Terengganu a state to watch in coming polls


The east coast state of Terengganu will be a state to watch in the coming general election, with Pakatan perhaps having a slight edge over the BN.

Have a look at the response from the crowd here.

In the last general election, the BN won 55 per cent of the popular vote in state seats to capture 24 of the 32 state seats on offer. Pas bagged the remaining eight.

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Liew Chin Tong (MP of Bukit Bendera)’s analysis for Johor in GE13: Johor is the last bastion of Barisan Nasional but the coming general election may prove that the fortress may turn out to be merely a sand castle. If Pakatan Rakyat gets the support of 35 percent Malay, 80 percent Chinese and 50 percent Indian voters in Johor, 20 parliamentary seats will fall like dominoes. Hence, Pakatan may gain the much-needed 112-seat threshold to form the next federal government with just seats from Peninsula Malaysia. In the two rounds of seat re-delineation exercises in 1994 and 2003, many multiethnic… Read more »


I think Johor is the state to watch for GE13. It has 26 parlimentary seats where BN is now holding 25, DAP 1. Out of these 26 seats, 8 with malay majority >60% (Felda folks!) For PR to march to Putrajaya, they must win at least 12. MCA is under pressure to protect its territories while Pakatan is beginning to make inroads to the mind of chinese voters. There are many Pakatan ceramah in Johor towns lately with good response but little or no coverage on mainstream papers.Indian voters are still figuring out how to be kingmaker as Hindraf may… Read more »


THE Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN)’s insatiable greed for wealth is the reason why Malaysia is today economically and financially inferior to Singapore. After 55 years of uninterrupted rule, all we have are the rich and super rich BN-Umno elites to show while the majority of rural and urban Malaysians remain poor or trapped in the middle-income group. Former premier Mahathir Mohamad’s reported US$44 billion … estimated wealth and Sarawak chief minister Taib Mahmud and his family’s RM… are clear examples of how BN-Umno had hijacked the New Economic Policy (NEP) for political elites and their cronies, not the majority of… Read more »


Teregganuan have a very soft spot for Anwar. PAS Terengganu tasted power because of Anwar’s reformasi movement. Now with Anwar back in full force, it will swing especially now that the youth vote is even bigger than it was before..


Last election PAS 8 seat. With just another 8-9 seat from PR, it will be over for BN.
Like wise it will be the same for Johore, Sabah & Negeri Sembilan. Together with the other 5 states won last GE it will be BeEnd for BN


Trengganu has fallen once.
It will fall this time

Gerakan K

So anil, read more Malays newspaper. there are “10 manifesto tambahan PAS” in Terengganu. Basically in the nature of “you help me, I help you” if they got 20% oil $$$. Another unrealistic set of promise. And you do know the local (eligible voters) reactions ??? Haha, I guess you don’t know since you are depending on pro-pakatan media for information. Time to travel around Malaysia to see and hear the reactions yourself. It is very interesting time now to travel and listen to ordinary people voices. p/s: Some old reader like Ahmad Sobri is returning to your site, anil.… Read more »


stadium roof collapse twice are bad omen for Be-End ineffective administrators; and we are not talking about even poor maintenance culture.

so wont be surprised No No No in Trengagnu next.

Batu Ferrighian

The government build a stadium that collapsed TWICE. It’s a sign!