Terengganu state election predictions

Flashback to the 2009 Kuala Terengganu by-election - ANIL NETTO

Tonight, we will look at the upcoming Terengganu state election.

In the 2018 state election, Pas won 22 seats out of the 32 seats (50.5% of the popular vote), Barisan Nasional picked up 10 (42.2%), and Pakatan Harapan failed to win a single seat (7.3% including Bersatu’s 1.8%).

In the 2022 general election for Terengganu parliamentary seats, Pas’ share of the popular vote soared to 62.3%, BN’s share plunged to 31.7% while PH’s share slipped to 5.5%.

This time our two pundits have come up with sharply contrasting forecasts.

Emen Jamal, the Tasik Gelugor PKR information chief, predicts that BN will create an upset by winning the state with 26 of the 32 seats.

This is quite different from what Abdul Rahman Kasim, the Tasik Gelugor Pas information chief, is predicting. He forecasts a near clean sweep, with PN grabbing 30 out of the 32 seats.

For my part, I predict a PN win in Terengganu as the Pas share of the popular vote of 62.3% last November is likely to be too high for PH to overcome.

What’s your prediction?

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Anwar slams Muhyiddin’s RM38 million spending on repair works at PM official residence


“When he was the prime minister, his priorities were distorted. He spent on repair works of Seri Perdana, which already looked like a palace. (He spent) RM38 million. Between those who are hungry, jobless, persons with disability, and the poor, you (Muhyiddin) chose to spend RM38 million on your house.”


Roof 38m? Any anyone if the roof repair is 38m? First pm roof is higher womenship standard when constructed. How many years need repair?


Question to ask is who are the contractors, are they overcharging to channel money to political party?


Terengganu is the birth place of 1MDB.

Origin story begins here.

Jock Yusof

I remember very well that in June this year, Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said the prime minister had agreed with his proposal for the “Allah” matter to be discussed by an advisory council in August, before being raised to the Conference of Rulers in October. At the same time, Sultan of Selangor urged everyone to stop politicising or debating the use of the word “Allah” by non-Muslims in Malaysia and said the Conference of Rulers will have the final say on the matter. Now Moo is going AGAINST the ruler’s advise. Moo should not politicise the “Allah”… Read more »


Sany Hamzan: Nak Tanya Muhyiddin, Azmin Ali, Apa Jadi Kes Jana Wibawa? Apa Jadi Kes Minyak Masak?


Umno veteran Abdul Rahman Dahlan has accused PAS of being “the best” at offering “bribes” to voters.
According to the former Kota Belud MP, PAS often told their supporters that a vote for PAS would bring them closer to heaven.

The Truth

This State election seems to be all about fear mongering. Rakyat can’t ask this, Rakyat can’t ask that and if they do, the bogeyman will come and take them away. After sixty years plus since independence, this has what it has come down to. Politicians do not know how to do rebuttals. Even on simple, easy issues, they feel the boat will be rocked. These politicians have taken on a phobia that our Rakyat do not or will not know how to think for themselves and therefore these politicians will have to do the thinking them. And now it is… Read more »


Race and religion issues played up by PAS and Perikatan Nasional candidates are causing unhappiness and fear among non-Malay voters in Terengganu.

Chinese residents fear PAS and PN will become even more extreme and deny minorities their rights if they win the elections.


The Truth

Such craziness just to be in power. Some politicians think the afterlife is their personal domain or property. They think it is their exclusive right to decide who goes where and what. They have forgotten that afterlife is the creation of God Himself, it is His personal property and He alone decides who goes where. He has his own deliverance system.  Mortal men/women don’t get to make those decisions, have no control over it but are subjected to it – the afterlife deliverance system. Over here on this planet/universe, Mother Nature deals with the mortal men/women and the rest of… Read more »

The Truth

Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin, much as we Rakyat would like to believe you, but to date you have not chastised one of your coalition party member who has been continuesly saying nasty things about the non’s. Neither has TSMY and we know why – Parliamentary seat difference. They are in control of the Opposition coalition.


“State polls: A Perikatan govt will be fair to all races, says Hamzah”
By Vijenthi Nair dd Tuesday, 08 Aug 202310:29 AM MYT


Right by Constitution

” I have heard many people claiming this…I am very perplexed at how the (state election) results can change the federal government.”

Federal election changes Federal government and State election changes State government. Now all the grandmother story telling Oppositions who are simply imagining things, have to do is prove this wrong with proof.


‘Bodoh punya hujah’ – Anthony Loke selar ahli Pas kata undi Umno dapat DAP di T’ganu


Tell them who are rowing champions in crossing to Europe and Uk? Why they want to row? Why can’t they wait for after life but now? Same with those walk to Poland. In Europe more enticement.


Tell those think of 3Rs. No $$$ live like Pakistan, afghans, Sudan, Lebanon,Syria. Who are those trying to row row the boats to Europe and Uk? They go there to spread their belief or to escape poverty?

Jock Yusof

This is a good speech


Pn like in the 60s talking and race and beliefs. World have changed. Temp went up to 40s and 50s. Ice melting. We started early but we are like burma. Indo, viet, Cambodia will soon overtake us even we have oil and natural resources. If they have belief and race so what? Still dig foc??


The present world is changing fast. Unless you are preparing for after life then no comment as you can stuck at home praying and let government subsidy to feed you.

Cambodia and Vietnam are following China to flourish while Malaysia still debating over where you are from. Like it or not, China’s prosperity is gonna spill over to ASEAN to be next growth centre. Forget Uncle Sam!