The battle for Marudi is on


The battle for Marudi is in full flow. This is the scene at a PKR ceramah at 8.00pm.

Marudi tonight - Photo by Tian Chua via plixi

“Marudi is heating up! Never before such an enthusiastic gathering in this small sleepy township,” reports Tian Chua.

Incidentally, today is the 10th anniversary of the ISA arrests of the Reformasi 10, including Tian Chua.

In the 2006 poll, the SPDP-BN candidate Sylvester Entri Anak Muran thrashed a Snap candidate and two independents by a 4,284-vote majority. This time, Sylvester is up against Snap’s Edwin Dundang, a PKR candidate, and an independent.

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tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone,

Sarawakians should decide who they want to lead Sarawak – Baru Bian or Peh Moh Taib!

Quite simple to choose which one:
The one who has been proven to fight doggedly and fearlessly for NCR land of the oppressed natives,

OR the other, who has been repeatedly plundering, robbing … the NCR of the natives apart from enriching … his family and his cronies to the extent that the state is now the poorest state in the country despite the fact that it is very very rich in natural resources!


It looks that the PR is giving BN a good fight this time around. SNAP is a real pain in the back and what can SNAP do on its own when it is in political oblivion when it cannot do anything to the Sarawakians when it was in political prominence? Besides, the report carried by Sarawak Report, does not augurs well for SNAP, Sarawakians should beware, and once and for all “bury” this party like the way Penangnites “bury” GERAKAN/MCA/MIC at the polls in 2008! There is no doubt that BN will win the State Election, but the question is… Read more »


The TV news do not show the massive crowd at Pakatan’s ceramah.
They are so afraid to show that people are more interested to listen to what the opposition has to offer.


Even if PR did not win Sarawak, as long as they can deny BN the 2/3 majority or slice of BN seats by winning 20 over seat it would be a feat that could sway the wind of change in the next GE.


Someone tell PR to start screaming that Najib taking over Sarawak campaign is UMNO coming to take over Sarawak like in Sabah, Taib is exposed finally as Raja Boneka UMNO…..