Sungai Siput: Jeyakumar rebuts allegations (Video)


Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj’s campaign in Sungai Siput has been blacked out by much of the BN and even some opposition media, making it difficult for him to respond to allegations.

Here he is attempting to dispel criticism that he and his colleagues advocate violent behaviour, discourage religious beliefs and practise racism.

Anyone who knows Jeyakumar will know he is one of the most ethical and upright politicians around, deeply concerned about the impact of neoliberal economic policies on the people.

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dr hamid ibrahim

dear dr – you do not fear samees underhand work.
these persons cannot perform what you have done
for the people of Sungei Siput; the former sam-vel
has become one of the most (unethical) politicians in
Malaysia. God will look after him.

Our supports are with you.


Dr Jeyakumar had been working for the people. A down to earth simpleton deserving our support. Challenged by unprincipled corrupt regime. Vote wisely.

Jin Xiang

CSL assured the chinese community that Zulkifli “is remorseful and repentant (insaf dan bertaubat),” while campaigning for Pandan MCA candidate. Rakyat Malaysia should note that Zulkifli is remorseful only during the 2 weeks campaign period. Remember Zulkifli is the Vice President of Perkasa the ultra right wing (racial extremist) of UMNO which MCA has indirectly endorsed. Ketuanan Melayu is what he stands for. Zulkifli has no respect for any other race, least the Indians. CSL never tells things as they are. That’s the MCA president for you. Zulkifli Noordin is the cancer that could destroy the unity among races in… Read more »


Vote for this Zulkifleee will we be seeing more of stepping on cow’s head frenzies.
Indians, when will you wake up to this type of challenges no different from the Batu Cave water cannon midnight practices of the Red helmets?


What is Devamoney’s stand on the 2 Perkasa folks as BN winnable candidates?
MIC Youth rejects Zulkifli.
Sg Siput Indians need to seek an answer from MIC on this issue.


No worries as even the Indians here in JB are turning against UMNO/BN because of Zulkifli Noordin as his apologies does NOT mean anything to them as told to me by a former MIC Youth division leader.

Ini Kalilah Rakyat Malaysia, Kami UBAH Malaysia for A BETTER MALAYSIA.


Don’t be tempted by free food/lucky draw by beeEND folks only before election, trusy Jeyakumar who works all year round to care for food, shelter & love for the ordinary folks (not all are live like and with hollywood n ferrari connection)

see this video to convince yourself :

Phua Kai Lit

In Malaysia, the real racists (and racial supremacists of the Ketuanan type)
accuse others of racism !


No thanks to that Father of Malaysian Racism, that kutty of Helang Island.


Dr Jeyakumar has done super work in Sg Siput – no doubt about that. However the attitude of PSM has much to be desired. PSM has to understand that each and every PR candidate had to raise their own Election funds. Many had Fund Raising Dinners and other activities like selling T-Shirts UBAH dolls etc. Unlike BN candidates get mega funding from BN slush funds. So don’t look at PR parties to help out in communications or Alternate Media. They too are struggling if its not for the help from Well wishers Some of the activities are also much to… Read more »


Humble and down to earth politician. Wonder how he gets finger pointed for being a racist. The proof is there for all to see. It would have been better if the people of Sg. Siput come forward as well to put this episode to sleep as we do know that there is certain party who likes to put forward such nonsense.


Jeyakumar is a rare breed of honest, hardworking & selfless politicians.
But in Bolehland, he is a threat to a corrupted system in place institutionalised by a kutty master of Helang Island.
God is with you, Jeyakumar.
Vote Responsibly. DO NOT VOTE for Liars, Greed & Cow Head Racism.


Jeyakumar should demand Devasamy answer how is Zul Nordin going to help in Sg. Siput now that he is designated UMNO Indian champion…