Live – Teluk Intan by-election: Final day of campaign


Live from the Pakatan ceramah on the eve of polling for the Teluk Intan parliamentary by-election.

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What you see is what you get
. Why not ask bn tv1 to 3 and information dept. You pay tax to bn and not pr.


TV1, TV2, TV3 news segment only featured Mah on the eve of the by election, focus on residents who claimed to be Mah’s supporters. For true picture, better refer to internet reports and blogs.


Yang go to main stream media for plain truth and internet to kacau dan main2 dengan. Karpal has warn hin jangan main2


Anil : Why no online report or tweet


Until tonight, I figured that Dyana had a tough fight against the money politics, slander and dirty tactics of UMNO-BN. Not helped by the tendency of a portion of the Chinese voters who may vote in a pragmatic fashion, chosing what is expedient for their business interests. The small numbers who had taken up DAP’s RM10 bus offer also seemed to indicate a small perecenage of outstation voters returning. Till late this afternoon, I told a friend that I thought Dyana will not win. BUT after seeing the 10K turnout at her final ceramah, the reported heavy traffic along Jalan… Read more »


Talking almost inherent from PR leaders. As a Muslim, I am for hudud but I am against hudud.


Does it translate you are for almighty ( believe) but also against him (statutes)??


Another inherent of DAP & Anwar. Twisting. So you are saying that DAP is regarding that as statues. Better mind your words please and I hope DAP and LGE will please clarify what that word they that they are against means. Please don`t try to twist please.


Many of the leaders are in sombre mood.


Do you know what the people really like about DAP, LKS and son, Anwar and PR leaders. !! STORY TELLING. Usually after a hard days work and a good dinner, most of us would sit on our couch and watch the good night tv show. Come election time which normally once in 5 years or sometime less if there is a by election, its time to listen to story telling by these DAP leaders. From what I notice, the audience are not really enjoying this time. When Dyana come out and when she is speaking there is no enthusiasm at… Read more »


Bn story telling is about ketuanan, ugama, pendatang. You better be there and be assure 30,000. Like gerakan, why be a mosquito. Uncle lim like your tell interesting stories like how can a bank loan millions and thr customer can take 20 years to repay and without interests. People there are fast forward with lastest political news and you are still living on tree tops


Dunno whats ur intention. Audience listen to ceramah at their free will. If they got bored or mengantuk, all they will definitely do is GET UP AND SCOOT

Please lah.. go cerita dongeng that other team – they blurly will lap up your verbal-diarrhoea.