibly a hit overseas too. Is that not a motivation?

Now start writing, you have good talent in writing. Put your skills to good use.


Mavcom and SPAD should be dissolved as they are redundant when Transport Ministry could handle the duplicated functions. This is cut down wastage in redundant payroll.


Putrajaya will lay off a total 17,000 political appointees to save public expenditure, PM Dr Mahathir announced on May 16.

Heng GS

Engineer part of 17K political contract appointee?


Probe nation’s ‘biggest thief’ who resides in S’wak – NGO urges Dr M A Sarawak-based NGO has urged Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to investigate a person whom it described as the nation’s “biggest thief.” Without mentioning names, Movement of Change Sarawak (MoCS) leader Francis Siah said this person resided in the hornbill state. “A certain individual in Sarawak who was reportedly worth a staggering RM45 billion, according to a 2012 report by the Swiss-based group, Bruno Manser Fonds (BMF), is a Sarawakian,” he added. Siah claimed if the sum amassed by this person’s family and state ministers were… Read more »


Pek Moh would still be untouchable since he had been around when Mahathir was PM last time. Mahathir would focus on corrupted ones during Najib era. But Mahathir would certainly arm twisting Pek Moh.


For UMNO & its goons & arrogant loud mouths, that’s the price of sneering at an old man – downfall & shame.
Btw, where are you Engineer (with a Lego sign)???
You should ask Anil to delete your ‘mark my comment’ of downfall of Pakatan.

As for Gelakan, it is more of a Gelak-Gelak-Gelak Gelakan inspite of Bo-Hoot reappearance. Pls close shop.


I cannot see anyway how Gerakan can recover from this Hugh setback, maybe Boh-Hoot can lead the team again when he is 93?

Who is Engineer?

Xiong Yee The Anchor Boy

Engineer now at Johor Legoland to play with bricks?


Engineer Fried sotong by jib. Engineer supply faked news to emporer without clothes to tickle him. Engineer so confident like ah soon. Thus jib orso confident and think ketuanan


Engineer is out of job!
Lucky he is not under probe!!!


You miss out ah soon. He said rocket will be shot down like humpty dumpty. Instead it was his parties. His cinta malaysia party is in fact cinta dummo

Heng GS

Best for Ah Soon to move to Perlis or Pahang now, less stressful for him there but still can reach out to from there. PCM Juan can assist him with relocation.


Umno new boss Zahir still talked big at press conference this afternoon.

Remember he said he had met the Saudi donor.
Be ready to be called up for questioning by the new MACC.


Do keep up the good work and beware some apparatchiks especially one from Ayer Hitam Penang


“We were in a state of collective denial,” KJ said, adding that the coalition had misunderstood the anger of the population. “We were too drunk on our own Kool-Aid, and this is a sobering lesson for us which we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.”


Declaring victory before midnight was probably based on the vote count forms reported by PH balloting officers, not merely to add pressure. Remember the EC failed to explain the extended delay – choking off results.

“Defending Putrajaya by any means” could be interpreted as sedition.


Hidup Tun the future of Malaysia is in your hand!

izad salleh

Well put anil….tq

Ignatius Francis